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Let elders worship at his feet,

The church adore around; With vials full of odours sweet

And larps of sweeter sound. Those are the prayers of the saints,

And these the hymns they raise;
Jesus is kind to our complaints,

He loves to hear our praise.
Now to the Lamb, that once was slain,

Be endless blessings paid,
Salvation, glory, joy, remain,

For ever on thy head. Thou hast redeem'd our souls with blood,

Hast set the pris'ners free, Hast made us kings and priests to God,

And we shall reign with thee. The worlds of nature, and of grace, ,

Are put beneath thy power; Then shorten these delaying days,

And bring the promis'd hour. 43

armarnawan Mansfield AWAKE and sing the song,

Of Moses and the Lamb,
Wake, every heart and every tongue,

To praise the Saviour's name.
Sing of his dying love ;

Sing of his rising pow'r;

Sing how he intercedes above,

For those whose sinis he bore. Sing 'till ye feel your hearts

Ascending with your songs ; Sing 'till the love of sin departs,

And grace inspires your tongues. Sing on your heavenly way,

Ye ransom'd sinners, sing ; Sing on, rejoicing ev'ry day,

In Christ th' eternal king. Soon shall ye hear him say,

66 Ye blessed children come :" Soon will be call you hence away,

And take his wanderers home, 44

Miles's Lane.

ALL bail! the power of Jesus' name,

Let angels prostrate fall ;
Bring forth the royal diadem,

And crown him Lord of all.
Let high born seraphs tune the lyre,

And as they tune it, fall
Before his face, whom we admire,

And crown him Lord of all. Crown him, ye martyrs of your God,

Who from his altar call; Extol the stem of Jesse's rod,

And crown him Lord of all.


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Hail him, ye heirs of David's line,

Whom David, Lord did call, The God incarnate, man Divine,

And crown him, Lord of all.
Ye Gentile sinners ne'er forget,

The wormwood and the gall;
Go, spread your trophies at his feet,

And crown him Lord of all.
O that, with yonder sacred throug,
We at his feet

And join the universal song,

And crown him Lord of all. 45

DEAREST of all the names above,

My Jesus and my God,
Who can resist thy heavenly love,

Or trifle with thy blood.
'Tis by the merits of thy death,

The Fatber smiles again;
'Tis by thine interceding breath,

The Spirit dwells with men.
'Till God in human flesh I see,

My thoughts no comfort find.
The great, the awfựl Deity,

Alarms my guilty mind.
But if Immanuel's face

My hope, my joy, begins,

His name forbids my slavish fear,

His grace removes my sins.
While Jews on their own law rely,

And Greeks of wisdom boast;
I love th' incarnate mystery,

And there I fix my trust. 46 wwsacrinos Founder's Hall. COME all harmonious tongues,

Your noblest music bring, 'Tis Christ, the everlasting God,

And Christ the man we sing.
Sing how he took our flesh

To take away our guilt;
Sing the dear drops of sacred blood

That hellish monsters spilt.
Down to the shades of death

He bowed his awful head; Yet be arose to live and reign

Wben death itself is dead. No more the bloody spear ;

The cross and nails no more, For devils tremble at his name,

And all the heavens adore.
Here the Redeemer sits

High on the Father's throne;
The Father lays his vengeance by,

And smiles upon his Son,


Miler's Lane. LET saints on earth their anthems raise,

Who taste the Saviour's grace ;
Let saints in heaven proclaim his praise,

And crown him Prince of peace.
Praise him who laid his glory by,

For man's apostate race;
Praise him who stoop'd to bleed and die,

And crown him Prince of peace.
Come rebels, lay your weapons down,

Let war for ever cease; Immanuel for your sovereign own,

And crown him Prince of peace. O may we reach the blissful shore,

To view bis lovely face; His name for ever to adore, And crowd him Prince of



New Victory. JESUS, with all thy saints above,

My tongue would bear her part;
Would sound aloud thy saving love,

And sing thy bleeding heart,
Bless'd be the Lamb, my dearest Lord,

Who bought me with his blood;
And quench'd his Father's flaming sword,

In his own vital flood.


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