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T 32. Question. Who shall compose the General Conference, and what are the regulations and powers belonging to it? 1 ET 33. Ans. 1. The General Conference shall be composed of one clerical member for every thirty-six members of each Annual Conference, and an equal number of lay members. Of the lay members from an Annual Conference, one may be a local preacher.

The clerical representatives shall be elected by the clerical members of the Annual Conference: provided, that such representatives shall have been traveling preachers at least four calendar years next preceding their election, and are in full connection with an Annual Conference when elected, and also at the time of holding the General Conference. The lay representatives shall be elected by the lay members of the Annual Conference: provided, that such representatives be twenty-five years of age, and shall have been members of our Church for at least six calendar years next preceding the time of their election, and also at the time of holding the General Conference.

34. Ans. 2. An Annual Conference, entitled under the second Restrictive Rule to one ministerial delegate, shall not be denied the privilege of one lay delegate, and he may be a local preacher.

35. Ans. 3. The ministers and laymen shall deliberate in one body; but upon a call of one-fifth of the members of the Conference, the lay and clerical members shall vote separately, and no measure shall be passed without the concurrence of a majority of both classes of representatives.

T 36. Ans. 4. The General Conference shall meet in the month of April or May, once in four years perpetually, in such place or places as shall be fixed on by the General Conference from time to time.

37. Ans. 5. The Bishops, or a majority of all the Annual Conferences, shall have authority to call a General Conference, if they judge it necessary, at any

time. 938. Ans. 6. When a General Conference is called, it shall be constituted of the delegates elected to the preceding General Conference, except when an Annual Conference shall prefer to have a new election. The place of holding a called session of the General Conference shall be that fixed on by the preceding General Conference.

39. Ans. 7. The Bishops shall have authority, when they judge it necessary, to change the place appointed for the meeting of the General Conference.

40. Ans. 8. At all times, when the General Conference is met, it shall take a majority of the representatives of all the Annual Conferences to make a quorum for transacting business.

41. Ans. 9. One of the General Superintendents shall preside in the General Conference; but in case no General Superintendent be present, the General Conference shall choose a president pro tem.

42. Ans. 10. The General Conference shall have full powers to make rules and regulations for our Church, under the following limitations and restrictions, viz.: (1) The General Conference shall not

revoke, alter, or change our Articles of Religion, or establish any new standards or rule of doctrine contrary to our present existing and

established standards of doctrine. (2) They shall not allow of more than

one representative for every eighteen members of the Annual Conference, nor allow of a less number than one for every sixty: provided, nevertheless, that when there shall be in any

Annual Conference a fraction of two-thirds the number which shall be fixed for the ratio of

representation, such Annual Conference shall be entitled to an additional

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