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Now, now the farther grace bestow,
And let my sprinkled confcience know

Thy sweet forgiving love.
3 Short of thy love I would not ftop,
A franger to the gospel hope,

The sense of sin forgiv'n:
I would not, Lord, my foul peceive,

d · Without thy inward witness live,

That antepaft of heav'n. 4 K now the witness were in me, Would he not teftify of thee,

In Jesus reconcil'd ? And mould

I not with faith draw nigh, And boldly Abba, Father, cry,

"I know thyself my child ? 5 Ah! never let thy servant rest, Till of my part in Christ poffeft,

I on thy mercy feed : Unworthy of the crumbs that fall, Yet rais'd by him who dy'u for all,

To eat the children's bread.
6 Whate'er obstrues thy pardoning love,
Or fin, or righteousness remove,

Thy glory to display;
Mine heart of unbelief convince,
And now abfolve me from my sins,
And take them all away.


THAT I may walk with God,
Jesus, my companion be!
Lead me to thy blert abode,

Thro' the fire, or thro' the fea,
Join'd to thee by humble love,

Nothing i defire besides, Only let me never move,

Never stir without my guide.


Jeses, the all-sustaining word,

My fallen fpirit's hope,
After thy lovely likeness, Lord,

O when shall I wake up?
2 Thou, O my God, thou only art

The life, the truth, the way!
Quicken my soul, in truet my heart,

My linking footsteps ftay.
3 Of all thou hast in earth below,

In heav'n above to give,
Give me thine only self to know,

In thee to walk and live.
4 Fill me with all the life of love,

In myftic union join
Me to chyfelf, and let me prove

The fellowship divine.
5 Open the intercourse between

My longing soul and thee,
Never to be broke off again,

Thro' all eternity.

HYMN CXVI.' , How vain are all things here below,

How false, and yet how fair!
Each pleasure hath its poison too,

And ev'ry sweet a Inare.
The brightest things below the sky

Give but a flatt'ring light;
We should suspe& fome danger nigh,

Where we pofTess delight.

3 Our deareft joys, and nearest friends,

The partners of our blood, How they divide our wav'ring minds,

And leave but half for God, 4 The fondness of a creature's love,

How strong it strikes the sense ; Thither the warm affections move,

Nor can we call 'em thence.
5 Dear Saviour, let thy beauties be

My soul's eternal food;
And grace conimand my heart away

From all created good.

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HYMN CXVII. Come, ye that love the Lord,

And let your joys be know !
Join in a long with sweet accord,

While ye furround his throne :
Let those refuse to sing

Who never knew our God;
But servants of the heav'nly King

May speak their joys abroad. 2 The God that rules on high,

That all the earth surveys, That rides upon the formy tky,

And calms the roaring reas: This awful Cod is ours,

Our Father and our love; He will send down his heav'nly pow'rs

To carry us above.
3 There we thall see his face,

And never, never fin;
Tlere, from the rivers of his grace,
Drink endless pleasures in.


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Ye and before we rise

To that immortal state,
The thoughts of fuch amazing bliss

Should constant joys create. 4. The men of grace have found

Glory begun below; Celestial fruit on earthly ground: 73,1 ?!

From faith and hope may grow1 :. Then let our songs abound,

And ev'ry tear be dry ; We're marching thro' Immanuel's ground

To fairer worlds on high. :)

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Come, let us join our friends above

That have obtain'd the prize,
And on the eagle-wings of love

To joy celestial rises
Let all the faints terrestrial fing

With those to glory gone;
For all the servants of our King

In earth and heay'n are one. 2. One family we dwell in liim,

One church above, beneath, LE
Though now divided by the fream,

The narrow stream of death :
One army of the living God,

To his command we bow;
Pare of his hort hath cross'd the food,

And part is crossing now.
3 Tenthousand to their endless home

This folemn moment fly :
And we' are to the margin come;

:51 And we expeet to die :

His militant, embodied hoft,

With wishful looks we stand, And long to see that happy coast

And reach the heav'nly land. 4 Our old companions in diftress

We hafte again to see,
And eager long for our release

And full felicity.
Even now by faith we join our hand

With those that went before,
And greet the blood-besprinkled bands

On the eternal shore.
5 Our spirits too fhall quickly join,

Like theirs, with glory crown'd,
And Mout to see our Captain's fign,

To hear his trumpet sound.
O that we now might grasp our guide !

O that the word were given !
Come, Lord of Hofts, the waves divide,

And lands us all in heav'n:

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He batb done all things well, Mark vii. 37.

Now, in a song of grateful prailey
To my dear Lord my voice I'll raise ;
With all his saints I'll join to tell

My Jesus has done all things well,
2 AŲ works his glorious pow'r confess,

His wisdom all his works express;
But, o his love, what tongue can tell !)

My Jesus has done all things well. 3 How fov'reign, wonderful, and free

Has been THIS LOVE to finful me.

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