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sent stock, '62,500 casks B. P. i 4500 the opinion, that a great deficiency of chests, Havannah; 1400 tons Brazil, and stock in Europe will be found at the end 60,000 packages East India Sugar. of the year, and from both these causes it

INDIGO—has improved 60. to 9d. per lb. is considered likely that Cotton will soon since last sale, owing to the scarcity of experience a further rise ; Georgia, 8fd. good qualities and an expected failure of to 94d. ; Sea Island, 13d. to led. ; Ferthe crop, which expectation is partly con namb., 11 d. to 128.; Bengal, 5 d. to firmed by the last advices from Calcutta 61d. ; Surate, 5 d. to 64d. Stoek on hand," to the end of July. The quantity at pre- 90,000 Bags, East India ; 2000 American ş" sent on hand is 12,000 chests.

8000 Brazil; 2600 Egyptian, und 3000 COTTON—This article has experienced other sorts. a rise of t to $ per lb., as it appears that Rice-without much demand or variathe plantations in Sea-Island, Georgia, &c. tion. have suffered considerably from hurri Silk.-The demand has slackened, and canes and inundations, so that a material prices are a shade lower. falling off in the supply is apprehended, SPIRITS.-Brandies remain very firm; notwithstanding more lands had been there is also more inquiry for Rum at planted this year, than on any former pe- former prices. riod. In addition to this, there prevails Tallow-regular demand at last prices.

BANKRUPTS, FROM October 16 TO NOVEMBER 16, 1824, INCLUSIVE, N. B. In Bankruptcies in and about London, the Altorneys are to be understood to reside in London, and in Country Bankruptcies at the Residence of the Bankrupt, except otherwise erpressed.

The Solicitors' Names are between parentheses, ABRAHAMS, L. Mansell street, merchant. (Noel, Great Gardner, C. Mile Eod Road, merchant. (Williams, Copt. Ormond-street

hall court Allison, J. Camberwell, coach-naster. (Carpenter, Fur Gibson, J. Cambridge, dealer. (Peacocke, Cambridge mival's Juni

Guyer, J. Woolwich. tailor. (Brutton, Ol Brond-street Arcbangelo, C. Bethnal Green, feather-merchant. (Fair. Hladdon, T. South Bruton Mews, stable-keeper. (Ball, thorn and Co. Coleman street

Carltou Chambers
Badcock, J. St. John's.street, shoemaker. (Farden, New Harris, W. Monmouth, grocer (Goolden, Bristol

Hassel, W. Newgate-street, batter. (Richardson, WalBaker, C. Rateliffc lighway, grocer. (Baddely, Leman brook street

Hickson, M. Manchestet, draper. (Auligion and Ce. Barnes, T. & Wentworth, H. New Corn Exchange. Bedford-row (Shrers, St. George's Place

Hide, B. Bloomsbury, bedstead-maker. (Dignam, Little Beech, J. Newcastle-under. Lyne, currier. (Fentons

Distaff lane Bennet, T. Blandford Forum, wine-merchant. (Chis. Hill, W. Greenfield, paper.maher (Kay, Manchester holme, Lincolu's Iun

Hippon, W. Earl's Heaton, merchant. (Archer, Ossett Birks, G. Bradford, Wilts, currier. (Cruickshank, Bath Hodgson, J. Bath, auctioneer. (Else Biggs, H. Blaudford torum, mercer. (King and Johns, Holmaa, J. Glossop, victualler. (Heywood, Stockport Blandford

Hoskins, R. Manchester, mercbant. (Brakebury Birt, G. Picket-street, tea-dealer. (Noy and Hardstone, Humphries, J. Westbury, woolstapler. (Pinniger Great Tower-street

Huntingdon, J. Skinner street, jeweller. (Reeves, [1e). Boswell, K. S. Strand, shopkeeper. (Hamilton and Twin bern ing, Berwick-street

Hunt, T. Stockport, cotton spinner. (Suddon, Manchester Brook, J. Choppards in Wooldall, clothier. (Stephevson, Ingham, J. Aligate, woollen-draper. (Taquer, Sew Bas. Holmfrith

inghall street Brown, J. Rochdale, innhoider. (Whitebend, Manchester Jackson, s. G. Loughborough, corn.mercbant. (Clore Byers, E. Painees-street, Soho, whalebone-merchant. and Thompson (Collins, Great Knight Rider street

