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6 Cause us the record to receive,

Speak, and the token shew; 6 Oh! be not faithless, but believe

6 Ia me, who dy'd for you!

· Two are better far than one

For counsel or for fight;
How can one be warm alone,

Or serve his God aright?
Join we then our hearts and hands,

Each to love provoke his friend ;
Run the way of his commands,

And keep it to the end.
2 Woe to him whose spirits droop,

To hiin who falls alone;
He has none to lift him up,

To help his weakness on ;
Happier we each other keep,

We each other's burdens bear ;
Never need our footsteps Nip,

Upheld by mutual pray'r.
3 Who of twain has made us one,

Maintain our unity;
Jesus is the corner-stone,

In whom we all agree :
Servants of one common Lord,

Sweetly of one heart and mind;
Who can break a threefold cord,

Or part whom God hath join'd ? 4 O that all with us might prove

The fellowship of saints,
Find supply'd in Jesu's love,

What every member wants :

Grasp we our high calling's prize ;

Feel our fins on earth forgiv'n! Rise, in his whole image rise,

And meet our Head in heav'n!



away to the skies, My beloved, arise, And rejoice in the day thou wad born ;

On this festival day

Come exulting away,
And with singing to Sion return,

We have laid up our love

And trealure above,
Tho' our bodies continue below:

The redeem'd of the Lord,

We remember his word, And with singing to paradise go. 3

With singing we praise

The original grace
By our heav'nly Father bestow'd :

Our being receive

From his bounty, and live To the honour and glory of God. 4

For thy glory we are

Created to share Both the nature and kingdom divine :

Created again,

That our rouls may remain In time and eternity thine.

With thanks we approve 5

The design of thy love, Which has join'd us in Jesus's name ;

So united in heart

That we never can part, Till we meet at the feast of the Lamb. 6 There, there, at his feet

We shall suddenly meet, And be parted in body no more !

We shall sing to our lyres,

With the heavenly choirs, And our Saviour in glory adore. 7 Hallelujah we fing

To our Father and King, And his rapturous praises repeat :

To the Lamb that was Nain

Hallelujah again,
Sing all heaven, and fall at his feet !
8 In assurance of hope

We to Jesus look up,
Till his banger unfurl'd in the air

From our graves we inall see,

Aid cry out, “ It is he!”
And fly up to acknowledge him there.

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1 COME all, whoe'er have set

Your faces Sion-ward,
In Jesus let us meet,

And praise our common Lord;
In Jesus let us ftill go on,
Till all appear before his throne.

Nearer and nearer still

We to our country come,
To that celestial hill,

The weary pilgrim's homes
The New Jerusalem above,
The seat of everlasting love.

3 The ranfom'd sons of God,

All earthly things we scorn,
And to our high abode

With songs of praise return;
From strength to strength we still proceed
With crowns of joy upon our head.
4 The peace and joy of faith

Each moment may we feel;
Redeem'd from fin and wrath,

From earth, and death, and hell,
We to our Father's house repair,
To meet our Elder Brother there.
5 Our Brother, Saviour, Head,

Our All in all is he ;
And in his Ateps who tread,

We foon his face shall see;
Shall see him with our glorious friends,
And then in heav'n our journey ends.


Come, let us anew

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Our journey pursue,

With vigour arise,
And press to our permanent place in the skies :

Of heavenly birth,
Tho'wano'ring on earth,

This is not our place,
But strangers and pilgrims ourielves we confess.

At Jesus's call
We gave up our all :

And till we forego,
For Jesus's fake, our enjoyments below :

No longing we find
For the country behind;

But onward we move,
And still we are seeking a country above,


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3 A country of joy

Without any alloy,

We thither repair,
Our heart and our treasure already are there.

We march hand in hand
To Immanuel's land;

No matter what cheer
We meet with on earth, for eternity's near !

The rougher our way,
The shorter our stay ;

The tempests that rise
Shall gloriously hurry our souls to the skies :

The fiercer the blast,
The sooner 'tis past:

The troubles that come,
Shall come to our rescue, and haften us home.

HYMN CCIV. ; COME, let us ascend,

My companion and friend,
To a taste of the banquet above !

If thy heart be as mine,

If för Jesus it pine,
Come up into the chariot of love.

Who in Jesus confide,

We are bold to outride
The storm of affliction beneath !

With the prophet we foar

To the heavenly shore,
And outfly all the arrows of death,
3 By faith we are come

To our permanent home :
By hope we the rapture improve :

By love we still rise,

And look down on the skies, For the heaven of heavens is love.

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