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There mercy, like a river, flows,
And brings salvation to our taste.
Life, like a fountain, rich and free,
Springs from the presence of the Lord;
And in thy light our souls shall see,
The glories promis'd in thy word.
206 wwwiarna

Peckham. EXALT the Lord our God,

And worship at his feet; His nature is all holiness,

And mercy is his seat, .
When Israel was his church,

When Aaron was his priest,
When Moses cried, when Samuel pray'd,

He gave his people rest.
Oft he forgave their sins,

Nor would destroy their race;
And oft be made his vengeance known.

When they abus'd his grace.
Exalt the Lord our God,
Whose grace

is still the same; Still he's a God of holiness,

And jealous for his name. 207

HOW pleas’d and bless'd was I

To hear the people cry,
Come let us seek our God to-day !"

Yes, with a cheerful zeal

We haste to Zion's hill,
And there our vows and honours pay.

Zion, thrice happy place,

Adoru'd witb wond'rous grace ; And walls of strength embrace thee round; In thee our tribes

appear To pray, and praise, and bear The sacred gospel's joyful sound.

There David's mighty Son

Has fixed his royal throne,
He sits for grace and judgment there ;

He bids the saints be glad,

He makes the singers sad,
And humble souls rejoice with fear.

May peace attend thy gate,

And joy within thee wait,
To bless the soul of every guest !

The man that seeks thy peace,

And wishes thine increase, A thousand blessings on him rest ! 208

Zion Church, HOW did my heart rejoice to hear

Thy saints devoutly, say,
Jn Zion let us all appear,

And keep the solemn day.
I love her gates, I love the road;

The church adou'd with grade,

Stands like a palace built for God,

To shew bis milder face.
Up to her courts with joys unknown,

Our cheerful feet repair ;
There sits our Jesus on his throne,

And rules in judgment there.
He bears our praises and complaints,

And while his awful voice
Divides the sinners from the saints,

We tremble and rejoice.
Peace be within this sacred place,

And joy a constant guest !
With holy gifts and heavenly grace

Be her attendants bless'd!
My soul shall pray for Zion still,

While life or breath remains ;
There my best friends, my kindred dwell,

There God, my Saviour, reigns. 209 NNNN

Lonsdale. COME, we that love the Lord,

And let our joys be known: Join in a song with sweet accord,

And thus surround the throne. The sorrows of the mind

Be banish'd from this place ; Religion never was design'd ,

To make our pleasures less.

The men of grace have found

Glory begun below;
Celestial fruits, on earthly ground,

From faith and hope inay grow.
The bill of Zion yields

A thousand sacred sweets,
Before we reach the heavenly fields,

Or walk the golden streets.
Then let our songs abound,
And every tear be dry ;

nuel's We're marching through Immanuel's ground

To fairer worlds on high. There we sball see bis face,

And never, never sin : There, from the rivers of his

grace, Drink endless pleasures in. 210 wwwww

Falcon Street,

FAR as thy name is known

The world declares thy praise ;
Thy saints, O Lord, before thy throne,

Their songs of honour raise.
With joy let Judah stand

On Zion's chosen hill,
Proclaim the wonders of thy hand,

And counsels of thy will.
Let strangers walk around

The city wbere we dwell,

Compass and view thine holy ground,

And mark the building well;
The order of thine bouse,

The worship of thy court,
The cheerful songs, the solemur vows;

And make a fair report.
How deeent and how wise :

How glorious to behold!
Beyond the pomp that charms the eyes,

And rites adorned with gold.
The God we worship now

Will guide us 'till we die,
Will be our God while here below,

And ours above the sky. 211

Foundling. GREAT God, attend, while Sion sings The joy that from thy presence springs; To spend one day with thee on earth Exceeds a thousand days of mirth. Might I enjoy the meanest place Within thy house, O God of grace, Not tents of ease, nor thrones of power, Should tempt my feet to leave thy door. God is our sun, he makes our day ; God is our shield, he guards our way From all the assaults of hell, and sin, From foes without, and foes witbin.


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