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BEDFORDSHIRE. As two men were digging stone in the Parish of Odell, adjoining the road leading from Boteat to Harrold, near Dungey corner, a skeleton of a female was found about three feet from the surface, supposed to have been murdered, from the situation of the bones, the head lying south, and the feet to the north; the teeth were perfect in the head, and, what is very remarkable, an ivory tooth was in the upper jaw; in the cen. tre of the bones there was found a brilliant stone, by the side of it an ivory comb, a gold pin, bead, and ear-ring of gold.

Married.) At Bedford, J. Amery, esq. to Miss A. D. Foster--At Meppersha J. Kane, M. D. to Miss B. Poynter.

Died.) At Potton, Mrs. Rugeley-At Bedford, Mr. W. H. Wing---At Crowfield, Mrs. Geut.

BERKSHIRE. Married.) Mr. B. Maguire, of Cumberland Lodge, to Miss S. Dalton-R.' Mangles, esq. of Sunninghill, to Miss C. Donelly.

Died.) At Windsor, Mr. R. Russel-Mr. J. Clegg-Mr. W. Grey-At Eton, Mrs. Brown-At Windsor Castle, Lieut, W. Brown. 88–At Read. ing, Mrs. LambAt Sunningdale, Mrs. StewartAl Henley, Mrs. S. Smith.

BUCKINGHAMSHIRE. Died.) At Olney, Mr, T. Hallowell-At New. port Pagnell, Mr. H. Marshall.

CAMBRIDGESHIRE. Married.) At Cambridge, the Rev. W. R. Payne to Miss M. Williams--the Rev. T. Durham to Miss L. Warren-Mr. $. Aveling to Miss J. Grounds, of March-At March, Mr. C. Bates to Miss Pope-Mr. J. Pope to Miss Goldeu.

Died.) At Dullingham House, Major.general Jeaffreson-At Cambridge, Mrs. Butcher.

CHESHIRE. It is determined in Chester to form some plan for co-operating with the towns of Macclesfield and Congleton in an application to Parliament for powers to make a navigable canal between the Peak Forest Canał at Marple, and the Grand Trunk Canal, near the Red Bull, at Lawton.

Married.) At Great Barrow, Mr. R. Higginson to Miss M. BrockAt Frodsham, Mr. S. lleury to Miss Farrell- At Chester, Mr. F. P. Evans to Miss Hughs--At Stockport, Mr. G. Pownall to Miss M. L. HydoAt Everton, Mr. W. Read to Migs M. Jones--Mr. J. Twemlow, of Congleton, to Mrs. Washington.

Dicd.) At Knutsford, Mr. P. Broadhurst-At Chester, Mr. W. Todd-Miss J. Parry-Mr. T. Francis-Miss E. Folliot--Miss Dodd-At Wem, Mrs. A. Phillips, 81--A6 Ansterton, Mr. Gregory -At Frodsham, Mr. W. Caldwell.

CORNWALL. The Logan Stone. The Logan rock has been replaced after three days' labour, by the help of three pair of large sheers, six capstans, worked by eight men each, and a variety of pulleys. Large chain cables were fastened round the rock, and attached to the blocks by which it was liftert. Altogether there were about sixty men employed. The weight of the rock has been variously com. puted, by different persons, at from seventy to

ninety tons. On the first day, when the rock was swung in the air, in the presence of about two thousand persons, mueh anxiety was felt, by those who were present, as to the success of the undertaking. The ropes were much stretched; ibe pulleys, the sheers, and the capstans, all screeched and groaned; and the noise of the ma. chinery was audible at sotne distance. Many were very apprehensive lest so vast a weight might snap all the ropes, and tumble over the precipice, bearing the sheers and scaffoldings away with it; however, the whole went off with great success, The materials were excellent, and, though a rope or two broke, and a link. of one of the chains tore away a small piece of an angle of the rock, which was thrown with much velocity into the sea, yet the rock was safely sup. ported by its complicated tackling, and stands, once more, in precisely its former position ! Lieutenant Goldsmith, who threw it down, was the engineer in replacing it. It is understood that this work is defrayed by subscription. Filty pounds have been given by the London Geological Society.

