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Heythorr. COME guilty souls, and flee away,

To Christ to heal your wounds :
This is the welcome gospel-day,

Wherein free grace abounds.
God lov'd the world and gave his Son,

To drink the cup of wrath ;
And Jesus says he'll cast out none,

That come to him by faith.

STOP, poor sinner! stop and think,

Before you farther go;
Will you sport upon the brink

Of everlasting woe?
All your sins will round you crowd,

Sins of a blood crimson dye,
Each for vengeance crying loud,
And what can you reply?
Say, have you an arm like God,

That you his will oppose ?
Fear you not that iron rod

With which he breaks bis foes? Can you stand in that great day,

When he judgment shall proclaim, And the earth shall melt away

Like wax before the flame ? Though your heart be made of steel,

Your forehead lin’d with brass;

God at length will make you feel,

He will not let you pass : Sinners then in vain will call,

Though they now despise his grace, Rocks and mountains on us fall,

And hide us from his face.” Yet, however, there is hope,

You may his mercy know; Though his arm is lifted up,

He still forbears the blow : 'Twas for sinners Jesus died d;

Sinners he invites to come; None who come shall be denied,

“ There still is room.”

He says,


Invitation. SINNERS the gladsome tidings hear, The messengers of truth declare; Pointing the way that leads to God, Salvation through a Saviour's blood. Ye weeping souls, dry up your tears, Grace calls you to renounce your fears; Justice was fully satisfied When on the cross our Jesus died. Yes, let the vilest come to him, Who did the dying thief redeem; Hearts base as hell he can control, And spread new influence thro' the soul.

O, be ye reconciled to God !
'Tis grace, free grace, that sounds abroad;
How bright the beams of mercy shine,
In this salvation so divine !



WHY will ye lavish out your years,
Amidst a thousand trifling cares,
While in this various range of thought
The one thing needful is forgot?
Why will ye chase the fleeting wind,
And famish an im mortal mind,
While angels with regret look down
To see you spurn a heavenly crown?
The eternal God calls from above,
And Jesus pleads his bleeding love;
Conscience awaken'd gives you pain ;
And shall they join their pleas in vain?
Not so, your dying eyes shall view
Those objects which you now pursue ;
Not so, shall heaven and hell appear,
When the decisive hour is near.
Almighty God, thy power impart,
To fix convictions on the heart;
Tby power unveils the blinded eyes,
And makes the haugtiest scorner wise.


New Court,
BEHOLD a stranger at the door!
He gently knocks, has knock'd before;
Has waited long, is waiting still;
You use no other friend so ill.
But will he prove a friend indeed ?
He will, the very friend you need;
The man of Nazareth is he,
With garments dyed from Calvary.
O lovely attitude ! he stands,
Witb melting heart and open

O matchless kindness, and he shews
That matchless kindness to his foes!
Rise, touch'd with gratitude divine,
Turn out his enemy and thine:
Turn out that bateful monster, sin,
And let the heavenly stranger in.
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COME weary souls with sin distress'd
Come and accept the promis'd rest ;
The Saviour's gracious call obey,
And cast your gloomy fears away.
Oppressid with guilt, a painful load,
O come, and spread your woes abroad;
Divine compassion, mighty love,
Will all the painful load remove.
Here mercy's boundless ocean flows,
To cleanse your guilt, and heal your woes:

Pardon, and life, and endless peace;
I low rich the gift, how free the grace!
Lord we accept with thankful heart,
The hope thy gracious words impart:
We come with trembling, yet rejoice,
And bless the kind inviting voice.
Dear Saviour, let thy powerful love
Confirm our faith, our fears remove,
And sweetly influence every breast,
And guide us to eternal rest.

Peru. HO every one that thirsts, draw nigh;

'Tis God invites the fallen race; Mercy and free salvation buy,

Buy wine, and milk, and gospel grace. Come to the living waters, come;

Sinners obey your Maker's voice; Return ye weary wand'rers home,

And in his saving grace rejoice. See from the rock a fountain rise!

For you in healing streams it rolls; Money ye need not bring, nor price,

Ye lab'ring burden'd, sin-sick souls. Nothing ye in exchange shall give;

Leave all you have, and are, behind; Freely the gift of God receive,

Pardon and peace in Jesus find.

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