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5 The lids he fo feldom could clofe, By forrow forbidden to fleep, Seal'd up in eternal repose,

Have ftrangely forgotten to weep? The fountains can yield no fupplies;

Thefe hollows from water are free: The tears are all wip'd from these eyes, And evil they never fhall fee.

6 To mourn and to fuffer is mine, While bound in a prifon I breathe, And ftill for deliverance pine,

And prefs to the iffues of death: What now with my tears I bedew,

O might I this moment become! My fpirit created anew,

My flesh be confign'd to the tomb!


REJOICE for a brother deceas'd,

Our lofs is his infinite gain;
A foul out of prifon releas'd,

And freed from its bodily chain;
With fongs let us follow his flight,

And mount with his fpirit above,
Efcap'd to the manfions of light,

And lodg'd in the Eden of love.
2 Our brother the haven hath gain'd,
Out-flying the tempeft and wind;
His reft he hath fooner obtain'd,

And left his companions behind;
Still tofs'd on a fea of diftrefs,

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Hard toiling to make the bleft shore, Where all is affurance and peace,

And forrow and fin are no more.

3 There all the fhip's company meet, Who fail'd with the Saviour beneath, With fhouring each other they greet,

And triumph o'er trouble and death:
The voyage of life's at an end,
The mortal affli&tion is paft,
The age, that in heaven they spend,
For ever and ever fhall laft.

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2 All honour and praise
Are Jefus's due:
Supported by grace,

He fought his way through;
Triumphantly glorious,
Through Jefus's zeal,
And more than victorious
O'er death, fin, and hell.

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OSANNAH to Jefus on high!
Another is enter'd the reft,
Another is 'fcap'd to the fky,

And lodg'd in Immanuel's breaft:
The foul of our fifter is gone

To heighten the triumph above,
Exalted to Jefus's throne,

And clafp'd in the arms of his love."

2 What fulness of rapture is there, While Jefus his glory difplays, And purples the heavenly air,

And fcatters the odours of grace? He looks and his fervants in light The bleffing ineffable meet; He fmiles and they faint at the fight, And fall overwhelm'd at his feet.


3 How happy the angels that fall
Tranfported at Jefus's name;
The faints whom he fooneft shall call,
To share in the feast of the Lamb!
No longer imprifon'd in clay,

Who next from his dungeon fhall fly,
Who firft fhall be fummon'd away-
My merciful God-Is it I?
40 Jefus, if this be thy will,

That fuddenly I fhould depart,
Thy counfel of mercy reveal,

And whisper the call to my heart;
O give me a fignal to know,

If foon thou woulaft have me remove,
And leave the dull boy below,
And fly to the regions of love.



HAPPY who in Jefus live,

But happier fill are they
Who to God their fpirits give,
And 'fcape from earth away:
Lord, thou read'ft the panting heart,
Lord, thou hear'it the praying figh,
O'tis better to depart;

'Tis better far to die.

2 Yet if fo thy will ordain

For our companions' good,
Let us in the flesh remain,

And meekly bear the load.
When we have our grief fill'd up,
When we all our works have done, *
Late partakers of our hope,

And harers of thy throne,

For PERSONS joined in FELLOWSHIP. 171

3 To thy wife and gracious will
We quietly fubmit,
Waitig for redemption ftill,
But waiting at thy feet:
When thou wilt the bleffing give,
Call us up thy face to fee,
Only let thy fervants live,
And let us die to thee.





Jefu, thy difciples fee,
The promis'd bleffing give;
Met in thy name, we look to thee,
Expecting to receive.


2 Thee we expect, our faithful Lord,
Who in thy name are join'd:
We wait according to thy word,
Thee in the midft to find.

3 With us thou art affembled here,
But O thyself reveal!

Son of the living God appear,
Let us thy prefence feel.

4 Breathe on us, Lord, in this our day,
And thefe dry bones fhall live;
Speak peace into our hearts, and fay,
The Holy Ghost receive!"

5 Whom now we feek, O may we meet,
Jefus the crucify'd!

Shew us thy bleeding hands and feet,
Thou who for us haft dy'd!

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