Married.) Mr.J. Jeffery, of Cuscarne, to Miss L. Curgenven-At St. Hillary, Mr. R. Jago to Miss HI. l'enberthy-At Helston, Mr. W. Odger lo Miss Edwards-At Camelford, Mr. H. Pethick to Miss M. Rabey,

Died.) At West Trevaith, Capt. J. Tregoning At Liskeard, Mr. J. Grigg--Mr. R. Raber-At East Looe, the Rev. M. W. Bernett-At Penrose, Mrs. Billing-At Burlawn, Mr. S. Bati --At Perzance, Mr. E. Jones---At Grampound, Mrs. Symous -At Camelford, J. Lawrence, esq.

CUMBERLAND. A new Act of Parliament is to be applied for in the next Session of Parliament for improving the port of Whitehaven. The trustees have held a meeting, when the measure was determined upon, and the Earl of Lonsdale gave up the exclusive control hitherto vested in his Lordship, as Lord of the Manor of St. Bees, in a portion of the harbour. Another important matter came under discussion, that of building the pier by contract as recommended by Mr. Rennie. Mr. Ma. thieson, who has constructed many extensive works, sent a proposal to the Trustees, which they have submitted to Mr. Rennie. Before the expiration of 1825, the new pier will be completed to the extent of 130 yards, which will be about thirty yards beyond the first angle.

Married.) At Carlisle, Mr. Wannop to Miss E. Young--Mr. J. llodgson to Miss Carruthers--Mr. J. Blacklock to Miss M. Crage-At Peorith, Mr. W. Cains to Miss M. Uullock -Mr. J. Simpson to Miss M. 'Townles-Mr. J. Gibson to Miss E. Hodg. SON- At Whitehaven, Mr. W. Parkinson to Miss A. Green.

Died.] At Carlisle, Mr. T. Lasson--Mr, M. Johoston--Mr. George-At Penrith, Mr. J. Phillips con--Mrs. H. Nicholson At Keswick, Mr. ). Twentyman -- At Linstock, Mr. H. BishopbriggAt Workington, Mr. J. Thompson-- Mrs: M. Jatnie SDN-Mr. J. Dawson-At Wigton, Mr. J. Carlisle.

DERBYSHIRE. Married.) W. C. B. Cave, esq. to Miss M. Ecdes, of Ecclrs--At Derby, Mr. C. Clayton to

Miss A. Hardy-Mr. W. C. Shardlow to Miss E. of money coined in Cheltenham upwards of two
W. Jewelt-Mr. W. Bailey to Miss A. Smith. centuries ago. On one side is inscribed round

Died.) At Hopwell fall, T. Pares-At Alfreton, Mrs. Morewood -At Chesterfield, Mi, W.

the edge, " John Moxon," and in the centre, Creswick, Mrs. Rooth Mr. J. Storrs.

"His Halfe-penny, and on the reverse;" In

Cheltenham, 1567," and in the centre the initials,

uj. M." It is it perfect preservation.
A very extraordinary discovery has been made Married.) At Stroud, J. Cripps, esq. to Miss
by T. Northmore, Esq. during some gevlogical

E. A. Cooke-Mr. J. Petley to liss s. White, of investigations in the neighbourhood of Torquay.

Tewkesbury-W. Cox, esg. of the Mount, Inch

brook, to Miss E. Clerksou--Mr. J. Davis, of In the celebrated cavern of Kent's Hole he has Frampton-on-Severn, to Miss S. Salcomb - At found under the stalactical incrustation, buried Arening, the Rey. H. Newbury to Miss E. Day. in the mould, several teeth of the hyena, wild

Died.) At Combe, near Wolton-under-edge, s. boar, wolf, and various bones of other animals

Dyer, esq.-At Cirencester, Mrs. Richardson-At

Gloucester, Mrs. L. Johnson, 78 Mr. B. Carter, of not yet identified.

Fairford--Ac Stroud, Mrs. Parry--At Tewkesbury,
Married.) At Bideford, A. R. Hawkins, esg. Mrs. Westwood--At Chacely, Mr. T. Pope.
to Miss Boatfield-At Sidmouth, T. Magrath, esq.
M. D. to Miss C. Barnett-At Monitoa, Mr.J.

Channon to Miss Minifie At Heavitree, Licut.-
col. C. Plenderleath to Miss H. W. De Paiba-Mr.

