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healing and comforting light, have had their candlestick long removed ; and the Jews, whose return to their own Messiah fhall so remarkably enrich the church, and give such life and beauty to it, that Paul compares it to a “ resurrection from the dead,” (Rom. xi. 15.), 'do still retain their prejudice against him, and obstinately refuse subjection to him...

We ought therefore to pray that the gofpel, which hitherto has been confined within very narrow bounds, may gradually spread and extend itself on every side, till at length it obtain possession of the whole earth, and $C all the kingdoms of this world become " the kingdoms of our God, and of his . “ Christ,” (Rev. xi. 15.).-But, ira ! · 2dly, We are more especialy to pray for, a divine blessing to accompany the means of . grace;

- ireliste pri o r to the That the gospel may come to men, not in word only, but also in power, and prove effectual for turning “ them from darkness 56 unto light, and from the power of Satan “ unto God.”_That where Christ doth already reign in his external ordinances, there

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he would also erect his throne in the hearts of men, subduing sinners to himself, and training up his faints, by the influences of his holy Spirit, to a meetness for that undefiled inheritance which he hath purchased for them. And,

3dly, We are likewise authorised by this petition to pray, that whatever stands in opposition to the kingdom of our Redeemer, either with respect to the extent or influence of it, may be removed out of the way:

Particularly, that Antichrist, that “ man “ of sin and son of perdition, who opposeth « and exälteth himself above all that is call< ed God,” (2 Thell. ii. 3, 4.), and hath long been “ drunk with the blood of the saints," (Rev. xvii. 6.), may be brought to the ground, and never arise any more: that the delusions of the false prophet, and blasphemous impostor Mahomet, which have over; {pread fò great a part of the world, may at length be detected, and his kingdom of darkness and violence plucked up by the roots.

And though it doth not belong to us to choose the time, or means, or manner of . .. . . . doing

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doing it, for these must be wholly submitted to Him " who is, wonderful in counsel “ and excellent in working ;" yet surely it is lawful for us, to desire in general, “ that * God would arise and scatter all his ené- ... “ mies," (Pfal. lxviii. 1.): and even to make mention of those enemies in particular, whom he hath described in Scripture by fuch plain and legible characters, that we can be in no danger of mistaking them and to plead, that what he hath purposed and spoken concerning them may be fulfilled in the most speedy and effectual manner. In a word, whatever is conducive to the present glory of the Redeemer, and the profperity of his kingdom upon earth, may justly be comprehended in this petition, and it will never cease to be of use in the church, till all the Redeemer's enemies are made his footstool ; and then it shall be exchanged for that triumphant song, (Rev. xii. 10.), “ Now is come falvation, and “ strength, and the kingdom of our God, rs and the power of his Christ. Alleluia ! “ for the Lord God Omnipotent reigneth. “Let us be glad, and rejoice, and give

R2, ' ¢ honour

“ honour to him ; for the marriage of the “ Lamb is come, and his wife hath made “ herself ready,” (Rev. xix. 6, 7.).

Thus have I endeavoured to give you a short account of the sense and import of this petition. Let us now proceed, in the

Second place, To consider more largely, what may reasonably be expected from us in consequence of our ufing it; or rather, indeed, what is absolutely necessary to prove that we are fincere when we thus pray, " Thy kingdom come.”--And,

ift, It is necessary that we should become the subjects of this kingdom, not in name only, but in deed and in truth, otherwise we cannot wish the prosperity and advancement of it.

This King of Zion, who sways a fceptre of grace over those who cordially submit to him, is likewise armed with a rod of iron, to dash in pieces his obftinate enemies; and therefore, to all fuch, his coming must be moft terrible ; and neither their inclination nor interest will suffer them to. desire it. No man can wish the increase of a power

which he knows to be opposite to him, especially when the opposition is so great, and the difference so irreconcileable, as that' which subsists between the kingdom of Christ and the kingdom of Satan; for the one must necessarily be built upon the ruins of the other.

* Let us then, my brethren, throw down the weapons of our 'rebellion, and yield ourselves to this gracious Sovereign; and then the increase of his power shall become the matter of our joy. Let us invite him into our hearts, and erecť a throne for him there; or rather, let us beseech him to erect one for himself, to cast down every thing within us that would exált itself against his authority, and to take the full and perpecual possession of our souls. Let us unfeignedly accept of him, in the whole extent of his office as Mediator ; that standing related to him as the members of his body, we may derive from him wisdom, and righteoufness, and sanctification, and every thing necessary to our complete redemption. Let us secure to ourselves a title to the protection and privileges of his

R3 . govern.

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