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OTHER CHURCHES. 82. Ques. 1. How shall we receive those ministers who may offer to unite with us from other Christian Churches?

Ans. 1. Ministers of other Churches, who may

desire to unite with us as local preachers, may be received by a Quarterly Conference, upon giving satisfaction that they are suitable persons; but they shall not exercise the peculiar functions of deacons or elders until their orders are recognized by the Annual Conference: provided, that the Bishop may, at his discretion, allow ministers thus received to exercise their functions as deacons or elders until the session of the Annual Confer


Ans. 2. After such reception, and a recommendation by the Quarterly Con

ference, the Annual Conference, if satisfied of their being in orders, and of their agreement with us in doctrine and discipline, and also of their gifts, grace, and usefulness, may recognize them accordingly, without the reïmposition of hands, on the condition that they take upon them our ordination vows. If they cannot attend the Annual Conference, they shall send up a certified subscription to our doctrines and discipline, and to our ordination vows.

Ans. 3. Ministers of other Churches, duly accredited as deacons or elders, who may desire to unite with us as traveling preachers, may be admitted as deacons or elders into full connection by an Annual Conference: provided, that the Conference is satisfied with their gifts, grace, and usefulness, and their agreement with us in doctrine and discipline, on the condition that they

take upon them our ordination vows, without the reïmposition of hands.

Ans. 4. When a minister has been received and recognized in orders, he shall be furnished with a certificate signed by one of our Bishops, in the following words, viz. :

This is to certify that - has been admitted into Conterence as a traveling preacher (or has been received as a local preacher on Circuit], he having been ordained to the office of a deacon (or an elder, as the case may be), according to the usages of the

Church, of which he has been a member and minister; and he is · hereby authorized to exercise the functions pertaining to his office in the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, so long as his life and conversation are such as become the gospel of Christ.

Given under my hand and seal, at this day of

in the year of our Lord

SECTION XIII. OF EXHORTERS. 83. Ques. 1. What directions are given concerning the licensing of persons to exhort?

Ans. 1. The Quarterly Conference shall have authority to license proper persons to exhort, and to renew their licenses annually, when, in its judgment, their gifts, grace, and usefulness will warrant it.

Ans. 2. No person shall be licensed to exhort without the recommendation of the Church of which he is a member, or of the leaders’-meeting of the charge to which he belongs; nor shall any license be valid unless signed by the President of the Conference.

T 84. Ques. 2. What are the duties of an exhorter ?

Ans. To hold meetings for prayer and exhortation whenever opportunity


is afforded, subject to the direction of the preacher in charge.

9 85. Ques. 3. What further directions are given concerning exhorters ?

Ans. 1. Let every exhorter diligently exercise the functions of his office, without assuming those of a preacher.

Ans. 2. Every exhorter, by virtue of his office, shall be a member of the Quarterly Conference of the charge to which he belongs; but in all other respects he shall be dealt with as a private member of the Church.

Ans. 3. When an exhorter removes from one circuit, station, or mission, to another, he shall not be recognized as such, unless he obtain a certificate of his official character from the Presiding Elder of the District, or the preacher to whose charge he belongs at the time of his removal.

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