A plan is in agitation to unite the Basingstoke Doidge, of Kingford, to Miss Arthur-At Dilti

canal with the Kennet and Avon between New. sham, Mr. Gains to Miss II. Trist--At Stonehouse bury and Aldermaston; which it is expected Chapel, Gen. Pampeluna to Miss S. Davie-At will make the former, which has hitherto been a Torrington, Mr. Stoly lo Miss Clyde-At Stoke, the Rev. Bridge to Miss T. Tucker.

losing concern, productive of some advantage to
Died.) At Exeter, P. Cornish, esq.-G. Webber, the shareholders.
esq.-Mr. R. Jordan-Mr. Horswill-Mrs. E. Phil. Married). At Southampton, Mr. F. Starkes, to
lips-Mr. R. Drake-Mrs. E. Hill-At Kingstein Miss M. A. Fielder--Mr. G. Quirk to Miss N.
ton, Miss E. Collis-Au Clovelly, Capt. G. Bryant Mitchel-J. C. W. Acherley, esq. to Miss H. C.
At Plymouth, Mrs. Williams--Mrs. Hares--Capt. Fairfax-lhe Rev. C. Jackson to Miss A. Kuightley.
J. Weeks, R. N.-At Dartmouth, N. Brooking: Died.] At Lee House, Mrs. Fletcher-At Christ.
esq:--Miss Woolcott--At Sidmouth, Mrs. Rafarei church. Miss M. Budden-At Andover, Mrs. Har.
-At Witlocksworthy, near King bridge, W. Square, ries-Mr. A. Banks-At Romsey, Mr. Weelman.
esq.-At Rackenford, w. Barne, esq.--At Torquay,
Mrs. Huchinson-Miss Rowe - At Stonehouse,

Mrs. Houseal-At Barnstaple, J. Anstice, esq. Married.) Mr. H. A. Beaven to Miss M. Her
At Torpoict, Mr. E. Syle--At Mountway Cottage,
Mrs. Bowdítch-At Honiton, Mrs. G. Flood.

ring, of Flereford-At Weston, Mr. W. c. Cocks to

Miss M. Rudge.

Died.) At Mitchel, near Ledbury, Mrs. Shipton

-At Holmer Lodge, Mrs. Rogers-Mr. T. PenMarried.) Mr. E. P. Davy, of Beauminster, to dry, of Ailstone Hill-At Ross, the Rev. T. King., Miss M. George, of Chilton-At Melbury Abbas, Mr. S. Foot to Miss E. G. Foot-At Dorchester,


weet Mr. W. Masters to Miss J. Smith-At Beaumin

Married.) Al Rickmunsworth, W. Wells, esq. ster, Mr. E. Kidule to Miss M. Sherring.

to Miss A. Pinder. Died.) Miss E. $. Cossins, of Weymouth-At

Died.) At Hoddesden, Mrs. A. Jermya.
Weymouth, Miss E. M. Vassell-At Wimborne
Moster, Mr. J. Stainer-At Lyme, Mr. J. Gleed.


Married.) At Huntingdon, Mr. J. Phillips to

Miss M. E. South.
Married.) At Darlington, Mr. C. Brown to
Miss F. J. Mind-At Cliester-le-street, Mr. Blakey ley, esq.-At Huntingdon, Mr. C. Negus-Mr. F.

Died.] At the Priors near St. Ncot's, O. Row.
to Miss A. Gibson ----At Bishopwearmoath, the Langley.
Rev. Mr. Carr to Miss Ilazlewood.

Died.) T. Backhouse, esq. of East Lodge, near
Darlingion-At Darlington, Mrs. Pease-At Ches. The grand union between the Thames and Mech
ter.le-street, Miss M. uudson-At Croft, near
Darlington, M. H. Greathead.

way will be effected very shortly, by means of

one of the largest tunnels in the world. This

great public undertaking commences immediately
Married.) At Chelinsford, Mr. E. Fullager to from the Port of London, below Gravesend, where
Miss E. Summers-Ai Toileshunt Darcy, s. Dar there is a large river lock, capable of admitting
Fey, esq. to Miss E. G. Harvey-Al Colchester, W.
Scoti, esq. to Miss Carter-The Rev. T. Parry to

vessels of 200 tons into a capacious hasin, with Miss L. Hlution--At Harwich, Mr. G. Taylor to

commodious wharfage. The canal, which is fifty
Miss M. Caudler-At Maldon, Mr. W. Peters to feet wide, and seven feet deep in water, passes
Mrs. M. Wells At Wanstead, Mr. J. Philpot to
Miss J. Sack eti-At Pebinarsh, Mr. Beardwell to

through the marsh lands to Higham, a distance Miss M. A. Balls.