Johnson, P. Jubilee-place, linen-draper. (Nokes, Staples Capon, G. Oxford-street, upholsterer. (Woodward, Fur. mival's Ipa

Johnstone, T.O. Great Queen-street, dealer in musical iaChandler, D. jan. Stow Upland, maltster. (Marriot, Stow. struments (Bromly, Copthall court market

King, T. Crofton, ship-owner. (Carr, Newcastle ok-Tyse Choun J. B. Somerset, grocer. (Nichols, Great Winches. Lee, P. C. and Ballard, W. Hammersmith, linen drapers, ter-street

(Jones, Size-lane Clark, W. Speldhurst-street, coal merchant. (Pinero, Levy, H. Rathbone place, glass dealer, Norton, White Charlotte street

cross-street Clark, W. Hull, seedsman. (Taylor, Clement's Inn Lewis, J. Bristol, merchant. (Cooke and Bangough Cooke, J. Bristol, brightsinith. (Brown and Watson Lloyd. P. Great Surrey-sireet, malt-factor. (Crouch, Cooper, B. Wrexham, spirit merchant. (Browne

Uniun court Cooper, F. East Dereham, grocer. (Cooper

Macmillan, J. Liverpool, merchant. (Crump Cotton, c. Burslem, innkeeper. (Ward

Manual, w. Great Wild-strect, baker. (Shiers, St. George'tCraig, J. Austin-friars passage, merchant. (Crouch, place Union-court

Marsh, W. Stracey, J. H. Fauntleroy, H. and Graban, Croose, J. Cheltenbam, tollow chandler (Goodwin

GE. Berners-street, bankere. (Seyooar, Little PortDauncy, J. Coaley Mills, woollen manufacturer. (Huchi. land street son, Crown-court

Marshall, W. Totten-strect, builder. (Lewis, Crutebede, Dawes, J. Oxford-street, orange-merchant. (Abrabams,

friars Great Marlborough street

Marshall, T. Basinghall street, Blackwell-ball factor Douglas, J. Blackburn, bookseller. (Edleston

(night and Fyson, Basing ball street Dring, T. Bristol, brewer. (Bevon and Britton

Matthews, T. and Bingham, W. Kingstod-on-Hall, drapers, Drury, R. & Thompson, G. Luke-street, brewers. (Hlind. (Adlington and Co. Bedford-row marsh, Jewis stree

Neverd, W. Brunswick.streel, baker, (Hudson, WintEade, C. Stourmarket, grocer. (Marriot

worth-buildings Edgington, T. Wells-strect, coach maker. (Bartlett and Oldfield. J. Westholm, tanner, (Beron, and, Briaan', Beddome, Nicbolas-lane

Bristol Fauntleroy, H. Berners-street, banker. (Gordon, Old Oldham, J. Bristol, woollen-draper, Osborne and Wind Brond-street

Oliver, T., Regent's Park, stage-master. (fiat. Fargnes, F. P. Berwick.street, printer., (Robinson, Wal. let, Northumberland street, New Road brook

Parker, C. Bristol, tailor. (Gregory Foxton, R. Grange, Durbam, brewer. (Raisbeck, Stock Pearson, C. Southwark, :rocer. (Draper, Lambeth ton.on Tees

Peckham, H. C. Bushy Rough River, paper maker. Francis, R Wellclose square, hat maker. (Brown and (Kennett, Dorer Morton, Mincing-lane

Pilkington, W. G. Ilford, victualler. (Gray, Tyson-place
France, T. James-street, cabinet maker. (Saxon and
Hooper, Temple

Plant, U. Wharton, Aour dealer. Hostage, North teh
Preston, W. Newcastle on Tyne, broker. (Spencer


Dec 4

Rackham, J. Strand, bookseller. (Roche, Charles-street, Vaile, W. Newington-causeway, draper. (Gaçes and Hardy Covent-garden

wick, Cateaton street Radcliffe, E. High Holboru, carver and gilder. (Rogels, Vincent, G. Sc. Mergaret's hill, jeweller. (Niblet, Cheap Manchester buildings

side Rgall, W. and T. Upper Berkeley.street, West, stones Vincent, J. Trowbridge, elothier. (Fronkis, Bristol

(Allen, Gilby, and Allen, Carlisle-street, Wainwright, J. Manchester, merchant. (Alexanders, flaSobos

Tirox Seagrim, J. jun. Wilton, carpet-manufacturer. (Tanner, Warden, J New Sarum, money-scriveper. (Luxmore, • Salisbury

Red Lion square, London Selle J. George-street, Tower, cheesemonger. (Taniter, Watson, G. Lancaster, innkeeper. (Keightley, Liverpool New Basinghall-street

Waylett, J. N. Fish street hill, cordwainer.

