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6 Te weh tah kon te yoh swat he, Ots ha ta jo ronh yo ge wen; 'Nen yo genht yah te yon gwa genhs' O ni rou wad kah thohs Ni yoh.


1 Ro ni gonh ri yohs tonh ka ro;
Ne as kwa tyen hah se ;

Ne ro di ya ta do genh ti,
I se geh non ta yen.

2 She ni gonh ra gwa ta gwea ne,
Ji wa ha dih ya ton;

I se ah skwan ho ton gwah se
Ne kah ya tonh se ri yoh.

3 Ne ji ten se ra do genh ti,

Tyo ga ras ne ne gen thoh;
Yon gwa ni gonh rak shen se na,
Ok sha ok tet swat het.

4 Ni yoh enh shon gwat to ga se,
On gyon hat se ra gon;
'Gwe gon ea ya gwa don ha ren,
Ji ta gwa no ronh khwa.


1 Yo ni gonh raks hat ji tyon he

Yon gwa rih wa ne ren ;

C. M.

C. M.

Shon gwa ne renks non gwe rya ne,
Ne o neh shonh ro non.

6 Faith lends its realizing light,

The clouds disperse, the shadows fly, The invisible appears in sight,

And God is seen by mortal eye.

HYMN 118. C. M.

1 Come, Holy Ghost, our hearts inspire,
Let us thine influence prove;
Source of the old prophetic fire,
Fountain of life and love;

2 Come, Holy Ghost, for moved by thee
The prophets wrote and spoke ;
Unlock the truth, thyself the key,
Unseal the sacred book.

3 Expand thy wings, celestial Dove,
Brood o'er our nature's night,
On our disordered spirits move,
And let there now be light.

4 God through himself we then shall know, If thou within us shine;

And sound, with all thy saints below,
The depths of love divine.

HYMN 119. C. M.

1 How sad our state by nature is;
Our sin how deep it stains;
And Satan binds our captive souls
Fast in his slavish chains.

2 Eh on de wea na yenh tah kwe,
Ji non ka kah ya ton;

O se wa rih wa ne ren kats ?
Ren ten ras ne Ni yoh.

3 A gwa don hets on thon da te,
Eh non ka n'yen hen ge;

T'wa geh tah kon sa rih wis son,
To genh ske a gen hak.

4 Sa ne kwenh sa tyoh na we rot,
Ok sha eh yenk tak he;
Eh non weh en ge no ha re,
Ji ni wa gen hih ton.

5 O nya re ji ni gya to denh,

O ta gye na Ni yoh !

I se ta ge shats tenh se ron,

Sa ya ner a gwe gon.

TEYERIHWAHKWATHA 120. 7's and 8's.

Sa ya ner ja gwa ye gea ne,
Sa nonh sa do genh ti geh :
She gon sa na ta rohk ya gwaks,

O na ta ra do genh ti.

Se nanh on gwe ri ken ten rat

I se skets ko non gwe ri;

Onh wa jok eh yea ya gwa we,
Ji non weh en gwa ton ren.
On we senht s'ra!

2 But there's a voice of sovereign grace
Sounds from the sacred word;
Ho, ye desparing sinners, come,
And trust a faithful Lord.

3 My soul obeys the gracious call,
And runs to this relief;

I would believe thy promise, Lord:
O help my unbelief.

4 To the blest fountain of thy blood,
Incarnate God, I fly;

Here let me wash my spotted soul
From crimes of deepest dye.

5 A guilty, weak, and helpless worm, Into thy arms I fall;

Be thou my strength and righteousness, My Jesus and my all.

HYMN 120. 7's and 8's.

Lord, dismiss us with thy blessing,
Bid us now depart in peace;
Still on heavenly manna feeding,

Let our faith and love increase;
Fill each breast with consolation;
Up to thee our hearts we raise :
When we reach our blissful station,
Then we'll give thee nobler praise.


1 Ji n'yo re en we ne ha ke,
Ka ronh ya geh yen ge;

O nen a gwe gon yen gaht kaw'
Ne ji te gah sent hohs.

2 On gwe ho gon yon ge ri yo,
Thi ya we ron ha tye;

En wa gyes hon ji rak swenh se,
Ne o neh shonh ro non.

3 Ji ni yoht ne a onh no ton,
A on ge ronh ya genht;
Ka ronh ya geh ni ya a ge;
O! Ni yoh ta gi tenr.

4 Eh non weh en ga no ha re,
Ji ka nya ta ri yoh;

Skea nen go wah na gwa don hets,
Ne ji ni yen hen we.


1 Ja dak ta I ih a ge she ke
A ge Ni yoh tyot konh;
Tet swat het ne ji yo ha de,
A yon gwah sha ri ne.

2 Wa ga don ha rah kwe na ah ;
Ro ya ner sha hi genh :

Kah ya tonh se ra do genh ti,
Ka non' nen gets hen ri.

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