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HYMN 115. S. M.

Missionary Society.

1 From thee, our bounteous God,

We every good receive;

Thou giv'st us clothing, friends, and food, And by thy grace we live.

2 Thy pitying eye beheld

How we in darkness lay;

From thee this institution came,
That we might read and pray.

3 0 let us greatly prize

These kind instructions given; For now we read thy holy book, That guides our feet to heaven.

4 O may thy Spirit bless

This learning to our good, And may our benefactors find The favour of their God.

5 May we and they, at last,
At thy right hand appear;

And when the toils of life are past,
All meet in glory there.


1 0! Ka ni ya a ge

Wa ge nonh wak ta nih ! Onh ka onh te ak heh ro ri, 'Gwe gon a gat ro ri.

2 A gya ner ra ton kats ?
Nok wa ge ni sek hon;
Sha go nonks ye rih wa ne raks,
Nok yah te ga thon dats.

3 'The non ne wa het kenh
Na gonh ye gen te ron;
Yo tax hen ne ga don hi yas,
Ne ne ka rih waks hen.

4 Ye sus O tak ro ri!

Na ho ten wa gen hihs;
A on gwa de ryen ta ra ke,
I se geh ya a ge.

5 A don hets jen te ri,

Skwa ta go a gwa wenhk;
Tet swat het a ge ni gon ra,
Ji non weh tyo ga ras.

6 'Nen te wa geh tah kon, Sea ni ten reht se ra,

Ji ni yoht ji t'wa geh tah kon,

E tho na ya wea ne.

S. M.

HYMN 116. S. M.

1 Ah, whither should I go,

Burdened, and sick, and faint?

To whom should I my troubles show, And pour out my complaint?

My Saviour bids me come,

Ah, why do I delay ?

He calls the weary sinner home,
And yet from him I stay.

2 What is it keeps me back

From which I cannot part? Which will not let the Saviour take Possession of my heart?

Some cursed thing unknown

Must surely lurk within ;

Some idol which I will not own,

Some secret bosom sin.

3 Jesus, the hindrance show,
Which I have feared to see;

And let me now consent to know
What keeps me back from thee.
Searcher of hearts, in mine
Thy trying power display ;
Into its darkest corners shine,
And take the veil away.

7 I ih ne non ka deh,

Ji yah te ga thon dats;
E ren sha wiht o ni tyot kon,
Iih en gon ya ton ren.


L. M.

1 Tka yenh tah kwa te weh tah kon,
O ji re ne sa ni gon ra;

Wa hi ne Ro ya ner roh son,
Sha te yoht ne ji n'yen hen we.

2 I se geh non ga on gwe ri,
Wa he sa rih wa non don se:
On gyon ha geh a yo te ge,
Ne ne sen ji ra do genh ti.

3 I gen 'on ta ya gweh tah kwe,
Ne ji ni sa shats tenh se ra:
Ji ok na ho ten ya gweh re,
Wa tons to ka tyon gweh tah kon.

4 Ra on ha ne sah sea na gon,
Tha weh tah kon en ha ye na
Ji n'yen hen we enh ron he ge;
Ne ne son we senht se ra gon.

5 Ji ni gon yah te ye yo genht, Ne gen thoh ji yonh wen ja de, O rih wi yo on we na ah,

Ka ronh ya gon tyo yenh tah kon.

4 I now believe in thee

Compassion reigns alone;

According to my faith, to me,

O Lord, let it be done.

In me is all the bar,

Which thou wouldst fain remove;

Remove it, and I shall declare

That God is only love.

HYMN 117. L. M.

1 Author of faith, eternal Word,

Whose Spirit breathes the active flame, Faith, like its finisher and Lord, To-day, as yesterday, the same :

2 To thee our humble hearts aspire, And ask the gift unspeakable; Increase in us the kindled fire,

In us the work of faith fulfil.

3 By faith we know thee strong to saveSave us, a present Saviour thouWhate'er we hope, by faith we have, Future and past subsisting now.

4 To him that in thy name believes, Eternal life with thee is given; Into himself he all receives,

Pardon, and holiness, and heaven.

5 The things unknown to feeble sense,
Unseen by reason's glimmering ray,
With strong commanding evidence,
Their heavenly origin display.

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