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immoderate setting of our mind, will, or affections, upon other things, and taking them off from him in whole or in part (C); vain credulity (a), unbelief (e), heresy (f), misbelief (!), distrust (h), despair (i); incorrigibleness (k); and insensibleness under judgments (1), hardness of heart (in), pride (n), presumption (0), carnal security (P), tempting of God (9); using unlawful means (r), and trusting in lawful means (s): carnal delights and joys (t); their own, not the things which round about, yet he knew not ; are Jesus Christ's.

and it burned him, yet he laid it (c) 1 John. 2. 15. Love not not to heart. the world, neither the things that (m) Rom. 2. 5. But after thy are in the world. If any man love hardness and impenitent heart, the world, the love of the Father treasurest up unto thyself wrath is not in him.

against the day of wrath, and (d) 1 John 4. 1.. Beloved, revelation of the righteous judgbelieve not every spirit, but try ment of God. the spirits whether they are of (n) Jer. 13. 15. Hear ye, and God: because many false prophets give ear, be not proud : for the are gone out into the world.

Lord hath spoken. re) Heb. 3. 12. Take heed, ro) Psal. 19. 13. Kvap back brethren, lest there be in any of thy servant also from presumptu. you an evil heart of unbelief, in ous sins; let them not have departing from the living God. dominion over me; then shall I

CH) Tit. 3. 10. A man that be upright, and I shall be innocent is an heretic, after the first and from the great transgression. second admonition, reject.

(p) Zeph. 1. 12. And it shall (g) Acts 26. 9. Í verily thought come to pass at that time, that with myself, that I ought to do I will search Jerusalem with many things contrary to the name candles, and punish the men that of Jesus of Nazareth.

are settled on their lees; that say (h) Psalms 78. 22. Because in their heart, The Lord will not they believed not in God, and do good, neither will he do evil. trusted not in his salvation.

(9) Mat. 4. 7. Jesus said unto (1) Genesis 4. 13. And Cain him, It is written again, Thou said unto the Lord, My punish- shalt not tempt the Lord thy God. ment is greater than I can bear. cm) Romans 3. 8. And not

(k) Jer. 5. 3. O Lord, are rather (as we be slanderously renot thine eyes upon the truth? ported, and as some affirm that Thou hast stricken them, but we say), Let us do evil, that good they have no tgrieved; thou hast may come? whose damnation is consumed them, but they have just. refused to receive correction : (8) Jer. 17. 5. Thus saith they have made their faces hard. the Lord, Cursed be the man that er than a rock; they have refus- trusteth in man, and maketh flesh ed to return.

his arm, and whose heart depart(1) Isa. 42. 25. Therefore he eth from the Lord. hath poured upon him the firy of (1) 2 Tim. 3. 4. Traitors, his anger, and the strength of heady, high-minded, lovers of battle : and it hath set him on fire pleasure more than lovers of God.

corrupt, blind, and indiscreet zeal (v); lukewarmness /rj and deadness in the things of God (x); estranging ourselves, and apostatizing from God (y); praying, or giving any religious worship, to saints, angels, or any other creatures (2); all compacts and consulting with the devil (a), and hearkening to his suggestions (b); making men the Lords of our faith and conscience (c); slighting and despising God, and his commands (d); resisting and grieving of his Spirit (e), discontent and impatience at his dispensations, charging him foolishly for the evils he inflicts on us (S); and ascribing the praise of any good we either are, have, or can do, to fortune (g),

ro) Gal. 4. 17. They zealous- Ghost, and to keep back part of ly affect you, but not well ; yea, the price of the land ? they would exclude you, that you (c) 2 Cor. 1. 24. Not for that might affect them.

we have dominion over your faith, (w). Rev. 3. 16. So then be but are helpers of your joy : for cause thou art lukewarm, and by faith ye stand. Matthew 23.9. neither cold nor hot. I will spue And call no man your father upon thee out of my mouth.

the earth : for one is your Father (x) Rev. 3. 1. And unto the which is in heaven, angel of the church in Sardis, rd) Prov. 13. 13. Whoso de. write, These things saith he that spiseth the word, shall be destroy. hath the seven spirits of God, and ed: but he that feareth the comthe seven stars; I know thy works mandment, shall be rewarded. that thou hast a name, that thou (e) Acts 7.51. Ye stiff-necked livest, and art dead,

and uncircumcised in heart and (y) Ezek. 14. 5. That I may ears, ye do always resist the Holy take the house of Israel in their Ghost : as your fathers did, so do own heart, because they are all ye. Eph. 4. 30. And grieve not estranged from me through their the holy Spirit of God, whereby idols.

