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3 My feet fhall travel all the length

Of the celestial road;
And march with courage in thy ftrength,

To see the Lord my God. ;!'
& Awake, awake, my tuneful pow'rs,

With this delightful-song,
And entertain the darkeft hours,
Nor think the season longe


NIS, this is the God we adore,
Our faithful, unchangeable friend;
Whose love is as great as his pow'',

And neither knows measure nor end.
Tis Jesus, the First and the Laft,

Whofe fpirit fhall guide us fafe home;
We'll praise him for all that is past,
And truft him for all that's to come, i


Lord, how divine thy comforts are !

How heav'nly is the place
Where Jesus spreads the facred feast

Of his redeeming grace !
2 There the rich bounties of our God,

And sweetest glories thine ;
There Jesus says that'l am his,

And my Bcloved's mine.
3 Here (says the kind redeeming Lord,

And thews his wounded Gde)
See here the spring of all your joys

That open'd when I dy'd! 4. He smiles, and cheers my mournful heart,

And tells of all bis pain,
All this, says he, I bore for thee,

And then be fmiles again.

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5 What shall we pay our heav'nly King

**For grace ro vast as this?
He brings our pardon to our eyes,

And feals it with a kiss..
6 Let such amazing loves as there

Be founded all abroad;
Such favours are beyond degrees, ir

And worthy of a God.
7 To him that wafli'd us in his blood

Be everlasting praife,
Salvation, hopour, glory, pow'r,

Eternal as his days.



HIN all the mercies ofi my God
My riling foul surveys,
Why, my cold heart, art thou not lock

In wonder, love, and praise ?
2 Thy providence my life sustain'd,

And all my wants redrest,
While in the silent womb I lay,

And hung upon the breast.
3 To all my weak complaints and cries

Thy mercy lent an ear,
Ere yet my feeble thoughts had learn'd.

To form themselves in pray’r.
4 Unnuraber'd comforts on my fouk

Thy tender care bestow'da
Before my infant-heart conceiya

From whom those comforts flow'd. 5 When in the lipp'ry paths of youth,

With heedless steps I ran,
Thine arm, unseen, convey'd me safe,

And led me up to mar,

6 Thro' hidden dangers, toils, and deathes

It gently clear'di my ways"
And thro the pleasing snares of vice,

More to be fear'd than they, 7 Thro' ev'ry period of my life

Thy goodness I'll pursue;s' vero
And after death in diftant worlds,

The pleasing theme renew. 8 Thro' all eternity to Thee'

A grateful fong I'll raise;
But, oh! eternity's too fort

To utter all thy praise.

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www HYMN: CLXIX. Y. WHENE'ER Í take my walks abroad;

How many poor I leę;
What shall I render to my God

For all his gifts to me.
2 Not more than others I deserve,

Yet God hath giv'n me imore; ire
For I have food, while others ftarve;

Or beg from door to door. 3 While some poor wretches scarce can tell

Where they may lay their head,
I have a home wherein to dwell; '

And reft upon my bed.
4 Are these thy favours day by day

To me above the rest ?
Then let me love thee more than theyi.

And try to serve thee beit.



Hitherto batb the Lord belped us, 1 Sam. vii. 12.

Tho' Arait be the way, with dangers beset, And we thro' delay are no farther yet; Our good guide and Saviour hath help'd thus far, And 'tis by his favour we are what we are. 2 What creatures befide are favour'd like us; Forgiv'n, supply'd, and banquetted thus, By God our good Father, who gave us his Son, And sent him to gather his children in one ? 3 My brethern, reflect on what we have been, How God hath respect to us when in fin; When lower and lower we every day fell, He stretch'd forth his power, and snatch'd us from

hell. 4 Then let us rejoice and cheerfully sing With heart and with voice to Jesus our King; Who thus far has brought us from evil to good, The rapsom that bought us, no less than his blood ! 5 For blessings like these so bounteously giv'n, For prospects of peace, and foretastes of heav'n, 'Tis grateful, 'tis pleasant to sing and adore ; Be thankful for present, and then ask for more.

1 O THOU God of my salvation,

My Redeemer from all fin,
Mov'd to this by great compassion,
Yearning bowels from within ;

I will praise thee,
Where shall I thy praise begin?


2 While the angel-quires are crying,

Glory to the great I AM!
I with them would still be vying
Glory, glory to the Lamb!

O how precious
Is the found of Jesu's name.
3 Now I see, with joy and wonder,

Wheoce the healing streams arose, Angel-minds are lost to ponder Dying love's mysterious cause;

Yet the blessing
Down to all, to me it flows.
4 Tho'unseen I love the Saviour,

He almighty grace hath shown;
Pardou'd guilt and purchas'd favour ;
This he makes to mortals known ;

Give him glory,
Glory, glory is his own.
5 Angels now are bov’ring round us,

Unperceiv'd they mix the throng,
Word'ring at the love that crown'd usy
Glad to join the holy song:

Love and praise to Christ belong.

COMMIT" thou all thy griefs




And ways into his hands,
To his fure trust and tender care,

Who earth and heav'n commandss
Why points the clouds their course,

Whom winds and leas obey,
He fall direct thy wand'ring feet,

Ht Thall prepare thy way.

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