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Ans. 10. If any preacher absent himself from his circuit, the Presiding Elder shall, as far as possible, fill his place with another preacher.

64. Ques. 2. Shall the Presiding Elder have power to employ a preacher who has been rejected at the previous Annual Conference?

Ans. He shall not, unless the Conference should give him liberty under certain conditions.



CUITS, STATIONS, OR MISSIONS. 965. Ques. What are the duties of a preacher who has the charge of a circuit, station, or mission?

Ans. 1. To receive, try, and expel members, according to the provisions of the Discipline.

Ans. 2. To appoint all the leaders anhually, and change them when he sees it necessary.

Ans. 3. To see that all the ordinances and regulations of the Church be duly observed, and that the General Rules be read at least once a year in every congregation.

Ans. 4. To see that a fást be held in every congregation within his charge on the Friday preceding every quarterly-meeting, and that suitable service be held on the occasion, wherever practicable.

Ans. 5. To hold Quarterly Conferences in the absence of the Presiding Elder.

Ans. 6. To hold a meeting of the leaders and stewards of his charge once a week, if practicable, to receive

their reports.

Ans. 7. To report at each Quarterly Conference the names of all who have been received into the Church, and of all who have died, removed, withdrawn, or been excluded from it, during the preceding quarter, and to give a statement of the general condition of his station, circuit, or mission.

Ans. 8. To give an account of his charge every quarter to his Presiding Elder,

Ans. 9. To see that all the people within the bounds of his charge be duly supplied with our books and periodicals,

Ans. 10. To keep a directory, in which the residences of all the members shall be noted, wherever it


be necessary to facilitate pastoral visitation.

Ans. 11. To leave his successor a particular account of his charge, including an account of the subscribers for our periodicals.

Ans. 12. To see that a permanent record be kept of all the baptisms and marriages within the bounds of his charge.

Ans. 13. To see that a register be kept, in which shall be noted the name, with the time and manner of the reception and disposal, of every person belonging to the Church in his station, circuit, or mission, distinguishing between local elders, deacons, and preachers, white persons, colored persons, and Indians; and to report to the Annual Conference the number of each that may be under his charge at the time of its session.

Ane. 14. To promote all the interests of the Missionary Boards of our Church, in such way as the Discipline or the Annual Conference may designate; and to report to the Conference the amount raised during the year

within the bounds of his charge for these interests; also, the amount of contributions received by him for the American Bible Society.

Ans. 15. To report at each session of the Quarterly Conference the number and state of the Sunday-schools; and annually to the Quarterly and Annual Conferences, for insertion in their respective journals, the number of Sunday-schools, scholars, teachers, superintendents, and Sunday-school library books, in his circuit, station, or mission.

Ans. 16. To preach upon the subject of Christian education, and to urge upon parents the importance of educating their children, advising them to patronize, as far as practicable, those institutions of learning under the care of our Church.

Ans. 17. To make a written report of the condition of all the claimants on

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