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2 Touch'd with a sympathy within,

He knows our feeble frame;
He knows what sore temptations mean,

For he hath felt the same.
3 He, in the days of feeble fel,

Pour'd out strong cries and tears ;
And in his measure feels afresh

What ev'ry member bears.
4. He'll never quench the smoking flax,

But raise it to a flame;
The bruised reed he never breaks,

Nor scorns the meanett name.
5 Then let our humble faith address

His mercy and his pow'r;
We talt obtain deliv'ring grace

In the diftreffing hour,

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Jesus, my All, to heav'n is gone,
He whom i fix'd my hopes upont ;
His track I fee, and I'll partue

The narrow way, till hira I view.
2 The way tre holy propbets went,

The road that kads from banithment;
The King's highway of holiness

I'll go, for all his paths are peace.
3 This is the way I long have fought,

And moura'd because I found it not;
My grief a burthen long has been,

Because I couli aot cease from an.
4 The more I firove against its pow*r,

I fina'd and stumbled but the more,
Till late I beard my Saviour say,
** Corne hiiler, foul, I AM THE WAY.

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5 Lo! glad I come; and thou bleft Lamb,

Shalt take me to thee, whose I am :
Nothing but fin I thee can give,

Nothing but love shall I receive. 6 Then will I tell to finners round

What a dear Saviour I have found;
I'll point to thy redeeming' blood,

And say, “ Behold the way to God."

CHILDREN of the heav'nly King,
As we journey let us fing;
Sing our Saviour's worthy praise,

Glorious in his works and ways! 2 We are trav'lling home to God,

In the way the fathers trod :
They are happy now, and we

Soon their happiness Mall see. 3 O, ye banish'd seed, be glad !

Christ our advocate is made;
Us to fave, our flesh affumes,

Brother to our souls becomes.
4 Fear not, brethren, joyful stand

On the borders of our land;
Jesus Christ, our Father's Son,
Bids us undismay'd go on.
Lord! obediently we'll go,
Gladly leaving all below;
Only chou our leader be,
And we still will follow thee!


ORID, adieu ! thou real cheat,
Oft have thy deceitful charms
Fill's my heart with fond conceit,

Foolith hopes, and false alarmns ::

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Now I fee as clear as day

How thy föllies pass away. 2 Vain thy entertaining figlits,

Falle thy promises renew'd, All the pomp of thy delights

Does but Aatter and delude: Thee I quit for heao'n above,

Object of the noblest love.
3 Foolish vanity-farewell-

More inconftant than the wave,
Where thy foothing fancies dweil,

Pureft tempers they deprave:
He, to whom I fly from thee,

Jesus Christ lhall fet me free.
4 Let not, Lord, my wand'ring mind

Follow after fleeting toys,
Since in thee alone I find

Solid and fubftantial joys;
Joys that, never over-paft,
Thro' eternity shall latt.


My God, my portion, and my love,

My everlaiting All,
I've gone but thee in heav'n above,

Or on this earthly ball.
What empty things are all the kies,

And this inferior clod?
There's nothing here deserves my joys,

There's nothing like my God.
3 Io vain the bright, the burning sun

Scatters his feeble light: 'Tis thy sweet bears create sy noon;

If thou withdra*, 'tis night.

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4 And whilst upon my reftiels bed

Amongft the thades I roll,
If iny Redeemer News his head,

'Tis morning with my foul. 5 To thee we owe our wealth and friends,

And health and safe abode :
Thanks to thy name for meaner things,

But they are not my God.
6 How vain a toy is glitt'ring wealth,

If once compar'd to thee!
Or what's my safety or my health,

Or all my friends to me?
7 Were I poffe(for of the earth,

And call'd the stars mine own;
Without thy graces, and thyself,

I were a wretch undone.
8 Let others stretch their arms like seas,

And grasp in all the shore,
Grant me the vifits of thy face,

And I desire no more.



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GLORIOUS hope of perfect love,
It lifts nie up to things above,

It bears on eagle's wings;
It gives my ravim'd soul a taste,
And makes me for fome moments fealt

With Jesu’s priests and kings.
2 Rejoicing now in earnest hope,
I stand, and from the mountain top

See all the land below: Rivers of milk and honey rise, And all the fruits of paradise

In endless plenty grow.

3 A land of corn, and wine, and oil, Favour'd with God's peculiar smile,

With ev'ry blefling bleft: There dwells the Lord our Righteousnefs, And keeps his own in perfect peace,

And everlasting rest.
4 O that I might at once go up,
No more on this fide Jordan stop,

But now the land possess ;
This moment end my legal years,
Sorrows and fins, and doubts and fears,

An howling wilderness.
5 Now, O my Joluag bring me in!
Caft out thy foes, the inbred fin,

The carnal mind remove,
The purchase of thy death divide :
And, oh! with all the fanctify'd,

Give me a lot of love!

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FATHIR, how wide thy glories shine,

How high thy wonders rife!
Known thro' the earth by thousand figns,

By thousands thro? the skies.
Thole mighty orbs proclaioi thy pow'r,

Their mocions speak thy skill,
And on the wings of ev'ry hour

We read thy patience ftill.
2 Part of thy name divinely ftands

On all thy creatures writ,
They fhew the labour of thine hands,

Or impress of thy feet.
But when we view thy ftrange design

To save rebellious worms,
Where vengeance and compassion join

In their diviñeft forms:

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