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T 86. Ques. 1. How are the classleaders to be appointed ?

Ans. By the preacher in charge, who shall appoint one person in each class to be the leader thereof.

T 87. Ques. 2. What are the regulations concerning the class-leaders ?

Ans. 1. Let them be men of sound judgment and truly devoted to God.

Ans. 2. Let every one of them be carefully examined by the preacher in charge, at least once a quarter, concerning his method of leading his class.

Ans. 3. It is the leader's duty

(1) To see each person in his class once a week, at least, in order to inquire how their souls prosper; to advise, reprove, comfort, or exhort, as occasion may require; to receive what

they are willing to give toward the relief of the preachers, Church, and poor. *

(2) To meet the ministers and the stewards of the Society once a week, in order

To inform the minister of any that are sick, or of any that walk disorderly and will not be reproved.

To pay the stewards what they have received of their several classes in the week preceding.


OF STEWARDS. T 88. Ques. 1. How are the stewards to be appointed ?

Ans. The preacher in charge shall

* This part refers to towns and cities where the poor are generally numerous and Church expenses considerable.

have the right of nomination, subject to the confirmation or rejection of the Quarterly Conference.

T 89. Ques. 2. What are the regulations concerning the stewards?

Ans. 1. Let the stewards be men of solid piety, who both know and love the Methodist doctrine and discipline, and of good natural and acquired abilities to transact the temporal business of the Church.

Ans. 2. It shall be the duty of the stewards to make estimates of expenses and provision for the support of the gospel; to take an exact account of all the money, or other provision, collected for the support of the ministry; to make an accurate return of every expenditure of money, whether for the support of the ministry or the relief of the sick or the poor; to seek the needy and distressed in order to relieve and comfort them; to inform

the preachers of any sick or disorderly persons; to tell the preachers what they think wrong in them; to attend the official meetings and the quarterlymeetings; to give advice, if asked, in planning the circuit; to attend committees for the application of money to churches; to give counsel in mat. ters of arbitration; to provide elements for the Lord's Supper; to appoint some one, whenever necessary, to receive contributions for the support of the ministry and other purposes, and to obtain from each collector thus appointed the money received by him, that it may be reported to the Quarterly Conference; to take up collections quarterly in every congregation, if it be necessary, and to write circular letters to the societies to be more liberal, if need be; as also to let them know, when occasion requires, the financial state of the Church, as reported at the Quarterly Conference.

Ans. 3. The stewards of each vircuit and station shall be a standing committee (where there is no parsonage) to provide houses for the families of married preachers, or to assist the preachers to obtain houses for themselves when they are appointed to labor among them.

T 90. Ques. 3. To whom are the stewards accountable for the faithful performance of their duties?

Ans. To the Quarterly Conference, which shall have the power to remove them from office.

91. Ques. 4. What shall be the number of stewards in each circuit or station?

Ans. 1. Every pastoral charge shall be entitled to one steward for every thirty members, to be elected annually: provided, nevertheless, that each society

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