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Behold the glories of the Lamb

42 Behold the sure foundation stone 113 Behold the throne of grace!

287 Behold the wretch whose lust and wine 387 Behold what matchless tender love 405 Behold what wond'rous grace

833 Beloved Saviour, faithful friend

243 Beset with snares on every hand

338 Beyond the glittering starry sky

98 Blessed are the sons of God

836 Bless'd be the Father, and his love -- 1 Bless'd morning whose young dawning 195 Bless, O my soul, the living God - -

26 Bless'd are the sons of peace

374 Blest are the souls that bear and know 122 Blest be the dear uniting love

375 Blest be the everlasting God

189 Blood has a voice to pierce the skies - 164 Blow ye the trumpet, blow,

150 Breathe in praise of your Creator 24 Brethren, let us join to bless Broad is the road that leads to death - 361 Buried in shadows of the night,

162 Captain of thine enlisted host

157 Cast thy burden on the Lord

296 Children of the heavenly King,

292 Christ and his cross is all our theme 271 Christ, the Lord, is risen to-day Come, all harmonious tougues Come, and let us sweetly join

73 Come, dearest Lord, descend and dwell, 251 Come guilty souls, and flee away 130 Come, happy souls, approach your God 233 Come, Holy Ghost, our hearts inspire - 254



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Come, Holy Spirit, come,

250 Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove 247 Come, Holy Spirit,

248 Come, let our voices join to raise 229 Come, let us ascend,

230 Come, my soul, thy suit prepare 285 Come, sound bis praise abroad

40 Come, thou almighty King

244 Come, thou fount of ev'ry blessing 353 Come, thou long expected Jesus, 74 Come, we that love the Lord,

209 Come, weary souls, with sin distress'd 135 Come, ye saints, look here and wonder 91 Come, ye sinners, sad and wretched - 128 Companions of thy little flock, 320 Compassionate Bridegroom,

340 Curs'd be the man, for ever curs’d, 167 Day of judgment! day of wonders 444 Dear friend of friendless sinners, hear 321 Death cannot make our souls afraid 439 Deep in our hearts, let us record - 82 Dearest of all the names above,

45 Descend from heaven, immortal Dove, 246 Dismiss us with thy blessing, Lord, 276 Dread Sovereign, let my evening song 398 Early, my God, without delay

218 Encompass'd with clouds of distress - 317 Eosnar'd too long my heart has been 359 Eternal Spirit, we confess

187 Exalt the Lord our God,

206 Exalted high at God's right band 378 Far as thy name is known

- 210 Far from my thoughts vain world

- 240

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Father, how wide thy glories shine- 35 Father, I sing thy wond'rous grace - 170 Father of glory, to thy name

3 Father of mercies, in ihy word - 118 Father, Son, and Holy Ghost

6 Firm and unmoved are they

- 373 Firm as the earth thy gospel stands 123 For all the blessings of this day 397 For mercies, countless as the sands 352 Free grace to every heaven-born soul - 186 From Eygpt lately freed

363 From all that dwell below the skies, 25 From the cross uplifted high


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Give me the wings of faith to rise
Give to our God immortal praise
Glory, glory everlasting
Glory to God on high
Glory to God that walks the sky
Glory to thee, my God, this night
God in his earthly temple lays
God is a Spirit, just and wise
God moves in a mysterious way
God my supporter and my hope
God of my life, to thee I call-
God of my salvation, hear
God of the morning, at whose voice
God, who in various methods told
Grace, how exceeding sweet to those
Grace! 'tis a charming sound
Gracious Lord, incline thine ear,
Great God, attend, while Sion sings
Great God, how oft did Israel prove -
Great God, I own thy sentence just -


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12 291 216 302 342 393 125 184 183 322 211

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Great God, now condescend

407 Great God of wonders, all thy ways 33 Great God, we sing that mighty hand 390 Great God, whose universal sway' 155 Great is the Lord our God

222 Great was the day, the joy was great, 127 Guide me, O thou great Jehovah, 337 Guilty and vile before my God 381

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Hail, sovereign love that first began - 109 Hail, thou once despised Jesus

71 Happy the heart where graces reign - 369 Hark, the glad sound, Messiah coines - 76 Hark the herald angels sing

77 Hark! the voice of love and mercy

84 Hark! the voice of my beloved

857 Hasten, O sinner, to be wise -. 149 He comes! he comes, the judge severe 448 He dies, the friend of singers dies 81 Head of the church triumphant

51 Hear what the voice from heaven 436 Hearts of stone, relent, relent

- 138 He that bath made his refuge God - - 372 Hither, ye poor, ye sick, ye blind, - - 144 Ho! every one thirsts draw nigh 136 Holy and just, and righteous God - - 169 Holy, Ghost, dispel our sadness 249 Holy Spirit, inspire our praises- 253 Hossanna to the prince of light, 103 Hossanna, with a cheerful sound 400 How beauteous are their feet

261 How condescending, and how kind 409 How did my lieart rejoice to hear - 208 How firm a foundation, ye saints of the 289

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How glorious the Lamb is seen on the 99 How happy are we, our calling who see 181 How bonourable is the place

203 How long, O Lord, shall I complain - 310 How oft have sin and Satan strove 307 How pleasant, how divinely fair- 202 How pleas'd and bless'd was I • - 207 How precious, Lord, thy sacred word. 124 How sad our state by nature is - 161 How strong thine arın is, mighty God - 171 How sweet and awful is the place • 410 How sweet the name of Jesus sounds - 116 How vain are all things bere below 424 I give immortal praise

2 I long to love, but ah! how far 327 I sing my Saviour's wond'rous death 87 I'll praise my Maker with my breath 22 I'll speak the honours of my King, 58 I'm not asham'd to own my Lord, 348 In God's own house pronounce

234 In the soft season of thy youth,

417 In thy name, O Lord, assembling, 259 Is this my Jesus, this my God

88 Jehovab reigns, his throne is high 31 Jesus, and shall it ever be,

358 Jesus, at thy command,

115 Jesus, friend of sinners, hear

385 Jesus I love thy charming name

50 Jesus invites his saints

412 Jesus is all our hope,

49 Jesus, let thy pitying eye

386 Jesus, lover of my soul,

319 Jesus, my Lord, take my poor heart 326 Jesus, our Lord, ascend thy throne, 106

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