(Curtis Shepherd, w. Chelsea, plumber. (Pasmore, Coltan-street Lord Mayor's office Simpson, N. Shellon, carthenware maker. (Plant, New. Wignell, c. Liverpool, turpentine disuiller. castle on Tyne

(Lace and

Co. Liverpool Solomos, M. Great Prescott-street, bardwareman. Winkles, R. sent.and jun. Islington, coul-merchants, (Hachison, Crown-colirt.

(Tanner, New Basing hall street Sparks, J. M. Mount-place, merchant. (Lewis, Crutched. Wood, T. Birchin lane, merchant. (Lavie and Co. Frefriars

derick's place, Old Jewry Spencer, J. M. Chipping Wycombe, coach-master Woolley, H. sen. Winster, grocer. (Swetenham and (Nash, High Wycotnbe

Andrew, Wirksworth
Starting, T. Islington, bookseller. (Jones, Barnard's lon Wroots, R. and Adkins, J. Great Tichfield street, linen
Stevens, W. H. Islington, earthenware-dealer, (Reeves, drapers. (Cook and Wright, Lincoln's Ian fields.

Ely place
Stewart, D. and M'Adam, K. Trowbridge, drapers. (Lew.

tas, Manchester
Strachan, A. Liverpool, master-mariner. (Orred and Co. G. Spence, merchant, Edinburgh
Tebbatt, R. Cockhill, Stepney, checsemonger. (Bonafield, West and Eckford, coach makers, Edinburgh

J. Martin and Co. mabufacturers in Paisley
Tickuer, J. Padnail Corner, borse-dealer. (Jones, Size J. Greek of Kilinarnock, builder

J.flardy, grocer, Kirkaldy

DIVIDENDS. ADAMS, J. Union court, Dec. 4

Fletcher, J. P. & B. Liverpool, Dec. 6 Nelson, W Jewin Crescent, Nov 23 Adams, T. Preston Bagot. Nov. 26 Forbes, W. Gateshead, Dec. 6

Norris, T Bartholomew close, Nov 20 Adcock, J. St. Mary Axe, Nov. 16 Foster, J. Tring,

Norton, D S Uxbridge, Nov 20 Allaway, J. Rotherhithe, Oct 30

Gardiner, G St. John street. Nov. 27 0:kley, G & Evans, J Old Bond street, Andrews, T. W. Stamatoid, Nov. 22 George, J.M.llorsham, Nov. 20 Ansell, J. Oxford, Dec 7

Gowersall, J. Crowther, J. Rilry, E Oliphant, Cockspur street, Nov 20 Archet, J. Kings Lynn, Nov, 27.

('ampbell, R. & Bull. J. Hudders Pulmer, 't Gutter lane, Nov 30 ba!!, J. Ilathersett, Dec, 7

field, & Pll, A. Halifax, Dec 8 Paton, A Felling Sbore Bardwell, G. Bungay, Nov. 22

Gomersall, J. & B. Leeds, Nov. 20 Payn, T and J D Cateaton street, Nor Barret, W. Carditi, Dec. 14

Goodeve, W. D. Wimborne Minster, 16 Barrow, R. and T. Liverpool, Nov. 12 Nov. 27

Pelham, J sen Chard, Nor 6
Bath, W. Copenhagen house, Nos. 23 Goulden, c. Dilham, Dec. 6

Peters, J Dorking, Dec 4
Becker, 0. C. Lothbury, Nov. 20
Greix, W. City road, Nov. 9

ligram, J Maidstone, Nor 16

.HA Eenson, 1. R. Artilery place, Dec. 11 Grierson, A. Dudley, Nov. 8

Pílmg. J & W Mirfield, Dec 16
Bidder, T. IIfracombe, Nor 15
Grimshaw, R. & J. Nov, 8

Pouting, T Bedminster, Dec g Blackley, E Wood strect, Vos. 20 Hamilton, W. & J. W. & F. G. New Pritchard, R Regent Circus, Oct 30 Blackmore, E. Henrietta street, Nov, City Chambers, London, & J. Ris. Ramsay, T St Mary Hill, Nov 27

