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6 This is the bond of perfectness,

Thy spotless charity;
O let us ftill, we pray, posless

The mind that was in thee!
7 Grant this, and then from all below

Insensibly remove;
Our souls their change shall scarcely know,

Made perfect first in love.
8 With ease our souls thro' death shall glide

Into their paradise ;
And thence on wings of angels ride

Triumphant thro' the skies.
9 Yet when the fullest joy is giving

The same delight we prove, In earth, in paradise, in heav'n,

Our All in All is love.

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HYMN CCVIII. Father of our dying Lord,

Remember us for good, O fulfil his faithful word,

And hear his speaking blood ?
Give us that for which he prays;

Father, glorify thy Son ;
Shew his truth, and pow's, and grace,

And send the Promise down.
2 True and faithful Witness, thou,

O Christ, the Spirit give! Haft thou not receiv'd him now,

'That we might now receive ? Art thou not our living Head ?

Life to all thy limbs impart :' Shed thy love, thy Spirit shed

In ev'ry waiting heart.

3 Holy Ghost, the Comforter,

The gift of Jesus come :
Glows our heart to find thee near,

And swells to make thee room ;
Present with us thee we feel,

Come, O come, and in us bé!
With us, in us, live and dwell

To all eternity.

Jesu, Lord, we look to thee,
Let us in thy same agree ;
Shew thyself the Prince of Peace ;

Bid our jars for ever cease. 2 By thy reconciling love,

Ev'ry stumbling-block resnove,
Each to each unité, endear,

Come and spread thy banner here ! 3 Make us of one heart and mind,

Courteous, pitiful, and kind;
Lowly, meek in thought and word,

Altogether like our Lord.
A Let us each for other care,

Each the other's burden bear ;
To thy church the pattern give,

Shew how true believers live.
Ś Free from anger and from pride,

Let us thus in God abide ;
All the depths of love express,

All the heights of holiness! 6 Let us then with joy remove

To the family above :
On the wings of angels fly;
Shew how true believers die

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TXO God of truth and love,

We seek thy perfoct way,
Ready thy choice t'approve,

Thy Providence t'obey,
Enter into thy wise design,

Antiweetly lose our will in thine. 2 Why haft thou cast our lot

In the same age and place?
And why together brought

To see each other's face ;
To join with softest sympathy,

And mix our friendly fouls in thee? 3 Did it thou not make us one,

That we might one remain,
Together travel on,

And bear each other's pain,
Till all thy utmost goodness prove,

And rise rerew'd in perfe& love? 4. Surely thou didft unite

Our kindred fpirits here,
That all hereafter might

Before thy thione appear;
Meet at the marriage of the Lamb,

And all thy glorious love proclaim. 5 Then let us ever bear

The blessed end in view,
And join with mutual care,

To fight our passage through
And kindly help each other on,

Till all receive the Aarry crown. 6 O may thy spirit real

Our souls unto that day!
With all thy fulness fill,

And then transport away
Away to our eternal reft,
Away to our Redeemer's breast !



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Come, and let us sweetly join,
Christ to praise in hymns divine !
Give we all, with one accord,
Glory to our common Lord,
Hands, and hearts, and voices raise,
Sing as in the ancient days;
Antedate the joys above,

Celebrate the feast of love.
2 Strive we in affiction strive:

Let the purer flame revive;
Such as in the martyrs glow'd,
Dying champions for their God :
We like thein may live and love;
Calla we are their joys to prove ;
Sav'd with them from future wrath;

Partoers of like precious faith. 3 Sing we then in Jesu's name,

Now as yesterday the faine;
One in ev'ry time and place,
Full for all of truth an: grace :
We for Christ our Master stand,
Lights in a benighted land;
We our Dying Lord confess;
We are Jesu's witnesses.
4 Witnesses that Chrit hath dy'd;

We with him are crucify'd :
Chrift hath burst the bands of death;
We his quick’ning Spirit breathe ;
Christ is now gone up on high ;
Thither all our wishes fly:
Sits at God's right-hand above ;
There with him we reign in love.



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COM2, thou high and lofty Lord ;
Lowly, meek, incarnate Word ;
Humbly stoop to earth again ;
Come, and visit abject man!
Jesu, dear expected guest,
Thou art bidden to the feast :
For thyself our hearts prepare !

Come, and fit, and banquet there. 2 Jesu, we thy promise claim;

We are meç in thy great name ;
In the midit do thou appear,
Manifest thy presence here;
Sanctify us, Lord, and bless,
Breathe thy Spirit, give thy peace;
Thou thyself within us move ;

Make our feast a feast of love.
3 Let the fruits of grace abound;

Let in us thy bowels sound;
Faith, and love, and joy increase;
Temperance and gentleness;
Plani in us thy humble mind,
Patient, pitiful, and kind :
Meck and lowly let us be,

Full of goodness, full of thee. 4 Make us all in thee complete ;

Make us all for glory meet;
Meet t'appear before thy light,
Partners with the saints in light;
Call, O call us each by name,
To the marriage of the Lamb:
Let us lean upon thy breast!
Love be there our endless feast!

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