ye are sealed unto the day of re. (z) Rev. 19. 10. And I fell demption. at his feet to worship him : and he (1) Psal. 73. 2, 3. But as for said unto me, See thou do it not: me, my feet were almost gone : I am thy fellow-servant, and of my steps had well nigh slipt. For thy brethren that have the testi- I was envious at the foolish, when mony of Jesus : worship God. I saw the prosperity of the wick.

ra) Lev. 20. 6. And the soul ed. that turneth after such as, have rg ) 1 Sam. 6. 7. 9. Now, familiar spirits, and after wizards, therefore, make a new cart, and to go a whoring after them, I will take two milch-kine on which even set my face against that soul, there hath come no yoke, and tic add will cut him off from among the kine to the cart, and bring his people,

their calveg home from them. (b) Acts 5. 3. But Peter said, And take the ark the Lord, Ananias, why hath Satan filled and lay it upon the cart, and put chine heart to lie to the Holy the jewels of gold which ye return

idols (h), ourselves (i), or any other creature (k).

Q. 106. What are we especially taught by these words, (Before me) in the first commandment ?

A. These words (Before me) or before my face, in the first commandment, teach us, that God, who seeth all things, takes special notice of, and is much displeased with, the sin of having any other God: that so it may be an argument to dissuade from it, and to aggravate it as a most impudent provocation (1); as also to persuade us to do as in his sight, whatever we do in his service (m).

Q. 107. Which is the second commandment ?

A. The second commandment is, Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me, and shew mercy unto thousands of them

ed to us.

him for a trespass-offering, in a spake, and said, Is not this great coffer by the side thereof, and send Babylon that I have built for the it away, that it may go.


house of the kingdom, by the if it goeth up by the way of his might of my power, and for the own coast to Beth-shemesh, then honour of my majesty? he hath done us this great evil : (k) Hab. 1. 16.' Therefore but if not, then we shall know they sacrifice unto their net, and that it is not his hand that smote burn incense unto their drag: be18 ; it was a chance that happen- cause by them their portion is

fat, and their meat plenteous. Ch) Dan. 5. 23. But hast lift- (1) Psal. 44. 20, 21. If we have ed up thyself against the Lord of forgotten the name of our God, heaven, and they have brought or stretched out our hands to a the vessels of his house before strange god : Shall not God search thee, and thou and thy lords, thy this out ? for he knoweth the wives and thy concubines have secrets of the heart. drunk wine in them, and thou (m) 1 Cron. 28. 9. And thou, hast praised the gods of silver and Solomon my son, know thou the gold, of brass, iron, wood, and God of thy father, and serve him stone, which see not, por hear, with a perfect heart, and with a nor know : and the God ip whose willing mind: for the Lord searchhand thy breath is, and whose are eth all hearts, and understandeth all thy ways, hast thou not glorified. all the imaginations of the

(0) Deut. 8. 17. And thou say thoughts : if thou seek him, he in thine heart, My power and the will be found of thee; but if thon might of my hand hath gotten me forsake him, he will cast thee off this wealth. Dan, 4. 30. The king for ever.


that love me, and keep my commandments (n).

Q. 108. What are the duties required in the second commandment ?

A. The duties required in the second commandment are, the receiving, observing, and keeping pure and entire, all such religious worship and ordinances as God hath instituted in his word (o); particularly prayer and thanksgiving in the name of Christ (p); the reading, preaching, and hearing of the word (9); the administration and receiving of the sacraments (r); church-government and discipline (s); the ministry and maintenance thereof (t); religious fasting (v); swearing by the name

rn) Exod. 20. 4, 5, 6.

(r) Mat. 28. 19. Go ye there. LO) Deut. 32. 46. And he fore and teach all nations, baptizsaid unto them, Set your hearts ing them in the name of the Faunto all the words which I testify ther, and of the Son, and of the among you this day : which ye Holy Ghost, 1 Cor. 11. from verse shall command your children to 23 to verse 30. For I have reobserve to do all the words of this ceived of the Lord, that which law. Mat. 28. 20. Teaching them also I delivered unto you, that the to observe all things whatsoever I Lord Jesus, the same night in have commanded you : and lo, I which he was betrayed, took am with you alway, even unto the bread, &c. end of the world.

