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CHURCH. T97. Ques. How shall members be received into the Church?

Ans. 1. When persons offer themselves for Church-membership, let the preacher in charge inquire into their spiritual condition, and receive them into the Church when they have given satisfactory assurances of their desire to flee from the wrath to come, and to be saved from their sins; and also, of the genuineness of their faith, and of their willingness to keep the rules of the Church.

Ans. 2. When satisfied on these

points, let the minister bring the candidates before the congregation, whenever practicable, and receive them according to the prescribed Form.

Ans. 3. If a member in good standing in any other Church shall desire to unite with us, such applicant, by giving satisfactory answers to the usual inquiries, may be received without these formalities.

SECTION II. OF THE CHILDREN OF THE CHURCH. Things especially to be noticed in the written re

port of the preacher in charge to the Quarterly Conference on the pastoral instruction of children.

T 98. Ques. What directions are given concerning the children of the Church?

Ans. 1. Let the minister diligently instruct and exhort all parents to ded

icate their children to the Lord in baptism as early as convenient.

Ans. 2. In his pastoral visitations let him pay special attention to the children; speak to them personally and kindly on experimental and practical godliness, according to their capacity; pray earnestly for them, and cause them to be faithfully instructed in the nature, design, privileges, and obligations of their baptism.

Ans. 3. As soon as they comprehend the responsibilities involved in a public profession of faith in Christ, and give evidence of a sincere and earnest determination to discharge the same, see that they be duly recognized as members of the Church, agreeably to the provisions of the Discipline.

Ans. 4. Let our catechisms be used as extensively as possible, both in our Sunday-schools and families; and let

the preachers faithfully enforce upon parents and Sunday-school teachers the great importance of instructing children in the doctrines and duties of our holy religion.

Ans. 5. It shall be the special duty of the preachers to form Bible-classes wherever they can, for the instruction of larger children and youth, and where they cannot superintend them personally, to appoint suitable leaders for that purpose.



99. Ques. What shall be done for the extirpation of the great evil of intemperance?

Ans. 1. Let all our preachers and members faithfully observe our General Rule which forbids "drunkenness, or drinking spirituous liquors, unless in cases of necessity.”

Ans. 2. In cases of drunkenness let the Discipline be administered as in case of immorality; drunkenness being a crime expressly forbidden in the word of God. In cases of drinking, except in cases of necessity, let the Discipline be administered as for imprudent or improper conduct.

Ans. 3. Let all our preachers and

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