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MANANAN Missionary YE wretched, bungry, starving poor,

Behold a royal feast,
Where mercy spreads her bounteous store,

For every welcome guest,
See Jesus stands with open arins,

He calls, he bids you conne;
Guilt holds you back, and fear alarms,

But see, there yet is room.
Room in the Saviour's bleeding heart,

There love and pity meet ;
Nor will he bid the soul depart,

That trembles at his feet.
O come, and with bis children taste,

The blessings of his love,
While hope attends the sweet repast,

Of nobler joys above.
There with united heart and voice

Before th eternal throne,
Ten thousand thousand souls rejoice,

In ecstasies unknown.
Ten thousand times ten thousand more

Are welcome still to come;
Ye longing souls the grace adore;

Approach, there yet is room. 138

wwwmawanan Mariners. HEARTS of stone, relent, relent,

By the cross of Christ subdu'd;

See his body mangled, rent,

Cover'd with a gore of blood ! Sinful soul, what hast thou done ?

Murder'd God's eternal Son! Yes, our sins have done the deed,

Driven the nails that fix'd him there;
Crown'd with thorn's his sacred head,

Pierc'd him with a cruel spear,
Made his soul a sacrifice ;
For a sinful world he dies.
Shall we put our Lord to pain ?

Pursue to death our Saviour God?
Open tear his wounds again?

Trample on his precious blood ? Jesus, let thy murd'rers live, Whisper peace, and say forgive. 139

Milbourn Port

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LET every mortal ear attend,

And every heart rejoice,
The trumpet of the gospel sounds,

With an inviting voice.
Ho ! all ye hungry starving souls,

That feed upon the wind,
And vainly strive with earthly toys,

To fill an empty mind.
Eternal wisdom bas prepar'd

A soul-reviving feast,

And bids your longing appetites,

The rich provision taste.
Ho! ye that part for living streams,

And pine away and die ;
Here you may quench your raging thirst

With springs that never dry.
Rivers of love and mercy here

In a rich ocean join ; Salvation in abundance flows,

Like floods of milk and wine.
The happy gates of gospel grace

Stand open night and day.
Lord, we are come to seek supplies,

And drive our wants away. 140

Ebenezer New. O WHAT amazing words of grace

Are in the gospel found ! Suited to every sinner's case,

Who knows the joyful sound. Poor, sinful, thirsty, fainting souls,

Are freely welcome here; Salvation, like a river, rolls

Abundant, free, and clear.
Come then, with all your wants and wounds,

Your every burden bring ;
Here love, unchanging love, abounds,

A deep celestial spring.


Whoever will, (O gracious word !)

May of this streamı partake;
Come, thirsty souls and bless the Lord,

And drink for Jesus' sake.
Millions of siuners, vile as you,

Have here found life and peace ; Come then and prove its virtues too,

And drink, adore, and bless. 141 wormorsraces

Sheffield. SINNER, O why so thoughtless grown?

Why in such dreadful baste to die? Daring to leap to worlds unknown,

Heedless against thy God to fly! Wilt thou despise eternal fate,

Urg'd on by sin's fantastic dreams ? Madly attempt th' infernal gate,

And force thy passage to the flames ? Stay, sinner, on the gospel plains ;

Behold the God of love unfold The glories of his dying pains,

For ever telling; yet untold. 142

Dartford. SINNERS hear the Saviour's call;

He now is passing by :
He has seen thy grievous fall
And beard thy mournful cry:

He has pardons to impart,

Grace to save thee from thy fears;
See the love that fills his heart,

And wipe away thy tears.
Raise thy downcast eyes and see

What throngs his throne surround;
These, though sinners once like thee,

Have full salvation found :
Yield not then to unbelief,

While he says, “There yet is room;"
Though of sinners thou art chief,

Since Jesus calls thee, come. 143


SINNERS, the voice of God regard ;

'Tis mercy speaks to-day ;
He calls you by his sov'reign word,

From sin's destructive way.
Like the rough sea that cannot rest,

You live devoid of peace;
A thousand stings within your breast,

Deprive your souls of ease.
Your way is dark, and leads to hell ;

Why will you persevere ?
Can you in endless torments dwell,

Shut up in black despair ?
Bow to his sceptre and his word,

Renouncing every sin ;

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