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The work is of grace ;

Tbine, thine be the praise, And mine to adore thee, and tell of thy ways. 256

i wieranno Foundling THE God who once to Israel spoke, From Sinai's top, in fire and smoke, In gentler strains of gospel grace,

1 Invites us now to seek his face. He wears no terrors on his brow, He speaks in love from Zion now, It is the voice of Jesu's blood, Calling poor wand'rers back to God.. The holy Moses quak'd and fear'd, When Sinai's thund'ring law he heard, But reigning grace, with accents mild, Speaks to the sinner as a child, Hark! how from Calvary it sounds, From the Redeemer's dying wounds; “ Pardon and grace I freely give, Poor sinners look to me, and live." Spirit divine, thy pow'r be felt, Now cause the stony heart to melt; By Jesu's love each soul constrain, Nor let the word be preach'd in vain.

257 mornarina Warwick NOW, Lord, inspire the preacher's heart,

And teach his tongue to speak :


Food to the hungry soul impart,

And cordial to the weak.
Now, mighty God, thine arm reveal,

And make thy glory known;
Now let as all thy presence feel,

And soften hearts of stone.
Send down thy Spirit, from above,

That saints may love thee more;
And sinners now may learn to love,

Who never lov'd before.
Furnish us all with light and powers,

To walk in wisdom's ways;
So shall the benefit be ours,

And thou shalt have the praise. 258 wwwwand

NOW may the Spirit's Holy fire,

Descending from above,
His waiting family inspire,

With joy, and peace, and love.
Touch, with a living coal, the lip

Which shall proclaim thy word;
And bid us all devoutly keep

Attention to the Lord.


Hardcastle. IN thy name, O Lord, assembling,

We, thy people, now draw near.“

Teach us to rejoice with trembling;
Speak and let thy servants bear;

Hear with meekness;
• Hear with joy and holy fear.
While our days on earth are lengthen'd,

May we give them, Lord, to thee; Cheer'd by hope, and daily strengthened, May we run, nor weary be;

"Till thy glory,
Without clouds, in heaven, we see.
There in worship purer, sweeter,

All thy people shall adore ;
Tasting of enjoyment greater,
Than they could conceive before ;

Full enjoyment,
Full, unmix'd, and evermore.

YE that in these courts are found,
Listening to the joyful sound;
Lost and helpless as ye are,
Sons of sorrow, sin, and care,
Glorify the King of kings,
Take the grace the gospel brings.
Turn to Christ your longing eyes,
View his bloody sacrifice;
See in him your sins forgiven,
Pardon, holiness, and heaven:

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Glorify the King of kings, Take the peace the gospel brings. 261 woonparano

Talcon Street. HOW beauteous are their feet,

Who stand on Zion's hill!
Who bring salvation on their tongues,

And words of peace reveal.
How charming is their voice!

How sweet the tidings are l.) “ Zion, behold thy Saviour King,

“ He reigns and triumphs here.” How happy are our ears,

That hear this joyful sound,
Which kings and prophets waited for,

And sought, but never found,
How blessed are our eyes,

That see this heavenly light; Prophets and kings desir'd it long,

But died without the sight! The watchmen join their voice,

And tuneful notes employ ; Jerusalem breaks forth in songs,

And deserts learn the joy. The Lord makes bare his arm,

Through all the earth abroad; Let every nation now behold

Their Saviour and their God.

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Mariners, SOURCE of light and power divine, Deign upon thy truth to shine ; Help thy servant to proclaim All the glories of thy name: Satisfy his soul's desire, Touch his lips with boly fire. Breathe thy Spirit, so shall fall Unction sweet on hinn and all; 'Till, by odours scatter'd round, Christ himself be trac'd and found : Then shall every raptur'd heart, Rich in joy and peace depart. 263 amanninn

Calcutta. WELCOME, welcome, blessed servant,

Messenger of Jesus' grace!
O how beautiful the feet of
Him that brings good news of peace;

• Heavenly herald,

Publish now the joyful word. Saviour, bless his message to us,

Give us hearts to bear the sound
Of redemption, dearly purchased
By thy suffering and wounds:

O reveal it
To our needy, waiting souls.
Give reward of grace and glory

To thy faithful labourer dear,

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