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Thou our sacrifice receive,
Acceptable through thy Song

'Son 4.

: While to thee alone we live," **

While we die to thee alone.. in 2 Meet it is, and just, and right;

That we Tould be wholly thine;
In thy only will delight, . .?.

Im-thy breffed service join :
O that ev'ry work and word *. *

Might proclaim how good thou art :.: - Holiness unto the Lord

Still be wrote upon our heart! .

I Let him to whom we now belong

His sov'reign right affert; .. .;
And take up ev'ry thankful fongs

And ev'ry loving heart. ib.
2 He juftly claims us for his own,' '.

Who bought us with a price!
The Christian lives to Chrift alone;' in
• To Christ alone he dies.
3 Jesus, thine own at last receive !

Fulfil our hearts' desire !
And let us to thy glory live,

And ia thy cause expire. -
4 Our souls and bodies we relign': '

With joy we render thee
Our All no longer durs, but thine;
To all eternity

H.Y.MN LXXXIV, 1 : .: Behold the servant of the Lord ! '',

I wait thy guiding eye to feel,
To hear and keep thy ev'ry word,
To prove and do thy perfe&t will;

Joyful from my own works to ceasę,
Glad to fulfil all righteousness.
2 Me if thy grace vouchsafe to ore,

Meanest of all thy creatures, me,
The deed, the time, the manner chule,

Let all my fruit be found of thee :
Let all my works in thee be wrought,

By thee to full perfection brought. 3 My every 'weak, though good defign,

O'er.rule, or change, as seems thee meet; Jesu, let all my work be thine!

Thy work, O Lord, is all complete, And pleasing in thy Father's fight;

Thou only haft done all things right. 4 Here then to thee thy own I leave,

Mould as thou wilt thy paffive clay ;
But let me all thy stamp receive,

But let me all thy words obey,
Serve with a fingle heart and eye,
And to thy glory live and die. i' '

I NATHER, Son, and Holy Ghoft,

One in Three, and Three in One,
As by the celestial hoft,

Let thy will on earth be done :
Praise by all to thee begiv'n, 1 of;

Glorious Lord of earth and heav'n. : 2 If so poor a worm as I

May to thy great glory live,
All my actions fan&tify,

AU my words and thoughts receive :
Claim me for thy fervite, claim
AU I have, and all I am.

3 Take my soul and body's pow'rs ;. .

Take my mem'ry, mind, and will;
All my goods, and all my hours: 0

All I know, and all I feelin
All I think, or speak, or do:

Take my heart; but make it new! 4. Now, O God, thy own I am!

Now I give thee back thy own; Freedom, friends, and health, and fame,

Confecrate to thee alone;
Thine I live, thrice happy 1; . .
Happier ftill if thine I die!'.**
5 Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, ****

One in Three, and Three in One. $ As by the celestial hoft, * not

Let thy will on earth be done un
Praise by all to thee be giving'
Glorious Lord of earth and heav'n.)

Jesu, my truth, my way,

My fure, unerring tight, com
On thee my feeblo steps I ftayyli

Which thou wilt gyide aright. 2 My wisdom and my guide, vad

My counsellor thou art : -
O never let me leave thy Gide,

Or from thy paths depart, 3 I lift my eyes to thee !

Thou gracious' bleeding Lamb, That I may now enlightend be ..

. And never put to mame. Never will I remove *

& Out of thy hands my cause, But rest in thy redeeming love,

And hang upon thy cross.",

Never will I removed wees

Ś Teach me the happy art

In all things to depend:. On thee; O'never, Lord, depart,

. But love me to the end. . ! 6 Still ftir me up to Nrive

With thee in strength divine; And ev'ry moment, Lord, revive

This fainting foul of mine.' 7 Perlift to save my soul, “!!!

Throughout the fi'ry hour,
Till I am ev'ry whit made whole,

And Thew forth all thy pow're .... 8 Through fire and water bring

: Into the wealthy place; 1. And teach me the new song to fing

When perfected in grace!.. 9 O make me all like thee,

. Before I hence remove : Settle, confirm, and stablith me,

And build me up in love. - -: 20 Let me thy witness live,

When In' is all destroy'd; 1.3 And then my spotless Soul receivė,

And take me home to God. :


LO! in thy hand I lay

And wait thy will to prove,
My Potter, Itamp on me thy clay,

Thy only ftamp of love!
Be this my whole defire,

I know that it is thine: 1997
Then kindle in my foul a fire

Which shall for eyer shine.

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12 Thy gracious readiness' .

“To fave mankind affert ;
Thy image, love, thy name impresos

Thy nature on my heart ! "
Bowels of mercy, hear, ?,

Into my soul come down;
Let it throughout my life appear

That I have Chrift put on.'
O plant in me thy mind!"

o fix in me thy home!
So thall I cry to all mankind,
· Come, to the waters, come!
Jefus is full of grace;* :

To all his bowels move : 57
Behold in me, ye fallen race,' '

That God is only love! iti

HYMN ĻXXXVIII. 1 GREAT God, indulge my humble claim;

Be thou my hope, my joy, my reft! :
The glories that compose thy name,

Stand all engag'd to make me bleft. : 2 Thou great and good, chop just and wife,

Thou are my Father and my God! :
And I am thine, by sacred ties, ..

Thy Son, thy Servant, bought with blood 3 With heart, and eyes, and lifted hand's,

For thee I long, to thee I look ;
As travellers in thirsty lands

Pant for the cooling water-brook.
4. Even life itself, without thy love,
w No lasting pleasure can afford"; ".

Yea, 'twould a tiresome burden prove,
· If I were banith'd from thee, Lord.:

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