A 2. Jan. 8

dale, Leeds, Nov. 16

Redmayne, J Burton, Noy 20
Bowring, J. G. Feuchurch buildings, Hargraves, W. White Ash. Nov, 15 Richardson, J Huiborn, Nor 20"
Nov 20
Harris, J. Haselor, Nov. 26

Rickards, J Ne market, Nov 16
Bracrwell, J. Bromley, Dec. 8

Harris, F. & Grove, S Bristol, Dec. 11 Ridsdale, F Leeds, Nov 97
Pradshaw, J. & R. Lancaster, Nov. 25 Harrop, J. George Yard, Nov 30 Rmg, S Bristol, Nor 11
Brett, W. Stone, Dec. 4.7
Haviland, W. Plymouth, Nov 23 Robertson, G Wapping, Nor 23

* Bromley, J. Circus street, New Road, Haukridge, J. Brearton, Dec. 15

Robertson, J Old Broad strect, Dec 4 Nov 20 Haskridge, c. Brearton, Dec. 15 Roper, J Norwich, Dec 6

58 Erowne, G. H. Joon street, Nov. 27 Hickman, W. & Timothy, D. Leices. Sandison, W Cork'street, Nov 23 Bachannan, D. and Benn, R. Lirer ter square, Ocl. 23

Scott W Pall Mall Nov 30 pool, Nov. 29

Hodge, w. Great Armitage street, Seagar SP Maidstone Nov
Dunn, E, Hermitage place, Nov 30 Nov. 16

Shackle J Milk street Nov 27
Bardon, F. and T. Henley in Arden, Hodgson. T Newgat street, Dec 7 Sims B St Anne's lane Nov 16
Nov. 26
Holl, T Piccadilly, Nov 20

Sharpus A Davies street Norg
Burgess, J. Trowbridge, Nov. 27 Hooper, J Tooley street, Nov 23 Sinith A Beech street Nor 16
Purcester, J. W. New London street, Gould, S Laytonstone. Nov 30

Euth A Lime street square Nor 6. Nox. 23

Ilumphreys, W Billesdon, Nur 24 Smith E Green Lattice larre Bury, 01. Austin friars, Nov, 16

Humphreys, s Charlotte street. Nos Southbrook E c Covent Garden 18 Cannon, J. Liverpool, Nov. 20


Chambers Dec 4 Cazaley, W. Ebaston, Nov.9

Ilutton, J Abcharch lane, Nov 13 Spurrier J Enfield Highway Norgo : Chabert, P. Penton place. Dec. + Illingworth, J & J knowles, Leeds, Stabb T & Preston J Torquav Nor 97 & Chadwick, J. Holborn bill, Nov.9

Dec 1

Stewart Bishopsgate street Dec 7 Clarke, J.P. Old Stratford, Nov. 27 Johnson, N B Birmingham, Dec 8 Stodart R&M Strand Dee 4 Clough, J. H. Wilkes, J.S. & Clough, Kenifeck, P Bristol, Dec 6

Stonebridge W Colchester Nov 07 J. B. Liverpool, Nov. 18 Ketcher, V Bradwell, Nov 27

Street JFKW Hucklersbury Nov 27

1) Coffley, J. R. Ipswich, Nov. 19 Laing, G Dunster court, Nov 16

Taylor J Sheffield Dec 10 Collier, J. Rathboue place, Nov 13 Lauxhamı, H & Brailsford, W Buck Telford J and Arundel w Liverpool Covie, J. George street, Mansion

lersbury, Nov 23

Nov 13
House, Dec. 1
Laycock, T Minories, Nov 13

Tennent J Liverpool Nov 9 Crowther, W. Charles street, Middle. Lea, w &J F Paternoster row, Nov Thomas P Mitre court Vov 30 nex Hospital, Nov. 9. 16


Tonge GW 8 East India Chambers
Dale, T. Old Bell Inn, Nov. 27
Lincoln, J Norwich, Dec 6

Nov 20
Dann, G. Linton, Kent, Nor. 13 Lloyd, G Cumberland street, Dec ! Townsend E Maiden lane Nov 20
Daabney, T. Portsea, Nov. 20

