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When death itself shall die away,

And bodies part no more. 376

Carr's Lane LO, what an entertaining sight

Are brethren that agree,
Brethren, whose cheerful hearts unite,

In bands of piety.
When streams of love from Christ the spring

Descend to every soul,
And heavenly peace with balmy wing,

Shades and bedews the whole.

377 wawasan Fawcett. O HAPPY saints, who dwell in light, And walk with Jesus cloth'd in white, Safe landed on the peaceful shore, Where pilgrims meet to part no more. Releas'd from sin, and toil and strife, Death was their gate to endless life; An open'd cage, to let them fly, To realms of light and bliss on high. And now they range the heavenly plains, And sing their hymns in melting strains ; And now their souls begin to prove The heights and depths of Jesus love. They gaze upon his beauteous face, His lovely mind, and charming grace, And gazing hard with ravish'd eyes, Ilis form they catch, and taste his joys.

He cheers them with eternal smile ;, .
They sing hosannas all the while;
Or overwhelmed with rapture sweet,
Sink down adoring at his feet.
Ab! Lord, with tardy steps I creep,
And sometimes sing, and sometimes weep;
Yet strip me of this house of clay,
And I will sing as loud as they.

EXALTED high at God's right hand,
Nearer the throne than cherubs stand,
With glory crown'd, in bright array,
My wondering soul says, Who are they?
These are the saints belov'd of God;
Wash'd are their robes in Jesus' blood ;
More spotless than the purest white,
They shine in uncreated light.
Brighter than angels, lo! they shine ;
Their glories great and all divine:
Tell me their origin, and say,
Their order what? and whence came they ?
Through tribulation great they came;
They bore the cross and scorn'd the shame
Within the living temple blest,
In God they dwell, and on him rest. ,
Hunger they ne'er shall feel again,
Nor burning thirst shall thy sustain,

To wells of living water led,
By God the Lamb for ever fed,
Jesus, the Saviour, is their theme;
They sing the wonders of his name;
To bim ascribing power and grace,
Dominion and eternal praise.
Amen! thy cry to him alone
Who dares to fill his father's throne ?
They give him glory, and again
Repeat his praise, and say, Amen.


GIVE me the wings of faith to rise

Within the veil, and see,
The saints above, how great their joys,

How bright their glories be.
Once they were mourners here below,

And wet their couch with tears;
They wrestled hard as we do now,

With sins and doubts and fears,
I ask them whence their victory came,

They, with united breath,
Ascribe their conquest to the Lamb,

Their triumph to his death.
They mark'd the footsteps Jesus trod,

His zeal inspir'd their breast,
And following their incarnate God,

Possess the promised rest.


Our glorious Leader claims our praise,

For his own pattern given, While the long cloud of witnesses Shew the same path to heaven. wwwwwaan

Liverpool. O GOD. of mercy, hear my call,

My load of guilt remove; Break down this separating wall

That bars me from thy love.
Give me the presence of thy grace,

Then my rejoicing tongue
Shall speak aloud thy righteousness,

And make thy praise my song:
No blood of goats, nor heifers slain,

For sin could e'er atone;
The death of Christ sball still remain

Sufficient and alone.
A soul oppress'd with sin's desert

My God will ne'er despise ;
A humble groan, a broken heart,

Is our best sacrifice. 381

GUILTY and vile before my God,
I dread the vengeance of thy rod;
My sins, like lofty mountains grown,
Might justly bring thy vengeance down.
Thy justice, dreadful, glory claims,
And bids me sink to endless flames;

And while I hear thy thunders roar,
I own thy justice and adore.
But there's a throne of


Where Jesus sits and rules by love :
He'll send his grace and mercy down,
And all his grace with glory crown.
Jesus, to thee, alone, I fly;
And wilt thou let a sinner die,
Whilst trusting in thy sacred blood
He seeks no other way to God?
Tby tender heart will sure forgive,
And bid a guilty sinner live;
For all who come thy grace is free,
For Saul, and Magdalen, and me.


LORD, I am vile, conceived in sin;
And born unholy and unclean ;
Sprung from the man whose guilty fall
Corrupts the race and taints us all.
Soon as we draw our infant breath,
The seeds of sin grow up for death ;
Thy law demands a perfect heart,
But we're defil'd in every part.
Behold we fall before thy face;
Our only refuge is thy grace :
No outward forms can make us clean,
The leprosy lies deep within,

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