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AWAKING and Inviting -
Penitential - . - - -
Petition .
Rejoicing - - •
Trusting in Providence
Suffering . -
Funeral - - -
For Persons joined in Fellowship -

On admitting a new Member
On vifting a Friend -

Parting - -
pitrife in Heaven .
A Dialogue -
Birth-Day -
For the King
A Parent's Prayer
A Master's Prayer
New-Year's Day


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Charge to keep I have - -
A Ah! lovely appearance of death
Ah! where am I now - . . .
Ah' whither should I go - - -
Alas! and did my Saviour bleed -
All glory to God in the sky -
All hail, happy day -
And am I born to die -
And am I orly born to die
And can I yer t-lay -
And let this feeble body fail
An must this body die .
Arife, my loul, arise
Away, my unbelieving fear
Away with our fears .

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Be it my only wisdom here ,
Before jehovah's awful throne
Behold the Saviour of mankind
Behold the servant of the Lord
Being of Beings, God of Love
Bleft be the dear uciting love
Blow ye the trumpet, blow
Brother in Chrift, and well belov'd
But above all lay hold - -

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Caft on the fielity
Children of the heav'nly King -
Come, let us jor our friends above
Core, and let us sweetly jon e
Come all, whoe'er have set -
Come away to the skies
Come, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost

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Come, holy, celeftial Dove .
Come, let us anew · ·
Come, let us anew - .
Come, let us ascend ..
Come let us join our cheerful songs
Come let us use the grace divine
Come, Lord, from above
Come on, my partners in distress
Come, Saviour, Jesu, from above
Come, finners, from the gospel feat
Come, thou Almighty King
Come, thou font of every blessing
Come, thou high and lotcy Lord
Come, ye finners, poor and needy
Come ye that love the Lord..
Commit thou all thy griefs -

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Far above yon glorious ceiling •
Father, how wide thy glories thine
Father, in thy name I pray .- -
Father of Jesus Christ the juft
Father of lights, from whom proceeds
Father of our dying Lord .
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost .
For ever here my reft shall be -
Form all that dwell below the skies
Give to the winds thy fears -
Glory be to God on high ..
God moves in a mysterious way
God of all grace and majesty
God of all redçeming grace

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Pag God of almighty love . - .- 64 God of my life, to thee . .

. 191 God of my life, whose gracious pow'r - 148 Go, ond, wire, almighty, good : - 199 Great God! indulge iny humble claim - 79 Hail happy day, a day if holy reft '. Happ, toul, that free from harms Happy soul, iby days are ended Happy the man that finds the grace Happy the souls to Jesus join'd. Happy who in feius live: . . Hark i how the gospel-trumpet sounds Hark! the herald-angels fong . Head of thy church triumphant - He co nes, he comes, the Judge fevere. He dies, the Friend of fingers dies Help, Lord, to whoin tor help 1 tly Hviy, ang true, and righteous Lord . Holy Lamb, who thee receive - Hosannah io Jesus on high How do ty mercies clofe me round How h ppy are they How inal a lost finner in pain How tedious and ta:telefs the hours How vain are all things here below - - 101 If to Jesus for relief

- - 152 I'll prasie my Maker while I've breath , 13! Infinite, unexhausted love In heaven's courts a question rore I thirst, thou wounded Lamb of God - - - 45 lwant a principle within. Jesu, great fepherd of the theep Jesu hath dy'd that I might live

- 99 Jeru, if Itill the same thou art Jesu, let thy pitying eye

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Jesu, Lord, we look to thee -
Jesu, lover of my soul -
Jesu, my lite, thyself apply ·
Jesu, my Lord attend
Jesu, my Saviour, brother, friend
Jelu, my strength, my hopea
Jesu, my truth, my way .
Jesu, the weary wand'rer's rest.
Jesu, thou art our King :
Tefu, thou everlasting King

Jeru, thy boundless love to me
Jesu, united by thy grace
Jesus, accept.che praise ..
Jefus, and shall it ever be
Jesus, come thou hope of glory '
Jesus, from whom all bleffings flow
Jesus, if ftill thou art to-day
Jesus, my All, to heav'n is gone
Jesus, the all-fustaining word
Jesus, thou all-redeeming Lord .

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Leader of faithful souls, and guide
Let earth and heav'n agree ; . .
Let ev'ry tongue thy goodness speak
Let him to whom we know belong.
Let the world their v rtue boast ..
Light of life, seraphic fire ..
Lo ! he comes with clouds descending
Lo ! in thy hand I lay -
Lord, and is thine anzer gone
Lord, how divine thy comforts are --
Lord, I adore thy gracious will .
Lord, I believe a reft remains ..
Lord, I believe thy ev'ry word -
Lord, in the ttrength of grace -
Lord, thou hart bid my people pray .

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