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And follow thee to heaven, our home,
E'en so, Amen Lord Jesus, come!
LORD, dismiss us with thy blessing,

Bid us all depart in peace, ,
Still on gospel manna feeding,

Pure seraphic joys increase,
Fill our hearts with consolation,

Up to heaven our voices raise ;
When we reach that blissful station,

Then we'll give thee nobler praise ; And sing, Hallelujah, to God and the Lamb,

For ever and ever, Hallelujah, Amen. 276

Job. DISMISS us with thy blessing, Lord, Help us to feed upon thy word; All that has been amiss, forgive, And let thy truth within us live. Though we are guilty, thou art good; Wash all our works in Jesus' blood ; . Give every fettered soul release,

And bid us all depart in peace. 277 WwNNNwan

Gabriel. NOW we'd all, with grateful spirits,

Join to bless the Prince of peace ; Praise him for imparted favours, Praise him for displays of grace:

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Lovely temple,
When the Saviour's in the place."
Lord we wait the happy moment,

Wait to rise at thy command,
When thy chosen shall for ever
Dwell in one united band

All triumphant,
Blest in Canaan's happy land.
There in purer sweeter concord,

We, thy people, shall abide,
And thro' one eternal sabbath
Praise the Lamb once crucified :

Then how glorious
Shall appear thine honour'd bride. .
Each glad saint shall swell the concert,

Striving each to praise thee most ;
And the joyful hallelujahs,
Charm the whole angelic host;

Ever praising
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

ONCE more before we part,

We'll bless the Saviour's name;
Record bis mercies every heart,

Sing, every tongue the same.
Hoard up his sacred word.

And feed thereon and grow;


Go on to seek and know the Lord,

And jractice what you know.
OUR souls, by love, together knit,

Cemented, mix in one;
One hope, one 'heart, one mind, one voice,

'Tis heaven on earth begun.
Our hearts have burn*d while Jesus spake,

And glow'd with sacred fire;
He'stop'd, and talk’d, and fed, and bless'd,
And fill'd the enlarg'd desire.

A Saviour, 'let creation sing!

A Saviour, let all heaven ring!
He's God with us, we feel him ours;
His fulness in our souls he pours;
'Tis almost done, 'tis almost o'er,
We'er joining them who're gone before,

e soon shall reach the heavenly shore, We then sball meet to part no more. ! 280

“ WHEN two or three together meet,
My love and mercy to repeat,
And tell what I have done ;

6 There will I be, saith God, to bless, And every burden'd soul redress,

Who worships at my throne."
Make one in this assembly, Lord,
Speak to each heart some cheering word,
To set the spirit free;

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Impart a kind celestial shower,
And grant that we may spend this hour

In fellowship with thee.

Wells. PRAYER was appointed to convey

The blessings God designs to give; Long as they live should Christians pray,

For only while they pray they live. The Christian's heart his prayer indites,

He speaks as prompted from within; The Spirit his petition writes,

And Christ receives and gives it in. And shall we in dead silence lie,

When Christ stands waiting for our pray'r? My soul, thou hast a friend on high,

Arise, and try thy interest there. If pain afflict, or wrongs oppress,

If cares distract, or fears dismay, If guilt deject, if sin distress,

The remedy's before thee-pray. Depend on Christ, thou canst not fail,

Make all thy wants and wishes known; Fear not, his merits must prevail,

Ask what thou wilt, it shall be done. 282 wwwroomara

Martin's Lane. MAY he, by whose kind care we meet,

Send bis good Spirit from above;

Make our communication sweet,

And cause 'our hearts to burn with love. Forgotten be each worldly theme,

When Christians meet together thus; We only wish to speak of him,

Who liv'd and died and reigns for us. We'll talk of all he did and said,

And suffer'd for us bere below; The path he mark'd for us to tread,

And what be's doing for us now. Thus, as the moments pass away,

We'll love, and wonder, and adore ; And basten on the glorious day,

When we shall meet to part no more. 283

THANKFUL for thy kind permission

To appear before thy throne;
Lord we come with our petition,
Though with claim and merit none;

All we ask for
Is, we know, of grace alone.
Yet this grace sufficient ever,

For thy people's need is found ;
Sweet assurance! never, never,
Let us leave this solid ground;

'This supports us
som nor wants and fears abound.

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