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THOMAS LORD ERSKINE, &c, &c, &c. . .

My Lord,

- IF flattery be essential to a Dedication, I shall never write one: but in the present instance I have the satisfaction of believing that an attempt at adulation would be as disgusting to your Lordship, as I feel it would be unworthy the dignity of the subject of this volume, and degrading to me as a minister of the sanctuary. It would be easy to tell your Lordship that I admire your talents, and that the world admires

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them too: this would not be adulation; but it would be a tribute unconnected with the cause of Christianity, and I shall therefore wave italtogether. Permit me, then, to remind your Lordship, that you descend from an ancient and noble House, which piety has distinguished as well as rank; and that in various branches of your family, religion has shed a lustre more dazzling and more glorious than the radiance of nobility. Providence has placed your Lordship high in the sphere of society; and it is in your power to do much to serve the cause of revealed truth. With the confidence inspired by your public and admirable defence of Christianity; and with the affection kindled by the distinguished honour I have enjoyed in the friendship of an illustrious Relative; I presented, in an early stage of this work, an outline of it to your Lordship, and received from you a note, authorizing me to assume the sanction of your name in the eyes of the public, and expressing, in your OWI1 energetic language, your persuasion of the infinite value of “Re“velation, without whose hopes and “consolations, all human distinctions “are nothing.” Under these auspices the work was carried on, and is now brought to a conclusion: and I have the honour to present to your candour, with my most grateful acknowledgments, the offspring of your own indulgent patronage. It is my sincere and earnest desire, that the power of that Religion, the evidences of which your judgment approves, may be the consolation of your heart;

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