Longster, G Highbury Terrace. Nov Trewent W Pembroke Nov 6
Devey, II. F. Tickel, T. and Sannders, 27

Turnbull W Oxford street Dre 7
J. West Bromwich, Nov, 29
Lowe, J Birmingham, Dec 9

Turner J Fleet Street Nov 13
Dew, w, Lisson strect, D.c. I
Lumley, J Foston. Nov 8

Underwood H Cheltenham Noy 93 Dods, R. High street, Southwark, Lyne, J Simmondly, Dec 8

Walwyn R Wood street Nov 27 Nov.9

0 Mackay, I Warwick street, Dec 4 Welsby W Manchester Nor 17 Drabwell, 'J. Great Russel street, Mackenzie, A Lime street, Nov 13 Wetberhead C Liverpool D-c! Dec, 4 Martin, J Bolton, Dec 9

Whinfield J and Thompson T Gatese I Drake, J. Lewisham, Nov. 27 Masoll, J Manchester, Dec 7

head Nov 9 Dren, T. Exeur. Nov. 20

Matson, W&C Water lane, Nov 27 Whitmore Fjun Fulham Dec 4
Eldershaw, J. Hampton, Nos. 30 Mawson, G Bradford, Nov 17

Willson R Bow laue Nov 16
Ellaby,T. Emberton, Dec 6
Maxwell, J Boston, Nov 30

Wood J Cardiff Nov 17
Elliot, T. &flaslock, S. Northampton, Miller, HFT Prome Selwood, Dec 7 Wriyht


Russel Hreet Ngr, 23, Minoti, s & Crease, O Pbilpot lane,

Dec 7 Engledow, c. Stockton, Nov. 25

** Yeoman B Kerford From Nov 16 Fearpan, W. New Band street, Nov. 6 Moline, s Billiter lane, Nov 20

Zimmer J Welbeck straet Nov 11 Fles, L M Bury court, Nov. 27

Mort, WR Brighton, Nov 24
Fiber, c. York Dee, 7
Murray, W Pall Mall contt, Nov 16


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Nov 23

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PRICE of SHARES in CANALS, BRIDGES, Docks, Road, WATER-Works, &c.

By JAMES WETENHALL, Sworn Broker, Angel Court, Throgmorton Strect.

No. of





Per Share.

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Albion .......

20601 100


5 paid 4 13



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99 10

10 paid ?


100 32

123 10

£ i

£ £s d Raiitoay. 1f sở Canals.


35 1 12 Severs and Wge 1489 113 Ashby-de-la-Zouch 25

Water. N'orks.
5 p. et. Ditto Bonds .. | 106p.c
19,945 19

100 5 10
Cast London

110 97 5 Ashton and Oldham 310


3 Grand Junction 70 16012 Bamsley 1320

Liverpool Bootle :... 131 10 1910 100 Basingstoke


Manchester & Salford 45 L.30,1X30 100 3 p. ct. Ditio Boods ....., 50PCI 1500


Ports & Farlington..
17 12 10 Birmingham


o pr. ci. Do. New.........
0501 5 Bolton and Bury


South Londoti.. 150 7 10 Brecknock Abergav. 180 7510

2 10

West Middlesex... 70
Bridgewates & Tuun-

100 10 York Buildings,

31 ton)........ 75 paid 75


2 10

50 paid 60 4545 Croydon

4 10

50 95. p. sh. Atlas ....... 5 paid 9 11.8IO 100 5 pct. Ditio Bonds 6upr et


100 5 pr. ct. Beacon..... 3 Dudley


300 1040 20 Birmingham 090 pd. 30 1207 100 20 Forth and Clyde 550

50 3

British Fire... 600 179 13 19 8 Glainorgansture..

20 000 50 5 pr. ct. Do. Commercial 5 pd. 595 11.000 1001 10 Grand Junction......335



Eagle ....... 15X 1001 Grand Surrey ...


L,1,000,000 7 p. ct. Globe..... ....Stock 183 L.60.000 100 5 p.ct. Do. (optional) Loan 105


100 Guardian .... 10 pa iu 2319 Grand Union........ 31

7.4 p.ct. L.19,327

6 100 5 p. ct. Do. (Loan Notes). 104p.c 40,000

Hope...........5 paid

Grand Western .....

500 5

Imperial Fire 50 paid 150 749 150 10 Grantham ......


