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Ans. 4. The Conference shall elect a secretary, who shall keep a record of all its proceedings.

Ans. 5. It shall be the duty of the Conference to inquire particularly into the condition of the several charges in the District:

(1) As to their spiritual state, and the attendance upon the ordinances and social meetings of the Church.

(2) As to missions within the District, where new ones should be established, or what missions should be raised to circuits or stations.

(3) As to Sunday-schools, and the manner of conducting them, and as to education generally.

(4) As to their financial systems, their contributions to Church purposes, and the condition of houses of worship and parsonages.

(5) As to the manner in which the

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records of the Quarterly Conferences have been kept.

Ans. 6. The District Conference shall elect annually, by ballot, from the District, four delegates to the en. suing Annual Conference: provided, that no member of the Annual Conference shall vote in said election.

Ans. 7. At these Conferences prominence shall be given to religious exercises, such as preaching, prayer-meetings, love-feasts, and the administration of the sacraments.


53. Ques. 1. Who shall compose a Quarterly Conference?

Ans. All the traveling and local preachers, including superannuated preachers residing within the circuit

or station (whether without or within the limits of the Annual Conferences to which they belong), with the exhorters, stewards, trustees who are members of the Church, and classleaders, of the respective circuits, stations, and missions, together with the superintendents of Sunday-schools who are members of the Church, and secretaries of Church Conferences, and none others.

T 54. Ques. 2. When and where shall each Quarterly Conference meet?

Ans. Four times a year, at such places as the Conference may appoint, and at such times as the Presiding Elder may designate. But the Presiding Elder and preacher in charge shall have authority, when they judge it necessary, to change the place.

55. Ques. 3. Who shall preside in a Quarterly Conference?

Ans. The Presiding Elder, or, in his absence, the preacher in charge.

56. Ques. 4. What is the regular business of a Quarterly Conference?

Ans. 1. To receive and try appeals, and to hear complaints.

Ans. 2. To superintend the interests of Sunday-schools and the instruction of children, and to elect superintendents of Sunday-schools, at the fourth Quarterly Conference of each year, on nomination of the preacher in charge.

Ans. 3. To take cognizance of all the local preachers and exhorters in the circuit, station, or mission, and to inquire annually into the gifts, labors, and usefulness of each by name.

Ans. 4. To try, suspend, expel, or acquit any local preacher in the circuit, station, or mission, against whom charges may be brought.

Ans. 5. To license proper persons to preach and to exhort, and to renew their licenses annually, when, in its judgment, their gifts, grace, and usefulness will warrant the renewal. All votes to license preachers shall be taken by ballot.

Ans. 6. To recommend suitable candidates to the Annual Conference for deacon's or elder's orders in the local connection, and for admission on trial or reädmission into the traveling connection: provided, that no person shall be recommended to the Annual Conference for admission on trial or for ordination, without first passing in the Quarterly Conference an approved examination in the Course of Study prescribed by the Bishops for such candidates. All votes to recommend preachers for admission on trial, or reädmission into the traveling connection, or

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