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HY MN XXXII. Father of Jesus Christ the just,

My friend and Advocate with thee, Pity a soul that fain would trust

in him who liv'd and dy'd for me : But only thou canst make him known

And in my heart reveal thy son. 2 If, drawn by thine alluring grace,

My want of living faith I feel,
Shew me in Chrift thy smiling face,

What flesh and blood can ne'er reveal
Thy co-eternal Son display, :

And call my darkness into day. : 3 The gift unspeakable impart ;

Command the light of faith to shine ;
To thine in my dark, drooping heart,

And fill me with the life divine :
Now bid the new creation he!
O God, let there be faith in me, Fyn

O Jesus my Hope

For me offer'd up,
Who with clamour pursu'd thee to Cavalry's top

The blood thou hast thed,

For me let it plead, And declare thou hast dy'd in thy murderer's stead.

2 Now, now let me know.. ;)

Its virtue below; Let it wash me, and I shall be whiter than (now,

Let it hallow my heart,

And throughly convert,
And make, O Lord, in the world as thou art,

3 Each moment applý'd,

My weakness to hide,
Thy blood be upon me, and always abide :

My advocate prove

With the Father above,
And speak me at last to the throne of thy love.


WOME, holy celestial Dove, !

To, visit a sorrowful breast,"ad My bürthen of guilt to remove,

And bring me assurance and rest : Thou only haft pow'r to relieve

A finner o'erwhelm'd with his load; . . The sense of acceptance to give,

And sprinkle his heart with thy blood 2 With me if of old thou haft ftrove, s

And strangely withheld from my fin, And try'd, by the lure of thy love, frutas · My worthiless affections to win : The work of thy mercy revive

Thy uttermost mercy,exert; And kindly continue to strive, . And hold till I yield thee my heart. 3 Thy call if I ever have known,

And figh'd from myself to get free ; * And groan'd the unspeakable groan,

· And long'd to be happy in thee;
Fulfil the imperfect desire,

Thy peace to my conscience reveal;
The sense of thy favour inspire,' .. ;

And give me my pardon to feel! 4. If when I had put thee to grief,

And madly to folly return'd,
Thy pity hath been my relief,

And lifted me up as I mourn'd: ..

Moft pitiful Spirit of grace,

Relieve me again, and restore, My spirit in holiness raise,

To fall and to suffer no more. '. 5 If now I lament after God,

And gasp for a drop of thy love,
If Jerus hath bought thee with blood,

For ine to receive from above :
Come, heavenly Comforter, come,

True witness of mercy divine, And make me thy permanent home,

And seal me eternally thine!

I STAY, thou insulted Spirit, stay,

ThoʻI have done thee such despite, 2.1
Nor cast the finner quite away,

Nor take thine'éverlasting flight. 2. Though I have moft'unfaithful been

of all whoe'er thy grace receivid, . Ten thousand times thy goodness feen, ::

Ten thousand times chy goodness griev'd, . Yet, o! the chief of finners spare, ..

In honour of my great High-Prieť, Nor in thy' righteous anger (wear em

T'exclude me from thy people's reft. 4 If yet thou canst my fins forgive,

From now, O Lord, relieve my woes; * Into thy reft of love receive,

And bless me with thy calon repose." s From now my weary soul release,

Up.raise me with thy gracious hand,
And guide into thy perfect peace,

And bring me to the promis'd land,

1 W PARY of wand'ring from my God,

And now made willing to return,
I hear, and bow me to the rod;

For thee, not without hope, I mourn;
I have an advocate above,

A friend before the throne of Love.
2 O Jesus, full of truth and grace, ..

More full of grace than I of fin,
Yet once again I seek thy face,

Open thine arms and take me in,
And freely my backflidings heal,

And love the faithless finner still. 3 Thou know'st the way to bring me back,

My fallen spirit to restore;
O! for thy truth and mercy's sake,

Forgive, and bid me fin no more!
The rains of my soul repair,

And make my heart a house of pray’r. 4 Ah! give me, Lord, the tender heart,"

That trembles at th' approach of fin!
A godly fear of sin impart:

Implant and root it deep within !
That I may dread thy gracious pow'r,
And never dare t'offend thee more.

To the haven of thy breast,

O Son of Man, I fly,
Be my refuge and my rest,

For the storm is high!
Save me from the furious blast,

A covert from the tempest be!
Hide me, Jesus, till o'erpast

The form of fin I fee.

2 Welcome as the water spring
· To a dry, barren place; .
O descend on me and bring
· Thy fweet refreshing grace;
O'er a parch'd and weary land

As a great rock extends its shade,
Hide me, Saviour, with thine hand,

And screen my naked head. 3 In the time of my distress

Thou hast my succour been,
In my utter helplessness, cut
· Réfträning me from fin..
O how swiftly didst chou move,

To save me in the trying hour!
Still protect më with thy love,

And Thield me with thy pow'r.
Å First and last, in me perform

The work thou haft begun :
Be my fhelter from the storm,

My shadow from the sun
Let me hang' upon my God,
'Till I thy perfect glory reeg .
Til the sprinkling of thy blood
Shall speak me up to thee.

HYMN XXXVIII. 10 THOU that hear' At when finners cry, .

Tho' all my crimes before thee lie,
Behold me not with angry look,

But blot their mem'ry from thy bock, 2 Create my nature pure within,

And form my roul averse to sip :
Let thy goed Spirit ne'er depart,

Nor hide thy prefence from my heart, 3 I cannot live without thy light,

Cast out and banin d from thy fight;

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