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the Conference Collection within his pastoral charge, at each Annual Conference, to be submitted to the Joint Board of Finance.

Ans. 18. To furnish every one removing from his charge with a certificate, in the following form:

The bearer hereof, A. B., has been an acceptable member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, in C. Station (circuit or mission), D. Conference.

This certificate shall not be valid longer than twelve months after its date--unless the holder show good cause why it was not sooner presented; otherwise he shall be regarded as having withdrawn from the Church. A member presenting a certificate shall be held responsible to the Society receiving said certificate for his conduct from the date of the certificate.


9 66. Ques. How is a preacher to be admitted on trial into the traveling connection?

Ans. 1. By the Annual Conference. In the interval of the Conference he may be received and employed in the work by a Bishop, or the Presiding Elder of the District, until the sitting of the Conference.

Ans. 2. No one shall be admitted on trial unless he first procure a recommendation from the Quarterly Conference of his circuit, station, or mission; nor shall a vote be taken


the admission of any candidate who has not passed an approved examination upon the Course of Study prescribed by the Bishops, before a committee appointed by the Conference for that purpose.

Ans. 3. The Annual Conference may


then admit him as a probationer, by a vote of the majority. Observe!—This relation of being on trial embraces the requisites of a competent pastorate, and must apply as well to proper administrative qualifications as to acceptable preaching ability. One on trial may be discontinued for want of efficiency in either of these respects, without doing him any wrong; otherwise it would be no trial at all.


CONNECTION. T 67. Ques. 1. Who shall be admitted into the Conference in full connection?

Ans. 1. No one except a preacher who has been employed two successive years in the regular itinerant work (which is to commence from his being

admitted on trial at the Annual Conference), and who is approved by the Annual Conference.

Ans 2. Before any preacher is admitted into full connection, he shall pass an approved examination upon the Course of Study prescribed by the Bishops for candidates for the ministry; and in no case shall a vote be taken to admit any one until he is recommended by the examining committee.

Ans. 3. A missionary employed on a foreign mission may be admitted into full connection, if recommended by the superintendent of the mission where he labors, without being present at the Annual Conference for examination.

18. Ques. 2. What method do we use in admitting a preacher into full connection at the Conference?

Ans. After solemn fasting and

prayer, every person proposed shall then be asked, before the Conference, the following questions (with any others which may be thought necessary), namely: Have you faith in Christ? Are you going on to perfection? Do you expect to be made perfect in love in this life? Are you groaning after it? Are you resolved to devote yourself wholly to God and his work? Are you willing to conform to the Discipline of the Church? Will you diligently instruct the children in every place? Will you visit from house to house? Will you recommend fasting, or abstinence, both by precept and example? Are you in debt so as to embarrass you?

Will you especially observe the following directions?

1. Be diligent. Never be unem. ployed. Never be triflingly employed.

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