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in a circuit


have one steward, and each circuit or station may have at least seven.

Ans. 2. When two or more circuits or stations are united, the stewards shall hold office till the first Quarterly Conference elects a new Board.

992. Ques. 5. What are the duties of a Recording Steward?

Ans. To preserve the records of the Quarterly Conference, and to report to the Joint Board of Finance of the Annual Conference a full account of the acts of his Board of Stewards the preceding year, and to have the same at the Quarterly Conference, and at the District Conference, for examination.

SECTION XVI. DISTRICT STEWARDS' MEETING. 93. There shall be held annually

in every District, a meeting composed of one steward from each pastoral charge, to be elected by the Quarterly Conference at the annual election of stewards. It shall be their duty, after consultation with the Presiding Elder, who shall preside in such meeting, to estimate the traveling expenses and salary of the Presiding Elder, and apportion the same, together with the collections ordered by the Annual Conference and apportioned to said District by the Joint Board of Finance, among the several charges of the District, according to their ability.

The Presiding Elder shall fix the time and place of meeting.

T 94. The minutes of the District Stewards' Meeting shall be kept, by a Secretary elected for that purpose, in a book of which the Presiding Elder shall bethe custodian. The Secretary shall inform the stewards of each charge in the

District of the sums apportioned to such charge.



95. Ques. 1. How are the trustees to be appointed?

Ans. 1. Except where the laws of the State or Territory provide differently, the preacher in charge, or, in his absence, the Presiding Elder, shall have the right of nomination, subject to the confirmation or rejection of the Quarterly Conference.

Ans. 2. Trustees of District property may be appointed by the District Conference of the District wherein such property is located. The Presiding Elder shall have the power of nominating said trustees, subject to the confirmation or rejection of the District Conference.

T 96. Ques. 2. What are the regulations concerning the trustees?

Ans. 1. Trustees of our parsonages, churches, schools, colleges, and universities must be at least twenty-one years of age, and must all be members of our Church when proper persons can be had; otherwise one-third of each Board


be elected from without. Ans. 2. All vacancies in the Board of Trustees, occasioned by death, resignation, or otherwise, shall be filled without delay.

Ans. 3. Let nine trustees be appointed for holding Church property, when proper persons can be procured; otherwise seven, five, or three, who shall elect their own chairman, secretary, and treasurer.

Ans. 4. The Board or Boards of Trustees of every circuit, station, or mission, shall be responsible to tho

Quarterly Conference of the same, which shall have power to dismiss any of them from office; and shall be required to present a report of their acts, at least once a year, to the Quarterly Conference. Where a District Board of Trustees is appointed by a Quarterly Conference, such Board shall hold the same relations in all respects to the Conference so appointing.

Ans. 5. When two or more circuits or stations shall be united, the Board of Trustees shall by such action, be considered dissolved; and the Quarterly Conference of the new circuit or station shall appoint a Board of Trustees as provided for in Ans. 1 to Ques. 1 of this section.

Ans. 6. No person who is a trustee shall be ejected while he is in joint security for money, unless s'ich relief be given him as is demanded, or the creditor will accept.

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