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Wbile pow'rs and princes, shields and swords

Submit before bis throne. 28

warnawan New Court.
TO God the great, the ever blest,
Let songs of honour be addrest;
His mercy firm for ever stands;
Give him the thanks his love demands.
Who knows the wonders of thy ways ?
Who shall fulfil thy boundless praise ?
Blest are the souls that fear thee still,

pay their duty to thy will.
Remember what thy mercy did
To Jacob's race, thy chosen seed :
And with the same salvation blegs
The meanest suppliant of thy grace.
O may I see thy tribes rejoice,
And aid their triumphs with my voice;
This is my glory, Lord, to be
Join’d to thy saints and near to thee.

TO our almighty Maker, God,

New honours be address'd ;
His great salvation shines abroad,

And makes the nations blest.
He spake the word to Abraham first,

His truth fulfils the grace :

The Gentiles make his name their trust,

And learn his righteousness.
Let the whole earth his love proclaim,

With all her different tongues ;
And spread the honours of his name

In melody and songs. 30

Otford. SWEET is the memory of thy grace,

My God, my heavenly King ;
Let age to age thy righteousness

In sounds of glory sing.
God reigns on high, but not confines

His goodness to the skies;
Through the whole earth his bounty shines,

And every want supplies.
With longing eyes thy creatures wait,

On thee for daily food ;
Thy liberal band provides their meat,

And fills their mouths with good.
How kind are thy compassions, Lord !
How slow thine


moves ! But soon he sends his pardoning word,

To cheer the souls he loves,

Creatures with all their endless race,

Thy power and praise proclaim,

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But saints that taste thy richer grace

Delight to blesss thy name. 31

Old Hundredth JEHOVAH reigns, his throne is high, His robes are light and majesty; His glory shines with beams so bright, No mortal can sustain the sight. His terrors keep the world in awe; His justice guards his holy law ; His love reveals a smiling face ; His truth and promise seal the grace. Through all his works his wisdom shines, And baffles Satan's deep designs; His pow'r is sovereign, to fulfil The noblest counsels of bis will. And will this glorious Lord descend To be my father and my friend ? Then let my song's with angels join ; Heaven is secure if God be mine. 32

Old Hundredth GREAT God, how oft did Israel prove, By turns thine anger and thy love; There, in a glass, our hearts may see How fickle and how false they be. How soon the faithless Jews forgot The dreadful wonders God had wrought!

Then they provoke him to his face.
Nor fear his power nor trust his

Yet did his sov'reign grace forgive,
And bid the guilty rebels live;
His anger oft away he turn'd,
Or else with gentle flame it burn'd.
He saw their flesh was weak and frail,
He saw temptation still prevail;
The God of Abrabam lov'd them still,
And led them to his holy bill.

New Court.

GREAT God of wonders, all thy ways,

Are grand, and matchless, and divine: But the fair glories of thy grace,

More godlike and unrivalled shine :
Who is a pard’ning God like thee?
Or who has grace so rich and free ?
Crimes of such horror to forgive,

Such guilty daring worms to spare ;
This is thy grand prerogative,

And none shall in the honour share.
Who is a pard’ning God like thee?
Or who has grace so rich and free?
In wonder lost, with grateful joy,

We take the pardon of our God;

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