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2 O ye ri wea nya w'eh se ron
Yo wea na ne tar ryon :

Te ye non we ron ni ya wenh,
Ya go don hah he re.

3 Ra wen he yonh ne shot kets kwneh,
Ya gwats tar hah kwe se :
Nen ka di jo don hah he re,
Ne Ni yoh ron wa yen.

4 Ye sus ne seh shon gwen ten ron,
En yon gwa gon yenh ston:
Ra os hats tenh se ra gwe gon
Eh tshi te wa ton ronh.

5 Rah sea na no ron Ro ya ner,
On gyonh wen ja gwe gon,
Shon gwa ya tis son Ke ris tus
Ne rah sea na no ron.


A yon

don ha ren ony a hon wa yon we sah te.

1 Sha gya ta gwenh ne ras hat ste,
I wa gon ya ton ren;

Sea ni ten reht se ro wa nen,
She tenh re ya go tenht.

2 Tyot konh en gya ta ra se ke.
To genh ske on weh se,

Tak he wi ji yonh wen ja de
Sa rih wa to genh ty.

2 Worthy the Lamb that died, they cry, To be exalted thus:

Worthy the Lamb, our hearts reply,
For he was slain for us.

3 Jesus is worthy to receive Honour and power divine;

And blessings more than we can give, Be, Lord, for ever thine.

4 The whole creation join in one
To bless the sacred name

Of Him that sits upon the throne,
And to adore the Lamb.

HYMN 7. C. M.

Rejoicing and Praise.

1 My Saviour, my Almighty Friend! When I begin thy praise,

Where will the growing numbers end, The numbers of thy grace ?

2 Thou art my everlasting trust; Thy goodness I adore :

Send down thy grace, O blessed Lord, That I may love thee more.

3 Sa ya ner wa hon ni tyot konh,
A go no ronh kwa ge:

Ji na a we a gon he ge

A ge wea na rah kwe.

4 Ak kwa ta go ne kah si geh,
Ji ih se eh wa ge;

Ji sa ha de ya gye ri te,
Yah hi gen ro ya ner.

5 A ge Ni yoh ta gon ne neh
Ne kas hats tenh se ra

A ga ton goht ji tyo ga rahs
Ji non ka di wen teh.




don ha ren ony a hon wa yon we
sah te.

1 Ya go das kats ex ha o gon,
Ken ten ron a go wenhk ;
Jon da de rih wi yohs tea ny,
Ne ka rih wa ne ren.

2 Ya ge sax ne ka ronh ya geh,
En yets hen ri na ah ;
Wa hon ni tya ga weh tah kon
Ne ji tyonh wen ja de.

3. O yo nen dont ka ronh ya geh,
Teh shon gwa wi I ih;

Onh wen ja geh te wa ye sahs,
Sa ne thi has hats te.

3 My feet shall travel all the length Of the celestial road;

And march with courage in thy strength

To see the Lord my God.

4 Awake, awake, my tuneful powers,
With this delightful song,

And entertain the darkest hours,
Nor think the season long.

HYMN 8. C. M.

Rejoicing and Praise.

1 How happy every child of grace,
Who knows his sins forgiven !
This earth, he cries, is not my place,
I seek my place in heaven.

2 A country far from mortal sight,
Yet O, by faith I see

The land of rest, the saint's delight,
The heaven prepared for me.

3 0, what a blessed hope is ours, While here on earth we stay ;

We more than taste the heavenly powers, And antedate that day!

4 Wa hon ni en ji t'wat kets ko,
Ye tyon hek K'ris tus neh ;
Ne ra on we senh tse ra gonh
Tas hon gwa ga ne.rak'.

5 Ne ah shon gwa ye na wa se,
Toh sa ta ga ri ne ;

Ne on gwa ni gonh ra o gon
Ta gwa ye nah Ni yoh.

6 Ka sat hon dek gwa ronh yenh ha,
Sa ga rya gon wah hi :

Ne ji wa gi tenh the on ne
Ne ka rih wa ne ren.


S. M.

Ayon don ha ren ony a hon wa yon we sah te.

1 Ne shon gwa ya tis son,
Ni yoh ta gyon we saht,
I se sah sea na to genh ti
Ne yo tya na ten yon.

2 Ne yo tya na ten yon,

Ne onh wen ja gwe gon ;
En yon gwa de ryen ta ra ke
Ji ok on gweh i genh.

3 O ne onh wen ja geh
Ye na yeh ya go tenht,

Sha ten ya wen ne Ni yoh ne

Enh shon gwa ga en yon.

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