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. Here will I set up my reft,

My fluctuating heart
From the haren of his breast

Shall never more depart:
Whither should a linner.go?.

His wounds for me and open wide;
Only Jesus will I know,

And Jefus crucify'a!
4 Him to know is life and peace,

And pleafure without end;
This is all my happiness,

On fefus to depend;
Daily in his grace to grow,

And ever in his faith abide :
Only Jesus will I know,

And Jefus crucify'd!
5 O that I could all invite,

This saving truth to prove !
Shew the length, and breadth, and height,

And depth of Jesu's love!
Fain I would to inners show

The bloud by faith alone apply'd;
Only Jesus will I know,

And Jesus crucify'a!,

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I Let ev'ry tongue thy goodness fpeak,

Thou fuväreign Lord of all; i Thy ftrength’ning bands uphold the weak,

And saife the poor that fall.
2. When forrows bow the spirit down,

Or virtue lies distrert
Beneath the proud oppreffor's frown,

Thou giv'f the mourner reft.

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3 The Lord supports our infant days,

And guides our giddy youth!.., ains
Holy and just are all thy ways,

And all thy works are truth.
4 Thou know'st the pains thy fervants feei:

Thou hear'ít thy children cry,
And their best wishes to fulfil '.

Thy grace is ever night . .!!
5 Thy mercy never Ahall remove

From men of heart fincere ; : *
Thou sav'st the souls whose humble love.

Is join' with holy fear.
6 My lips shall dwell upon thy praise, '.'

And spread.thy fame abroad: si
Let all the fons of Adam raise -
The honours of their God. Fra

M y God the spring of all my joys, " *

The life of my delights,
The glory of my brightest days, '

And comfort of my nights. I l
@ In darkest shades if thou appear, is

My dawning is begun; ista!!
Thou art my soul's bright morning stary !

And thou my rising fun. - VUI L..
3 The op'ning heav'ns around me dhime ! A
With beams of facred bliss, is

. If Jesus fhews his mercy mine

And whispers I am his.
4. My soul would leave this heavy clay

At that transporting word,
Run up with joy the shining way,

To see and praise my Lord.

5 Fearless of hell and ghafly death, ;.'

r'd break through every fue
The wings of love and arms of faith

Would bear me conqu`ror through :'; ' HYMN CXL... The daily mercies, O my God,

My waking thonghts employ, And while I meditate on thee

My heart is fill?d with joy.
2 Thou giv'ft me reft upon my bed,

Soft flumber to my eyes;
Thy goodness is again renew'd ? SI

When in the morn I risc. 3 Throughout the bufiness of the day," *

Thine arm does me ophold, v . Amidst the terrors of the night,

Thy prefence makes' me bold. 4 Whether in fickness or in health, Y ?

Thy grace døth me fustaia: i... Let me, Q Lord, thy favour hare,

And I halline'er complain.
5 Aided by thee; I need not fear

The frowos of rich or great;
Their-pomp and wealth I cover not vi

Nor envy all mein ftale.", 102, CA 6 Altkough the fightree bloffor not, IT 0

Nor vineyard yield increases
In thee, my Saviour, and my God, ?:

To joy I will not ceafe.
7 Yea tho the world by forms be toft

And crumbled into duft, : Yet still in thee, my only hope,

I will securely truft.

HYMN CXLI.'! · Tut fpacious Armament on high, With all the blue ethereal sky, And Spangled heav'ns, (a shining frame !) Their great Original proclaim. Th'unwearied run from day to day Doth his Creator's pow'r ditplay;." And publishes to ev'ry land The work of an almighty hand. Soon as the evening shades prevail, The moon takes up the wond'rous tale, And nightly to the lift'ning earth Repeats the story of her birth : Whilft all the Itars that round her burn, And all the planets, in their turn, Confirm the tidings as they roll,..

And spread the truth from pole to pole. 3 What though in folemn filence all !!

Move round the dark terrestrial ball;i
What though no real voice nor found.
Amid the radiant orbs be found;
In Reason's 'ear they all rejoice,
And utter forth a glorious voice,
For ever singing, as they thine,
“ The hand that made us is divine."


1 The voice of my Beloved fourids,

While o'er the mountain tops be bounds,
He Aies exulting o'er the hills,
And all iny 'soul with transport fills;

Gently doth be cbide my fay,
" Rife, my love, and come away." ..

2 The scatter'd clouds are filed at last,

The rain is gone, the winter past,
The lovely vernal flow'rs appear,
The warbling choir enchant our ear;,, .

Now, with sweetly-pensive moan,
Cooes the turtle dove alone.

HYMN CXLIII. 1 Harri how the Gospel Trumpet sounds,

Thro' all the earth the echo bounds!
And Jesus, by redeeming blood, .
Is bringing finners back to God;
And guides them fáfely by his word!',

To endless day. "
2 Hail, all-victorious conqu’ring Lord !

Be theu by all thy works ador'd,
Who undertook far sinful man,
And brought salvation through thy name,
That we with thee may ever reign...

3. In endless day.
Fight on, ye conqu’ring fouls, fight on, '\ E
And when the conqueft you have won, ?
Then palms of vict'ry you shall bear,
And in his kingdom have a share, ; ?
And crowns of glory, ever wear . i.

In endless day. . . . 4. There we shall in sweet chorus join,

And saints and angels all combine ..

To fing of his redeeming love,
* When rolling years lh all cease to move,
And this shall be our theme above,

In endless day.
W ITH joy we meditate the grace

Of our High Prieit above;
His heart is made of tenderness,

His bowels melt with love. I' .'

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