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the deluge, p. 220

3. Nor yet were they at all necessary to authorize its

reformation in the days of Abraham'; 'when, after

it had been stripped of superstitious vanities, it

began to be confined to a single family, p. 220 i!

4. Hence we have not a single miracle on record,

as performed by a human agent, prior to the abro-

gation of Patriarchism, p. 222

II. But, as the Patriarchal dispensation was abrogated

when the Levitical dispensation was promulged, the

latter required the sanction of miracles, as an evidence

that it indeed came from God, p. 2


1. Moses therefore, as the prophet of the Levitical

dispensation was empowered to work miracles, p.

228 0,45

12. But, as reformation professedly introduces nothing

??? new, claiming only to "reëstablish ancient i land-

marks, Ezra, the reformer of the Law, possessed

no such power, p. 224

III. On the same principle, when the Levitical dispensa-

tion was abrogated and when the Christian dispen-

sation was promulged, the evidence of miracles again

became necessary: because, without such a sanction,

we should have had no sufficient proof that a con-

fessedly divine dispensation was indeed abrogated, p.


1. Hence Christ, the prophet of the consummating

dispensation, wrought miracles, as Moses had done

before him, p. 224

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