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My soul and all its pow'rs,

Thine, wholly thine shall be;
All, all my happy hours

I confecrate to thee :
Me to thisie image now reftore;

And I shall praise thee evermore: 5 I wait thy will to do,

As angels do in heav'n ;
In Christ a creature new,

Eternally forgiv's :
I wait thy perfect will to prove;

All fanctify'd by finless love.
6 Then when the work is done,

The work of faith with pow'r,
Receive thy favour'd son

In death's triumphant hour ;
Like Moses to thyself convey,
And kiss my raptur'd soul away.



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HY MN ccxxi.
Away with our fears

The glad morning appears,
When an heir of salvation was born!

From Jehovah I came,

For his glory I am,
And to him I with finging return.

Thee, Jesus, alone,

The fountain I own
Of my life and felicity here :

And cheerfully sing

My Redeemer and King,
Till his signs in the heavens appear.
3 With thanks I rejoice

In thy fatherly choice
Of my ftate and condition below :

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If of parents I came

Who honour'd thy name, 'Twas thy wisdom appointed it so. 4 I fing of thy grace

From iny earliest days, Ever near to allure and defend;

Hitherto thou haft been

My preserver from fin, And I trust thou wilt lave to the end. 5

O the infinite cares

And temptations and snares
Thy hand hath conducted me through?

O the bleffings bestow'd

By a bountiful God, And the mercies eternally new! 6 What a mercy is this,

What a heaven of bliss, How unspeakable happy am I !

Gather'd into the fold,

With thy people enrolld,
With thy people to live and to die !
7 O the goodness of God

In employing a clod
His tribute glory to raise !

His ftandard to bear,

And with triumph declare His unspeakable riches of grace ! 8 O the fathomless love,

That has deign'd to apprové And prosper the work of my hands

With my pastoral crook

I went over the brook,
And, behold! I am spread into banda!



Who? I ask in amaze,

Hath begotten me these !
And inquire, from what quarter they came ?

My full heart it replies,

They are born from the skies, And give glory to God and the Lamb. IO

All honour and praise

To the Father of grace,
To the Spirit, and Son I return!

The business pursue

He hath made me to do, And rejoice that I ever was born.

In a rapture of joy

My life I employ,
The God of my life to proclaim :

'Tis worth living for this,

To adminifter bliss
And salvation in Jesus's name.
12 My remnant of days

I spend in his praise,
Who died the whole world to redeem :

Be they many or few,

My days are his due,
And they all are devoted to him!


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, How happy are they

Who the Saviour obey,
And have laid up their treasure above !

Tongue cannot express

The sweet comfort and peace Of a soul in its earlieft love.


That comfort was mine,

When the favour divine I first found in the blood of the Lamb;

When my heart it believ'd,

What a joy I receiv'd,
What a beaven in Jesus's name !
3 'Twas an heaven below

My Saviour to know;
The angels could do nothing more

Than fall at his feet,

And the story repeat,
And the Lover of finners adore.
4 Jesus all the day long

Was my joy and my fong;
O that all his falvation might see !

He hath lov'd me, I cried,

He hath suffer'd, and died,
To redeem such a rebel as me.
5 On the wings of his love

I was carry'd above
All lin, and temptation, and pain ;

I could not belieye

That I ever should grieve, That I ever should suffer again,

I rode on the sky,

Freely justified I!
Nor envy'd Elijah his seat;

My soul mounted higher

In a chariot of fire, And the Moon it was under my feet, 7 On! the rapturous height

Of that holy delight Which I felt in the life giving blood !

Of my Saviour pofseft

I was perfe&tly bleft, As if hillid with the fulness of God.

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PART THE SECOND. 1 AH, where am I now !

When was it, or how That I fell from my heaven of grace!

I am brought into thrall,

I am stript of my All!
I am banish'd from Jesus's face.

Hardly yet do I know

How I let my Lord go, So infenfibly starting aside;

When the tempter came in

With his own subtle fin, And infected my spirit with pride. 3

But I felt it too soon

That my Saviour was gone, Swiftly vanishing out of my light;

My triumph and boast

On a sudden were lost,
And my day it was turn'd into night.
4 Only pride could destroy

That innocent joy,
And make my Redeemer depart;

But whate'er was the cause,

I lament the sad loss, For the veil is come over my heart. 5 Ah! wretch that I am!

can only exclaim, Like a devil tormented within ;

My Saviour is gone,

And has left me alone To the fury of Satan and fin. 6 Nothing now can relieve,

Without comfort I grieve, I have lost all my peace and my pow'r :

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