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My soul hath gone too far astray ;

My feet too often slip :
Yet since I've not forgot thy way

Restore thy wand'ring sheep.
Make me to walk in thy commands,

'Tis a delightful road: Nor let my head, nor heart, nor hands,

Offend against my God. 340

Portugal New. COMPASSIONATE Bridegroom, my Shep

herd and Friend, Thy child from the fury of satan defend ; Thy presence continue, thy blessing convey, And grant me a spirit to praise and to pray. Prevent and assist me,

and so shall I run; And further and finish the good work begun; And then though the world should reject and

despise, Thy grace for my wants, Lord, shall ever

suffice. Still go thou before me, O guide me aright; Thy love be my comfort, thy self my delight; Thy will be my pleasure, thy honour my aim, And this be my glory, the blood of the Lamb. Thy self be my portion, thy beauty my song, Thy name and thy praises still dwell on my

tongue ; Direct by thy Spirit, my actions and ways, So shall I inherit thy blessing always.

gay and

341 Wanawaran Revival. SAVIOUR, visit thy plantation,

Grant us, Lord, a gracious rain;
Then, in place of desolation,
Every plant shall thrive again:

Lord, revive us,
All our help must come from thee.
Surely once thy garden flourishid,
Every part look'd

green; Then thy word our spirits nourish'd; Happy seasons we have seen !

Lord revive us, &c.
Let our mutual love be fervent ;

Make us prevalent in prayer;
Let each one esteem'd thy servant,
Shun the worlds bewitching snares:

Lord revive us, &c.
Break the tempter's fatal power ;

Turn the stony heart to flesh,
And begin, from this good hour,
To revive thy work afresh :

Lord revive us, &c. 342 wwwananna

Hall's. GOD of my salvation, hear,

And help me to believe; Simply do I now draw near Thy blessing to receive :

Full of guilt alas ! I am,

But to thy wounds for refuge flee : Friend of sinners, spotless Lamb,

Thy blood was shed for me. Nothing have I, Lord, to pay,

Nor can thy grace procure; Empty send me not away,

For I, thou knowest, am poor ;
Dust and ashes is my name,

Mỹ all is sin and misery ;
Friend of sinners, &c.
Without money, without price,

I come to thee to buy ;
From myself I turn my eyes,

The chief of sinners I: Take, O take me as I am,

And let me lose myself in thee; Friend of sinners, &c.


SON of God, thy blessing grant,
Still supply our every want:
Tree of life thine influence shed,
With thy sap my spirit feed.
Tenderest branch, alas! am I,
Wither without thee and die:
Weak as helpless infancy,
O confirm my soul in thee.

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Unsustain'd by thee, I fall:
Send the strength for which I call:
Weaker than a bruised reed,
Help I every moment need.
All my hopes on thee depend :
Love me, save me to the end :
Give me persevering grace;
Take the everlasting praise.

Mount Calvary. O THOU! from whom all goodness flows,

I lift my heart to thee,
In all my sorrows, conflicts, woes,

Dear Lord, remember me.
Whene'er upon my burden'd heart,

My sins lie heavily ;
My pardon speak, new peace impart,

In love remember me.
Temptations sore obstruct my way,

And ills I cannot flee;
O give me strength, Lord, as my day,

For good remember me.
When worn with pain, disease, and grief

This feeble body see;
Grant patience, rest, and kind relief,

Hear and remember me.
If on my face, for thy dear name,

Shame and reproaches be ;

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Full of

But t. Friend

Thy Nothir.




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