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2 O grant that nothing in my soul

May dwell but thy pure love alono !
O may thy love poffefs me whole!
My joy, my treasure, and my crown;
Strange Aames far from my heart remove;

My ev'ry act, word, thought, be love. ! 3 O love, how cheering is thy ray!

All pain before thy presence flies ; Care, anguish, sorrow, melt away,

Where'er thy healing beams arise : o Jeru, nothing may I see, . Nothing defire or seek but thee! 4. Unweary'd may I this pursue,

Dauntless to the high prize aspire :
Hourly within my soul renew

This holy Aame, this heav'nly fire;
And day and night be all my care

To guard this sacred treasure there. so that I, as a little child,

May follow thee, and never rest,
Till sweetly thou hast breath'd thy mild

And lowly mind into my breast !
Nor ever may we parted be,

Till I become one sp/it with thee. 6 Still let thy love point out my way:

How wond'rous things thy love hath wrought;
Still lead me, left I go astray;

Direct my word, inspire my thought :
And, if I fall, foon may I hear
Thy voice, and know that love is near.
In fuff'ring be thy love my peace,

In weakness be thy love my pow'r;
And when the storms of life thall cease,

Jesu, in that important hour,
In death, as life, be thou my guide,
And save me, who for me halt dy'd! .

::: 'HYMN CVIII. '' 1 Holt, and true, and rigbteous Lord,"";

I wait to prove thy perfect will; ; Be mindful of thy gracious word,

And stamp me with thy Spirit's Teal... 2 Open my faith's interior eye :

i, " Display thy glory from above; And all I am shall link and die,

Lost in astonilhment and love! 3 Confound, o'erpow'r me by thy grace

I would be by myself abhorrd : All might, all majeây, all praise,

All glory be to Christ my Lord ! 4 Now let me gain perfe&tion's height:"

Now let me into nothing fall, - ' As less then nothing in thy fight, boost And feel that Christ is all in all!' 'oa

- HYMN CIX, ., :: i Savour of the fin-fick foul, ** Give me faith to make me whole; Finith thy great work of grace!

Cut it short in righteousness. 2 Speak the second time, “Be clean!” .

Take away my inbred fin';':',!
Ev'ry stumbling-block remove; il

Cait it out by perfect love. 3 Nothing less will I require. . .'*'

Nothing more can I defire: ' "IS None hut Christ to me be giv'n! *.711.17

None búr Christ in earth or heav'n.
4 O that I might now decrease !
. O that all I am might cease!

Let me into nothing fall!
Let my Lord be all in all !

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I LORD, I believe a reft remains. I

To all thy people knowing ::
A rest, where pure enjoyment reigns,

And thou art lor'd alone.' 2 A reft, where all our foul's defire "T:

Is fixt on things above
Where fear, and sin, and grief expirey)

Cast out by perfeet love. .. 30 that I'now the rest' might know,

Believe, and enter in ! i ri
Now, Saviour, now the pow'r bextow;":

And let me cease from fin. is
4 Remove this hardpers from my heart,
This unbelief remove ;.'.

* To me the rett of faith impart, ie so goo (1)

The fabbath of thy loye, "rI 5 I would be thine, thou know'st I would,

And have thee all my own :. ." Thee, O my all-fufficient good ! !!

I want, and thee alone. 6 Thy name to me, thy nature grant! !

This, only this, be giv'n ;
Nothing beside my God I want,

Nothing in earth or heav'n.
7 Come, O my Saviour, come away,

Into my soul descend ; ;
No longer from thy creature Atay,

My author, änd my end. 8 Come, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, :p

And seal me thine abode;
Let all I am in thee be loft,

Let all be lont in God! oni

JOYTOL found of gospel-grace,
Chrift shall in me appear!
1, even I, shall see his face;

I shall be holy here.
2 The glorious crown of righteousner's

To me reach'd ou I view;
Conqu'ror through him, I foon shall seizc

And wear it as my due. 3. The promis'd land from Pisgah's top .*

I now exult to fee;
My hope is full (O glorious hope!)

Of immortality.
4 He vifits now the house of elay;

He shakes his future home :
O would’& thou, Lord, on this glad day

Into thy temple come!
5. With me, I know, I feel thou art,

But this cannot suffice,
Unless thou planteft in my heart

A constant paradise.
6 My earth thou wat'rest from on high,

But make it all a pool :
Spring up, O well! I ever cry,

Spring up within my soul
. Come, O my God, thyself reveal!

Fill all this mighty, void :
Thou only canst my spirit fill;

Come, O my God, my God!
8 FulG), fulfil my large desires, .

Large as infinity!
Give, give me all my soul requires

All, all that is in thec!


Jesu hath dy'd that I might live,

Might live to God alone; In him eternal life receive, | And te in Spirit one. 2 Saviour, I thank thee for the grace, 's

The gift unspeakable ; And wait with arms of faith t'embracey

And all thy love to feel. 3 My soul breaks our in strong desire,

The perfect bliss to prove;
My longing heart is all on fire

To be diffolv'd in love.
Give me thyself, from ev'ry boast,

From ev'ry with set free;
Let all I am in thee be lost,

But give thyself to me.
5 Thy gifts, alas! cannot suffice,

Unless thyself be giv’n :
Thy presence makes my paradise,

And where thou art 'tis heav'n1

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* I nou great mysterious God unknown, Whose love hath gently led me on,

Ev'n from my infant days, Mine inmoft foul expose to view, And tell me if I fever knew .

Thgjustifying grace. & If I have only known thy fear, And follow'd with an heart fincere,

Thy drawings from above;

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