7500 100 4p.ct. Do. Life .., o paid 13 6238 57 1 Huddersfield.


2020 505 p. ct. Kent Fire 25,328 39 1 Kennet and Avon

28 15

95 1 London Fire 19 10 pd. 11,69047 1 Lancaster ....

+6 10
31,000 25) 1

London Ship 19 10 pd. * 2879 100 15 Leeds & Liverpool 10.)


Manchester... 10 pd. 11 540 110 Leicester....

250 1 10

Norwich Union 30 pd. 66 1899 83 4 Do, & Northampton

2010 1009 p. ct. Provideut ....
100 11
Melton Mowbray


2005.& bs. Rock Life...... paid..5 500 35 Mersey and Irwell 1000 L.745,000 Op.c.uel Royal Exchange

1915 2109 100 10 Monmouthshire.... 245

2007 pct. Union

20 pd. 41 43,526 1005 p. ct. Do. Debentures 105p.c

Gas Lighls.
100 15

600 10

175 500

250 Oxford

2500 105 p. ct. Bath 9520 Portsm. & Arundel.. 21

16 paid 17 10 1300 200p, ct. Brighton

$ 10 12,29+ 40 Regent's (or London) 59

750 20

Do New 5631 85 Rochdale

10 paid) 13 130

2016 gp. cl. Bristol 500


50 500 100

British ........ 1 paid 35 7 Shropshire

600 25

1401 40
S:aff. & Worcestersh 900


54 300

120 115 10 10 Stourbridge

210 50 op. ct. Canterbury......, 3017 79

Stratford on Avon.... 55 1 Stroudwater ......

300 550

50 150 31 10


1000 533 100 10

250 Swansea...

1009 pct. Oity of Loudon 50 pd. $ 100 Tavistock, (Mineral) 200

13 120

50 8

Derby ....

55 2070

Thames and Medway 35 10 100)

25 8 pct. Edinburgh:...15 paid 35 Thames & Severo.... 35 110



2400 1300 100 75 Trent & Mersey


25 2 10

GU 1000 100

480 Warwick & Birming. 3.25

95 1000) $

Llalifax...... 10 paid 40 2000)

Hibernian.. 17 10 pd is po 980 11 Warwick & Napton 285


500 16 20,000 Wilts aud Berks 8

p. ct. Imperial - 40 paid 62 10 Wisbeach....


Ditto New 126 40

15 paid 160 1800 10 Ipswich

12 0000 78 Worcester & Birming 58

3 10 Leice

70 800 125 6 Wyrley & Essington 150

500) 10910 p. et. Liverpool..,
201 100 10 pct. Leeds

910 7831 63 Sonthwark

13 10

30 9 10 Maidstone til 63 50 73 Suutliwaik, new, 55


Norwich (from Oil),
70 1 Vauxhall

+1 a 10


6 15

Portable. 5 paid 8 8 Do. old Aon..ou paid 39 10 600

Partsea Island ..... *9 10 7 Do, new do...40 paid 35 10


Ratcliff..... 50 paid 85 5 pct. Do. Bonds


Rochdale.... 15 paid 0

1000 23 10 p. ct. Sheffield ... 10'5 paid 34 5 1 15

1000 10 op. ci. Sliruv bury....


Voited General 4 pd. 45 3 10 Commercial

86 1005


10 pct. Wickefield... 1.16.000

108P.C 1005 p. ct. Ditto Bonds


95 ...
East Country... 00

19000 50 7 p. ct. Westpinster -
Folkestoue Harbour 5

0000 50 7 P, ct. Do. New 5 paid 13 L3,114,000 4&p.ct. London ....... Stoch 110 010 25

16pin 1..1,200 100 10 p. ct. West India 234

Literary Institutions.


London . 75 gs. 35 1006 30 1 Archway and Kentish

Do. Lise Adm. 30 gs. 25 700

Russell........ 30 gs. 2 300 100 2 10 Barking


Miscellaneous 100 100 5 Commercial

1 6 Auction Mart.

Gi. Dover-St. 70 pu. 48

Londos Commercial 9393 30 Highgate Archway. 19

73 1

Sale Rooms
New North Road.... 63

73 500125

Covent G. Theatre..180 Iron Railways.


