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2 Wa gats hea non ni

Ji ro ni ten reh skon

Sha gets hen ri ra o ne gwenh sa; Te dya weh tah kon,

O ni ne a gwe ri,

Ra oh sea na gon na ne Ye sus !

3 Ka ron ya ni yoht

Ne ne onh wen ja geh,

Ne sha gya ta gwen ri yen te ri ;

Yen ga donts ho ten,

Ne e tho rah si geh,

En hi yea ni denh ten Ro ya ner!

4 Ye sus ken wen da tye

Wa ga don ha he re

Yon gwen tenht shon gwa ya ta gen has!

Ra ge no ronh skwa,

Ra gwen he ya seh ne

Ne i ih wa ge rih wa ne ren.

5 Ra o ne ra honts ha,

En wa gya ten ha we,

Ji non weh yah te ye ronh ya gens.

Yah te geh re ni ih

Eh kea nen ja wea' ne

Ne a on son ge ni gonh rak shen.

2 That comfort was mine,

When the favour divine

I first found in the blood of the Lamb. When my heart it believed,

What a joy I received,

What a heaven in Jesus' name!

3 'Twas a heaven below

My Redeemer to know;

The angels could do nothing more,

Than to fall at his feet,

And the story repeat,

And the Lover of sinners adore.

4 Jesus all the day long

Was my joy and my song:

O that all his salvation might see!

He hath loved me, I cried,

He hath suffered and died,

To redeem such a rebel as me.

5 On the wings of his love

I was carried above

All sin and temptation and pain;

I could not believe

That I ever should grieve,

That I ever should suffer again.

6 E ne genh wak she ne,

Ji ni wa gya ne re,

Yah te hi nos ha onh E li jah;
Ne na gwa wa don hets,

E ne genh wa heh te,

Eh ni da wa gas kwa se rah we.

7 O ni yon we senh

Ne ne e ne gonh ji,

E so ji wa ga don ha rah kwe!

A gwa wenhk Ro ya ner,

Wa gya ta de ris ton,

Ka nan non gye ron geh ne Ni yoh

8 Ka non weh n'i ge se!

Oh ne ni ya wea onh,

Ton ta gah ke te ka ronh ya geh : Se wa ge ni gonr hens,

A gwe gon jon geh khwen,

O ni ra gya ton tyon ne Ye sus!

9 She gon ne a rek hoh,

Ne a onk to gen se

Ji wa hi yaht ka we Ro ya ner; Wa het kenh ro yo ten,

N'o neh shonh ro non,

A ge ni gon ra gon non ka dih.

6 I rode on the sky,

Freely justified I,

Nor did envy Elijah his seat; My soul mounted higher,

In a chariot of fire,

And the moon it was under my feet.

7 O the rapturous height

Of that holy delight

Which I felt in the life-giving blood! Of my Saviour possest,

I was perfectly blest,

As if filled with the fulness of God.

8 Ah, where am I now ?

When was it, or how,

That I fell from my heaven of grace! I am brought into thrall;

I am stript of my all;

I am banished from Jesus' face.

9 Hardly yet do I know

How I let my Lord go,

So insensibly starting aside;

When the tempter came in

With his own subtle sin,

And infected my spirit with pride.

10 Yoh sno re onk to gens',

Roh ten tyon Ro ya ner,

Ya ho non wi reh te tek ka n're ;
Nok ji ge na yeh,

A gwe gon yah ton onh,

Ji wen te sont te ni tyo ga rahs.

11 Tka gont' ji ge na yeh,

Ok wa ga ri hon ni

Son het kea ne n'a ge ni gon ra;

E so wa gen ha ten,

A gya ner on gwa ti,

I gen kar ho ron n'a gwe rya neh.

12 O! ni khet kenh ko wah,

Ne ok iih wa gi ron,

A nyoh wak kyen n'o neh shonh ro non Yah non wa ka ni ga,

Tes hi genhs Ro ya ner

Ka rih wa ne ren on ge shea ni.

13 Yah non wa o the non,

Tha on sa ga gwe ni;

A ge shats tenh se ra on gwa ti :
Yah eh thi ya a ge

Ro ya nerh ne non ka ;

A se genh yah tha ha gi ten re.

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