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Should earth against my soul engage,

And hellish darts be burl'd,
Then I can smile at satan's rage,

And face a frowning world.
Let cares like a wild deluge come,

And storms of sorrow fall,
May I but safely reach my bome,

My God, my heaven, my all.
There shall I bathe my weary soul

In seas of heavenly rest,
And not a wave of trouble roll

Across my peaceful breast. 307 mwananacor Wareham. HOW oft bave sin and satan strove

To rend my soul from thee, my God! But everlasting is thy love,

And Jesus seals it with his blood. The oath and promise of the Lord

Join to confirm the wond'rous grace ; Eternal power performs the word,

And fills all heaven with endless praise. Amidst temptations sharp and long,

My soul to this dear refuge flies; Hope is my anchor firm and strong,

While tempests blow and billows rise. The gospel bears my spirits up;

A faithful and unchanging God

Lays the foundation for my hope,

In oaths, and promises, and blood. 308

Lambeth. TO whom shall I fly for relief?

To him that hath lov'd me so well, And who, when I sink into grief,

Doth all my infirmities feel :
O lover of sinners on thee

My burden of trouble I cast;
Wbose care and compassion for me

For ever and ever shall last.
Thine anger for what I have done,

O Father, I mournfully bear;
But look to thine innocent Son,

Who ever entreats thee to spare :
Be mindful of Jesus and me,

He suffer'd my pardon to buy,
And what he procur'd on the tree,

Demands for his people on high. 309

Hardcastle. O MY soul ! what means this sadness ?

Wherefore art thou thus cast down?
Let thy griefs be turn’d to gladness,
Bid thy restless fears be gone;

Look to Jesus,
And rejoice in his dear name..
What though satan's strong temptations
Vex and teaze thee day by day,

And thy sinful inclinations
Often fill thee with dismay;

Thou shalt conquer,
Through the Saviour's precious blood.
Though distresses now attend thee,

And thou tread'st the thorny road; His right hand shall still defend thee, 'Till he bring thee home to God.

Therefore praise him,
Praise the great Redeemer's name.
O that I could now adore him,

Like the heavenly host above,
Who for ever bow before bim,
And, exulting, sing his love!

Happy songsters! When shall I your chorus join ? 310

Ulverston. HOW long, O Lord, shall I complain Like one that seeks his God in vain ? Canst thou thy face for ever bide ? And I still pray, and be denied ? Shall I for ever be forgot As one whom thou regardest not? Still sball my soul thine absence mourn, And still despair of thy return ? How will the powers of darkness boast, If but one praying soul be lost !

But I have trusted in thy grace,
And shall again behold thy face.
Whate'er my fears or foes suggest,
Thou art my hope, my joy, my rest;
My heart shall feel thy love, and raise
My cheerful voice to songs of praise.
311 Wwwarnar Mansfield
WHEN overwhelm'd with grief,

My heart within me dies,
Helpless, and far from all relief,

To heaven I lift mine eyes.
O lead me to the rock,

So high above my head,
And make the covert of thy wings,
My shelter and


Within thy presence, Lord,

For ever l'll abide;
Thou art the tower of my defence,

The refuge where I hide.
Thou givest me the lot

Of those that fear thy name;
Jf endless life be their reward,
I shall

the same. 312 wawwares Gabriel Neu. WHY should the children of a King

Go mourning all their days? Great Comforter, descend and bring

Some tokens of thy grace.

Dost thou not dwell in all the saints,

And seal the heirs of heaven?
When wilt thou banish my complaints,

And shew my sins forgiven ?
Assure my conscience of her part

In the Redeemer's blood :
And bear thy witness with my heart,

That I am born of God.
Thou art the earnest of his love,

The pledge of joys to come:
And thy soft wings, celestial Dove,

Will safe convey me home. 313

Evans's. WHENCE do our mournful thoughts arise;

And where's our courage fied ? Have restless sin and raging hell

Struck all our comforts dead ? Have we forgot th’ almighty name

That form'd the earth and sea ? And can an all-creating arm

Grow weary or decay.
Treasures of everlasting might

In our Jehovah dwell;
He gives the conquest to the weak,

And treads their foes to hell.
Mere mortal power shall fade and die,

And youthful vigour cease

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