15 Drury L. Thea.500 pd 150
850 100


Hudson's Bay Stock 100
Stockton& Darlington 121 0290


Golden Lane Brewery 8 317


Dover ......:

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IN LONDON, MIDDLESEX, AND SURREY. Ancient Document.-A meeting of the the cunning and harshness of litigious City Tithe Committee was lately held at men, upon mature deliberation, find that Guildhall, upon which occasion a very certain curates, deceitfully bestirring curious document, illustrative of the themselves, have procured from the Lord grievances under which the citizens of the Pope letters apostolic, strongly prejuLondon for hundreds of years have la dicial and derogatory to the said citizens, boured from the tithe system, was pre- containing grievous pains and censures, sented. It was found amongst the ancient by which they pretend the citizens, their records of the city. The following ex- places and estates, are bound to the oblitracts from a translation of the document, gation of new, unusual, divers, and unwhich is written in Latin, will shew the heard-of charges, not to be borne by the principle upon which the suis now re said citizens, and have threatened to expel ceived by the clergy in the name of tithes, and remove them from the holy and under the statute of Henry VIII. are sacramental services. Whereupon the founded. It will be necessary to pre- Mayor and Aldermen, considering that mise, that tithe is payable for houses only the citizens may be unduly aggrieved, did, by custom. This custom in papal times in pursuance, assemble in Common Couaproduced a source of revenue to the cil, on the 12th of March, in the 32d year clergy from what were denominated vo- of Henry VI., and appoint a conference luntary offerings on Sundays and princi- with the Bishop of London; and so on pal-feast days, but were in effect entirely the morrow they went to the Bishop of compulsory, being under penalty of ex- London, at the church of St. Paul, to the communication-a punishment at those Chapter-house, 'where Thomas Bylling, periods little, if at all, inferior in the Recorder of London, then publicly de minds of the public to death ; and the clared all the matter above said, desiring offerings varied in amount according as from the Bishop a true copy of the letters the ecclesiastics issued ordinances under by the said curates obtained from the the authority of the Pope. Sometimes Lord the Pope; and the Bishop considerthey amounted in the course of the year ing the desire to be consonant to reason, to as much as 4s. 2d. in the pound upon granted that they might have a copy, the rent of the citizens; and in the do- which copy they could not obtain, alcument referred to, which is in the 32d though they daily used all their diligence year of Henry VI. after noticing the in- in that behalf. At length the same Bishop, stitution or ordinance issued by Roger fraudulently contriving to delude the Niger, Bishop of London, 13th of Henry aforesaid Mayor, sent one of his servants, II. it is stated that some citizens, of their praying the Mayor that he would vouchmere liberality and fervour of devotion, safe to come to the church of St. Paul gave to God and the church more than after the noon of the same day; and the according to the rate ordained by Niger; said Mayor, with cheerful beart, went to and then it proceeds to state, that, “Ne- the church aforesaid, and there, in a cervertheless certain curates, not being con tain small chapel near the consistory, the tent with sufficient and abundant provi- Bishop met the Mayor, saying, My Lord sion, endeavoured to convert that which Mayor, some of this city have been very only of mere derotion and free will was often with me to demand and have a copy so sometimes practised into a perpetual of a certain paper bull lately by the cubond of right and debt to the church, and rates of the city obtained ; and upon my surreptitiously and privately obtained, in soul and body I have no cognizance of it the timo of Archbishop Arundel, letters at all."". The Coinmittee expressed their declaratory of the said constitution, but conviction, upon examining this ancient more truly destructive and subversive of test of the impositions which have dethe true sense of the same, confirmed by scended upon the citizens of London as Pope Innocent (the citizens being entirely an inheritance, that if more arguments unconscious and ignorant of the obtaining were necessary to prove the illegality of of such declaration); and thereupon such the source from which the burthen of the eurates have very frequently vexed and oppressed parishes sprung, here was a conmolested many citizens, and grievous clusive proof-here was a powerful inmurmurs and inconveniences have arisen, stance that the citizens laboured under and the fervour of holy devotion grown uncertain and arbitrary exactions in the cold and lukewarm : wherefore the Hon. shape of offerings before the ReformaJobn Norman, Mayor, the Aldermen, and tiori; and that whatever might have been citizens, considering what grievous incon the intention of Bishop Bonner in the 37th veniences did hang on thew, extorted by year of Henry VIII., in delivering the