(8) Mat. 16. 19. And I will (P) Phil. 4.6. Be careful for give unto thee the keys of the nothing: but in every thing by kingdom of heaven : and whatso. prayer and supplication with ever thou shalt bind on earth, Thanksgiving, let your requests be shall be bound in heaven : and mnade known unto God. Eph. 5. whatsoever thou shalt loose on 20. Giving thanks always for all earth, shall be loosed in heaven, things unto God and the Father, 1 Cor. 5 chapter. 1 Cor. 12. 28. in the name of our Lord Jesus And God hath set some in the Christ.

church, first apostles, secondarily ICQ) Acts 15. 21. For Moses prophets, thirdly teachers, after of old time hath in every city that miracles, then gifts of healing, them that preach him, being read helps, governments, diversities of in the synagogues every Sabbath- tongues. day. 2 Tim. 4. 2. Preach the (t) Eph. 4. 11, 12. , And he word, be instant in season, out of gave some, apostles; and some, season ; reprove, rebuke, exhort prophets; and some, evangelists; with all long-suffering and doc- and some, pastors and teachers : trine. Acts 10. 33. Immediately. For the perfecting of the saints, therefore, I send to thee; and for the work of the ministry, for thou hast well done that thou art the edifying of the body of Christ. come. Now, therefore, are we 1 Cor. *9.7–15. Who goeth a all here present before God, to warfare any time at his own hear all things that are command- charges ? who planteth a vineyard ell thee of God.

and eateth not of the fruit there.

of God (w), and vowing unto him (x); as also the disapproving, detesting, opposing all false worship (y); and according to each one's place and calling, removing it, and all monuments of idolatry (2).

Q. 109. What are the sins forbidden in the second commandment?

A. The sins forbidden in the second commandment are, all devising (a), counselling (b), commanding (c), us

of? or who feedeth a flock, and of blood will I not offer, nor take eateth not of the milk of the up their names into my lips. flock ? &c.

(z) Deut. 7.5. But this shall (v) Joel 2. 12, 13, Therefo ye deal with them ; ye shall dealso now, saith the Lord, Turn stroy their altars, and break down ye even to me with all your heart, their images, and cut down their and with fasting, and with weep: groves, and burn their graven ing, and with mourning; And images with fire. Isa. 30. 22. Ye rend your heart, and not your shall defile also the covering of garments, and turn unto the Lord thy graven images of silver, and your God : for he is gracious and the ornament of thy molten images merciful.-1 Cor. 7. 5. Defraud of gold: thou shalt cast them away ye not one the other, except it be as a menstruous cloth ; thou shalt with consent, for a time, that ye say unto it, Get thee hence. may give yourselves to fasting and (a) Numb. 15. 39. And it prayer.

shall be unto you for a fringe, that w) Deut. 6. 13. Thou shalt ye may look upon it, and rememfear the Lord thy God, and serve ber all the commandments of the him, and shalt swear by his name. Lord, and do them : and that ye

(á) Isa. 19. 21. And the Lord seek not after your own heart, shall be known to Egypt, and the and your own eyes, after which Egyptians shall know the Lord in ye use to go a whoring. that day, and shall do sacrifice and (b) Deut. 13. 6. 8. If thy oblation ; yea, they shall vow a brother, the son of thy mother, or row unto the Lord, and perform thy son, or thy daughter, or the it. Psal. 76. 11. Vow, and pay wife of thy bosom, or thy friend, unto the Lord your God ; let all which is as thine own soul, entice that be round about him bring thee secretly, saying, Let us go presents unto him that ought to and serve other gods, Thou shalt be feared.

not consent unto him, nor hearkCYJ Acts 17. 16, 17. Now en unto him ; neither shall thine while Paul waited for them at eye pity him, neither shalt thou Athens, his spirit was stirred in spare, neither shalt thou conceal him, when he saw the city wholly him. given to idolatry. Therefore dis- (c) Mic. 6. 16. For the staa puted he in the synagogue with tutes of Omri are kept, and all the Jews, and with the devout the works of the house of Ahab, persons, and in the market daily and ye walk in their counsels, that with them that met with him. I should make thee a desolation, Psal. 16. 4. Their sorrows shall and the inhabitants thereof an be multiplied that hasten after an- hissing: therefore ye shall bear other God: their drink-offerings the reproach of my people.


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