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5 Look, as wlien thine eye pursu'd

The first apoftate man,
Saw him welt'ring in his blood,

And bade him rise again ;.
Speak my paradise restor'd,

Redeem me by thy grace alone;
Turn, and look upon me, Lord,

And break my heart of ftone. 9 Look, as when thy languid eye

Was clos'd that we might live ;
Father," (at the point to die,

My Saviour gafp'd) “ forgive ;".
Surely with that dying word

He turns, and looks and cries, ".'Tis done!" O my bleeding, loving Lord, Thou break'it my heart of stone.


the world their virtues boat Their works of righteousness; 1, a wretch undone and lost,

Am freely favod by grace; Other title I disclaim,

This, only this is all my plea, I the chief of finners am,

But Jefus dy'd for me!
2 Happy they whose joys abound

Like Jordan's swelling ítream,
Who their hav'n in Christ have found,

And give the praise to him :
Let them triumph in his name,

Enjoy their full felicity: I the chief of finners am,

But Jefus dy'd for me ! 3 Blest are they, entirely blest,

Who can in him rejoice, Lean on his beloved breait,

And hear the Bridegroom's voice;

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Meanest follower of the Lamb,

His steps I at a distance fee :
I the chief of finners am,

But Jesus dy'd for me!
4 Jesus, thou for me hast dy'd,

And thou in me malt live;
I shall feel thy death apply'd,
· I shall thy life receive :
To bring fire on earth thou came,

O that it now may kindled be!
I the chief of sinners am,
But Jesus dy'd for me!


THAT I could my Lord receive,

Who did the world redeem! Who gave his life that I might live

A life conceal'd in him 2 O that I could the blessings prove,

My heart's extreme desire;
Live happy in my Saviour's love;

And in his arms expire.
3 Mercy I ask to seal my peace,

That kept by mercy's pow'r, I may from ev'ry evil cease,

And never grieve thee more ! 4 Now, if thy gracious will it be,

Ev'n now my sins remove,
And fet my soul at liberty

By thy victorious love. 5 In answer to ten thousand pray’rs,

Thou pard’ning God descend, Number me with salvation's heirs,

My fins and troubles end. 6 Nothing I ask, or want beside,

Of all in earth or heav'n ;
But let me feel thy blood apply'd,

And live, and died forgiv'n.

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ITH glorious clouds encompast round,

Whom angels dimly see,
Will the unsearchable be found,

Or God appear to me?
2 Will he forsake this throne above

Himself to worms impart?
Answer, thou Man of Grief and Love,

And speak it to my heart, 3 In manifefted love explain

Thy wonderful design;
What meant the suff'ring Son of Man!

The streaming blood divine ? 4 Didi thou not in our fesh appear,

And live and die below,
That I may now perceive thee near,

And my Redeemer know?
5 Come then, and to my soul reveal

The heights and depths of grace,
The wounds which all my sorrows heal,

That dear disfigur'd face. 6 Before my eyes of faith confeft,

Stand forth a Naughter'd Lamb;
And wrap me in thy crimion vest,

And tell me all thy name. 7 Jehovah in thy person show,

Jehovah crucify'd !
And then the pard’ning God I know,

And feel the blood apply'd.
8 I view the Lamb in his own light,

Whom angels dimly ree;
And gaze, transported at the fight,
To all eternity.





If all thy promises are sure,
Set op thy kingdom in my heart,

And make me rich, for I am poor :
To me be all thy treasures giv'n,

The kingdom of an inward heav'n. 2 Thou hart pronounc'd the mourners blent ;

And, is! for thee I ever mourn:
I cannot ; no, I will not rett,

Till thou my only rest return;
Till thou, the Prince, of Peace appear,

And I receive the Comforter.
3 Where is the blessedness bestow'd

On all that hunger after thee?
I hunger now, I thirst for God!

See the poor fainting finners, fee,
And satisfy with endless peace,

And fill me with thy righteousness. -4 Ah! Lord if thou art in that figh,

Then' hear thyself within me pray;
Hear in my heart thy Spirit's cry,

Mark what my lab'ring foul would say :
Answer the deep unutter'd groan,

And new that thou and I are one.
5 Shine on thy work, disperse the gloom;

Light in thy light I then mall fee :
Say to my soul, “ Thy light is come,

“ Glory divine is ris'n on thee:
“ Thy warfare's past, thy mourning's o'er;..

“ Look up, for thou shalt weep no more. 6 Lord, I believe the promise fure,

And trust thou wilt not long delay:
Hungry, and sorrowful, and poor,

Upon thy word myself I ftay;
Into thine hands my All resign,
And wait till all thou art is inine.

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if Nill thou art to day
As yesterday the same,
Present to heal, in me display

The virtue of thy name.
2 If still thou go'st about to do

Thy needy creatures good,
On me, that I thy praise may now,

Be all thy wonders Thow'd.
3 Now, Lord, to whom for help I call,

Thy miracles repeat,
With pitying eyes behold me fall

A leper at thy feet.
4. Loathsome, and foul, and self-abhorr’d,

I link beneath my fin;
But if thon wilt, a gracious word

Of thine can make me clean.
5 Thou seest me deaf to thy commands,

Open, O Lord, my ear;
Bid me stretch out my wither'd hands,

And lift them up in pray’r.
6 Silent, (alas! thou know'st how long)

My voice I cannot raise ;
But O! when thou Malt loose my tongue,

The dumb fhall fing thy praise.
7 Lame at the pool I ftill am found :

Give, and my strength employ :
Light as a hart I then shall bound,

The lame shall leap for joy.
8 Blind from my birth to guilt and thee.

And dark I am within ;
The love of God I cannot see,

The finfulness of fin,

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