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HYMN 48. S. M.

Spread of the Gospel.

1 To bless thy chosen race,

In mercy, Lord, incline;

And cause the brightness of thy face,
On all thy saints to shine.

2 That so thy wondrous way

May through the world be known; While distant lands thy tribute pay, And thy salvation own.

3 Let differing nations join
To celebrate thy fame;

Let all the world, O Lord, combine
To praise thy glorious name.

4 O let them shout and sing,

With joy and pious mirth;

For thou, the righteous Judge and King, Shalt govern all the earth.

5 Let differing nations join

To celebrate thy fame;

Let all the world, O Lord, combine

To praise thy glorious name.


O rih wa do genh ti ji on de rih wah ten ti.

1 I se sonh wen jy a gwe gon,
Te se wa hen reh ta ni yonh,
Eh ji yo tenhst ne Ro ya ner,
Ne ne ya gwat sea non ni yat.

2 Ka ro se weht jit ha gonh sont',
Yot sea no nyat tet wa ri wahk;
Nok se wa ni gonh ra to gen,
Ne Ro ya ner ne na Ni yoh.

3 Nok Ni yoh shon gwa ya tis son,
Ra on ha ra o ti yoh kwa,
Ne ra on ha ne Ro ya ner,
Ne ne sha go yen o gon ah.

4 Eh ji te wa ton ren Ni yoh,
I gen ka ya nert se ri yo;
Ro ni ten reh skon ko wa nen,
Tho rih wa yer' jin' yen hen we.


Sha go ni gonh ra wi.

1 Ka ro Ro ni gonh ri yoh stonh,
Ne sa gwen yat Ni yoh,

O ni a gwe gon ta gwe yenhs,
Sa wea na do genh ti.

HYMN 49. L. M.

Spread of the Gospel.

1 With one consent let all the earth

To God their cheerful voices raise, Glad homage pay with awful mirth, And sing before him songs of praise.

2 Convinced that he is God alone,

From whom both we and all proceed; We, whom he chooses for his own,

The flock which he vouchsafes to feed.

3 O enter then his temple gate,

Thence to his courts devoutly press, And still your grateful hymns repeat, And still his name with praises bless.

4 For he's the Lord supremely good;
His mercy is for ever sure;

His truth, which always firmly stood,
To endless ages shall endure.

HYMN 50. C. M.


1 Come, Holy Ghost; Creator, come,
Inspire these souls of thine,

Till every heart which thou hast made
Is filled with grace divine.

2 Ne na ah ta gwa ri hon ni,
A ya gwa yen ter ha :
Ne wa ga ri ho ni ya te
Tha ya gwaht ka wa ne.

3 O ne Sa ni gonh ri yohs tonh,
Ne tah yonh wen jo renh;
Ta gwan he ji ni sa gwen yat
Ji ni yo tax hen se.

40 Sa ya ner ta gwah snye non Ne na yonk hih swenh se

Ne o ni a yak hi sea ni

Sa ya ner tehs heh snyeh.

5 On gwa ya nerh ko wa o ni

Ne she ya ta te rist

Ron wa wea na wa gon ha tye Ro di ye na wa gon.

6 Ne ka rih wi yoh tse ra gon
Yenh tha ka ronh ya geh
Ne ya go ya ten ha wih tha
Ne na K'ris tus tyot kon.

7 O Sa ya ner ne she ya wi
Sa wea na do genh ti
Ne sen ha a ont ka ta de
Ra di ji henhs ta jih.

2 Thou art the Comforter, the gift
Of God, and fire of love;
The everlasting spring of joy,
And unction from above.

3 Thy gifts are manifold; thou writest
God's law in each true heart;
The promise of the Father, thou
Dost heavenly speech impart.

4 Enlighten our dark souls till they
Thy sacred love embrace ;
Assist our minds, by nature frail,
With thy celestial grace.

5 Drive far from us the mortal foe,
And give us peace within ;
That by thy guidance blessed, we may
Escape the snares of sin.

6 Teach us the Father to confess, And Son, from death revived;

And with them both, thee, Holy Ghost, Who art from both derived.

7 With thee, O Father, therefore, may
The Son, from death restored,
And sacred Comforter, One God,
Devoutly be adored;

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