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What canst thou find beneath the poles,

To tempt thy chariot downward thus? Still might he fill his starry throne,

And please his ears with Gabriel's songs ; But heavenly majesty comes down

And bows to hearken to our tongues.
Great God! what poor returns we pay,

For love so infinite as thine!
Words are but air, and tongues but clay,

But thy compassion's all divine. 225 NNNNNNN Martin's Lane.

GOD in his earthly ternple lays
Foundations for his heavenly praise :
He likes the tents of Jacob well,
But still in Zion loves to dwell..
His mercy visits every house
That pays its night and morning vows;
But makes a more delightful stay
Where churches meet to praise and pray.
What glories were described of old !
What wonders are of Zion told !
Thou city of our God below,
Thy fame shall Tyre and Egypt know.
Egypt and Tyre, and Greek and Jew
Shall there begin their lives anew :
Angels and men shall join to sing
The bill where living waters spring.


When God makes up his last account
Of natives in his boly mount,
'Twill be an honour to appear
As one new-born and nourish'd there.


Chard. THE God of Jacob chose the hill

Of Zion for his ancient rest; And Zion is his dwelling still,

His church is with his presence blest. Here will I fix my gracious throne,

And reign for ever saith the Lord ; Here shall my power and love be krown,

And blessings shall attend my word. Here will I meet the hungry poor,

And fill their souls with living bread; Sinners that wait before my door,

With sweet provisions shall be fed. Jesus shall see a num'rous seed

Born here t' uphold his glorious name, His crown shall flourish on his head,

While all his foes are cloth'd with sbame 227

Eythorn. THE Lord, descending from above,

Invites his children near, While power, and truth, and boundless love

Display their glories here.

Here in thy gospel's wond'rous frame,

Fresh wisdom we pursue ;
A thousand angels learn thy name

Beyond whate'er they knew,
Thy name is writ in fairest lines,

Thy wonders here we trace;
Wisdom through all the mystery shines,

And shines in Jesus' face.
The law its best obedience owes

To our incarnate God;
And thy revenging justice shews

Its honours in his blood.
But still the lustre of thy grace

Our warmer thoughts employs,
Gilds the whole scene with brighter rays

And more exalts our joye. 228

Salen. THE Lord of glory is my light,

And my salvation too;
God is my strength, nor will I fear

What all my foes can do.
One privilege my heart desires ;

O grant me an abode
Among the churches of thy saints,

The temples of my God!
There shall I offer my requests,

And see thy beauty still,

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Shall bear thy messages of love,

And there perform thy will.
When troubles rise and storms appear,

There may his children hide :
God has a strong pavilion, where,

He makes my soul abide.
Now shall my bead be lifted bigh


foes around, And songs of joy and victory

Within thy temple şouyų. 229

Refuge. COME, let our voices join to raise A sacred song of solemn praise : God is a sov'reign King ; rehearse His honours in exalted verse. Come, let our soals address the Lord, Who fram'd our natures with a word ; He is the Shepherd ; we the sheep, His mercy chose, his pastures keep: Come, let us hear his voice to-day, The counsels of his love obey; Nor let our harden'd hearts renew The sins and plagues that Israel knew. Look back, my soul, with holy dread, And view those ancient rebels dead, Attend the offer'd grace to-day. Nor lose the blessing by delay.

Seize the kind promise while it-waits,
And march to Zion's heavenly gates;
Believe, and take the promis'd rest,
Obey, and be for ever blést.
230 wwwNNN Feversham.

COMÉ; let us ascend,

My companion and friend, To taste of a bariquet above :

If through mercy divine,

For our Jesus we pine,
Let us mount the blest chariot of love.

When in Christ we confide,

We are bold to outride
The storms of affliction beneath:

With rapture we soar

To you heavenly shore,
And out-fly all the arrows of death.

By faith we are come

To our permanent bome;
By hope we the rapture improve;

By love we still rise,

And look down on the skies, For the heaven of heavens is love.

Who on earth can conceive

How sweetly we live,
In the city of God the great King!

What'a concert of praise,

When our Jesus's grace, The whole happy company sing !

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