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No access do I find

To the Friend of mankind; I can ask for his mercy no more. 7 Tongue cannot declare

The torment I bear, (While no end of my troubles I fee)

Only Adam could tell

On the day that he fell,
And was turn'd out' of Eden like me.
8 Driven out from my God,

I wander abroad,
Thro' a desert of sorrows I'rove :

And how great is my pain,

That I cannot regain My Eden of Jesus's love? 9 I never thall rise

To my first paradise,
Or come my Redeemer to Tee :

But I feel a faint hope

That at láft he will stoop,
And his pity shall bring him to mc.

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How thall a loft finner in pain

Recover his forfeited peace;
When brought into bondage again,

What hope of a Tecond release ?
Will Mercy itself be so kind

To spare such a rebél as me ?
And O! can I possibly find

Such plenteous redemption in thee ! 2 O Jesus, of thee I require,

If fill thou art able to save,
The brand to pluck out of the fire,

And ranfom my soul from the grave, The help of thy Spirit restore,

And shew me the life-giving blood, And pardon a finner once more,

And bring me again unto God. 3 0 Jesus, in pity draw near,

Come quickly to help a lost soul,
To comfort a mourner appear,

And make a poor Lazarus whole ;
The balm of thy mercy apply,

(Thou seest the fore anguish I feel) Save, Lord, or I perilh, I die;

O rave, or I ank into hell! 4 I fink, if thou longer delay

Thy pardoning mercy to show ;
Come quickly, and kindly display

The pow'r of thy paffion below.
By all thou hast done for my fake,

One drop of thy blood I implore :
Now, now let it touch me, and make

The finner a finner no more.



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Lord, thou hast bid thy people pray

For all that bear the lov’reign fway,

And thy vicegerent's reign,
Rulers, and governors, and pow'rs;
And, lo! in faith we pray for ours,

Nor can we pray in vain.
2 Jesu, thy chofen servant guard,
And every threat'ning danger ward

From his anointed head;
Bid all his griefs and troubles cease,
And thro' the paths of heav'nly peace

To life eternal lead.

3 Cover his enemies with shame, Defeat their dire malicivús aim,

Their bafled hopes deftrcy; But show'r on him thy bleflings down; Crown him with grace, with giory crown,

And everlasting joy: 4 To hoary hairs be thou his God, Late may ho seek that high abode,

Late to his heav'n remove : Of virtues full, and happy days, Accounted worthy, by thy grace,

To fill a throne above. 5 And when thou dost his fp'rit receive, O give him, in his offspring, give

Us back our king again. Preserve him, Providence Dvine, And let the long-illustrious line

To latest ages reign.
6 Secure us of his royal race
A man to stand before thy face,

And exercise thy pow'r;
With wealth, p: biperity, and peace,
Qur nation and our church to blesse

Till time shall be no more.

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G. only wife, almighty, good,

Send forth thy truth and light
To point us out the narrow road,

And guide our steps aright ;

2 To steer our dangerous course between

The rocks on either hand, And fix us in our golden mien,

And bring our charge to land. 3 Made apt by thy sufficient grace,

To teach as taught by thee, We come to train in all thy ways"

Our rifing progeny.
4 Their selfith will in time fubdue,

And mortify their pride;
And lend their youth a facred clew

To find the Crocify'd!
5 We would in ev'ry step look up,

By thy example taught,
T'alarm their fear, excite their hope,

And rectify their thought. 6 We would persuade their heart t'obey,

With mildest zeal proceed ;
And never take the harsher way,

When love will do the deed.
7 For this we ask, in faith fincere,

The wisdom from above;
To touch their hearts with filial fear,

And pure ingenuous love :
8 To watch their will to sense inclin'd,

With-hold the hurtful food;
And gently bend their tender mind,

And draw their souls to God.



LASTIR fupreme, I look to thee
For grace and wisdom from above;
Vested with thy authority,

Endue me with thy patient love.

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% That, taught according to thy will

To rule my family aright,
Í may the appointed charge fuls),

With all my heart and all my mnight. 3 Inferiors, as a sacred trust,

I froin the soy'reiga Lord receive,
That what is suitable ard just,

Impartial I to all may give :
4 O’erlook them with a guardian eye ;

From vice and wickedness restrain : Mistakes and lefser faults pass by,

And govern with a looser reign. 5 The servant faithfully discreet,

Gentle to him, and good, and mild, Him I would tenderiy entreat,

And Icarce distinguish from a child. 6 Order if some iavert, confound,

Their Lord's authority betray, I hearken to the gospel-sound,

And trace the providential way, 7 As far from abjectness as pride,

Wich condescending dignity, Jesus, I make thy word my guide,

And keep the poft alliga'd by thee. & O could I emulate the zeal

Thou dost to thy poor servants bear; The troubles, griefs, and burdens feel

Of fou.s intruiled to my care : 9 In daily pray'r to God commend

The souls whom God expir'd to save; And think how soon my sway may end,

And all be equal in the grave.

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