decree under which the clergy and impro- ment is given in corroboration. This ex, priators' now claim to his registrar, in- tract is only a part of the clause of the stead of having the same enrolled in Act, and therefore gives an erroneous Chancery, the intervention of the Legis impression, The Act allqded to is the lature is at the present day imperatively 5th of Geo. IV., cap. 62, passed on the called for, where local Acts in certain 17th of June last, to have effect after the Parislies have not already been obtained. 20th of November next. The clauses of The Committee at the same time concur that Act only oblige persons, on making in the opinion of the necessity of substi- their first deposit after the 20th of No Inting a fair and liberal allowance in the vember, to declare that they bare no deplace of tithe for the ministers of the posits in any other Savings Banks; and gospel. The Committee bave ascertained if such declaration shall be untrue, the chat the clerical and lay impropriators deposits of such persons shall in that are determioed to persevere in the course case, and in that case only, be forfeited. ia'wbich they set out, and hare positively By another clause in the same Act, perrefused to submit the decision of their sons who may have deposits in more claims to Parliament. Those individuals Savings Banks than one, are authorized who have refused to pay the amount de to transfer the whole into one Savings manded, are not themselves to defray the Bank, in order that the limitation to the expenses which are consequent upon legal amount of future deposits may be en. investigation ; it is determined that each forced, which otherwise could uot be parish shall take the responsibility at done. tached to every casc upon itself.

St. Saviour's Church.

The restoration City Police.-During the last year there of St. Saviour's church, Southwark, has were taken before the Lord Mavor at the been just completed, and fornis a splendid Mansion-house, in custody, 1536 persons, ornament in the access to the dew Loa. as felons, disorderlies, rognes and raga- don bridge on the Borough side. Conbonds, &c. Besides these, frequently the siderable part of the old buildings bebusiness of the Guildhall is sent to the tween the church and the river are now Mansion-house; and before that esta about to be removed for an abntment to blishment, last year, 2815 persons were the New Bridge, and to widen the future brought, on charges similar to those street, to which the bridge will join itself, above mentioned. The Lord Mayor has and this ancient and magnificent edifice also to sign permits for all the corn and will be fully exhibited to the view of the fruit

: vessels that enter the river, which public. Whilst a visitor is on the spot, last year amounted to 17,000. The to his antiquarian research will be much tal mumber of affidavits and other papers gratified on entering the building adjoinsigned was upwards of 40,000. The Lord ing the east end of the choir, stiil retaio. Mayor, besides these labours, bas to holding the name of the Spiritual Court, Courts of Aldermen, Courts of Common where multitudes of protestants in the Council, Common Halls, Courts of Con- days of Mary received sentence of con., servancy, Courts of Hustings, the Old demnation to the flames. The light goBailey, the London and the Southwark thic pillars supporting the roof of this Sessions--to preside over the entertain- building will not fail to be admired; and ments at the Mansion House, and over in the same spot is the elegant monumeetings of public charities. The fol ment of Dr. Andrews, Bishop of Winlowing is an account of the number of chester, with his recumbent figure in ponpersons brought before the City Magis- tificalibus. In one of the side ailes of trates during the several Mayoralties, the nave will be seen the monument of from the first of Alderman Wood, in Gower the poet. The tower of this church, 1816, 4,740 ; second of Wood, 6,020 ; as well as the east end, has been restored Alderman C. Smith, 4,800 ; Alderman under the direction of Mr. George Gwilt, Atkins, 4,484 ; Alderman Bridges, 4,612; and is an able specimen of simple and Alderman Thorp, 4,328 ; Alderman Mag- elegant yet massive gothic architecture. nay, 4,428 ; Alderman Heygate, 4,335; The monastery and bishop's palace, pear Alderman Waitbman, 4,351.

? the chureh, are quite in ruins. In the Saving Banks. -- An article has ape latter, when inhabited by bishop Gardipeared ou the subject of those invalnable ner, the fury and cruelty of superstition institutions, which is calculated to mis-'raged to their greatest height. lead the depositors, and to create ground PROMOTIONS, APPOINTMENTS, &c. less misapprehensions and aların. It is Viscount Strangford, Ambassador at stated, that persons luaving funds in more the Sublime Porte, created a Barop of than one Savings Bank after the 20th of the United Kingdom, by the tiilc of Baroa November, will forfeit the whole, and an Strangford, of Clontari, co. Dabliu. extract of a clause in the Act of Parlia- ' Lient. H. J. Puget and Mr. W. Crichtaa,


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