of nearly five miles, where the tunnel begins, Died.) At Colchester, J. Auriel, esq.–J. Baw which is twenty-two feet wide on the water level, tree, esq.--The Rev. G. Smythies, 89_Mi. T. Catch and eight feet deep at spring tides, twenty-four pool, --At Mistley, Mr. J. Long--At Chelmsford, Capt. J. Caldwell-At Writtle, Mrs. C. Mason—AĆ

feet six inches high from the water surface to the Springfield Place, Mrs. Tufaell-At East Thorpe, apex of the arch, with a towing.path five feet Mr. Poller-At Suham Hall, Boxford, Miss L. wide. The tunnel continues under the chalk hills Tuto-At Southminster, Mr. J. Ketcher--The Rev.

upwards of two miles, where it terminates in a S. Morell, of Little Bashdow-At Harwich, Mrs. G. Frost-Mr. Plume, of Lexden-Al Springfield, Mr.

very large basin, commanded by a lock entering T. Digby-Al Harlow, Mrs. M. Crab.

into the Medway, and capable of receiving vessels

of 300 tons. The whole length of this canal, GLOUCESTERSHIRE.

from the river Thames to the Medway, is only A few days since the gardener employed in the seven miles and a quarter ; by this very short line Shrubberies of Marl Hill, the seat of R. Capper, all the circuitous, tedious, and oftentimes dan. esq. dug up a small coin, about the size of an old gerous passage round the Nore is avoided, there. farthing, which on inspection proved to be a piece by saving from forty to fifty miles, and forming


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easy communication from the interior of Kent with the North of England. This important line also opens a communication from Tonbridge by means of the Regent's and Grand Junction Canals to Branstone in Northamptonshire, for the same-sized craft, without any trans-shipment of goods, which may be forwarded to any of the Noribern ports of England. Craft from seven to eighteen feet beam can navigate the whole line.

Married.) At Greenwich, J. Preston, esq. to Miss M. A. Field-At Deptford, Lieut. W. C. Burbige, R. N. to Miss Ilambly-At Dover, Mr. J. Burrill to Miss A. Finis-At Folkstone, Mr, W. Hart to Miss S. Boxer.

Died.) At Margate, the Dowager Lady DrydenAl Sandgate, Mrs. lloare-At Greenwich, Mr. S. Smith, 95-At Folkstone, Mrs. Baker--At Can. terbury, Mr. J. Mathews – Mrs. C. White-At Maidstone, Mr. Sloman, sen.

LANCASHIRE. A prospectus of the Liverpool and Manchester Rail-road has been issued. It is proposed that the line should commence near the Prince's Dock, Liverpool, thence to Vauxhall-road, then through Bootle, Walion, Fazakeriy, Croxteth, Kirby, Knowsiey, Eccleston, Windle, Sutton, Haydock, Newtou in Mackerfield, Golborn, Lowton, Leigh, Pennington, Astley, Irlam, Worsley, Eccles, Pendlebury, Salford, Hulme, to the neighbourhood of the westerly end of Water-street, Manchester: in the whole, a distance of about thirty-three miles. The estimated expense of the rail-road, upon the most improved construction, including the charge for locomotive machines, to be employed on the line, and other contingencies, is 400,0001.-—-which sum it is proposed to raise in 4000 shares of 1001. each.

Married.] Mr. W. Debman, of Manchester, to Miss A. Watson-At Lincaster, Mr. Tillotson to Miss Heaton--Al Manchester, Mr. T. Pearsou to Miss A. Taylor-Mr. W. Kenyon to Miss M. Au. dren-Mr. M. Deemster to Miss E. Livesey.

Died.] Alliochdale, Mrs. Holt-At Warring. ton, Mrs. Pickmere--At Wigan, Mr. Roycroft-Al Liverpool. W. lugham, esq.-At Hoole, near Pres. Lon. J. Rothwell, esq.

LEICESTERSHIRE. Married.) At Leicester, Mr. A. P. Scaife to Miss M. A. Musson-Mr. G. C. Lever to Miss Woodward--Al Mistertop, Mr. T. Cooper to Miss M. A. Cooper-At Sibson, Mr. J. White, jud. to Miss E. Choyce.

Died ) Al Syston, Mrs. Woodcock--At Leicester, Mrs. Staines-At Great Bowden, Mr. R. Cort.

MONMOUTHSHIRE. Married.) The Rev. J. Saunders to Mrs. Pro thero, of Usk-H. Daries, esq. of Moumouth, to Aliss M. A. Birt. Died.] Al Argoed Ycha, J. Yorath, esq.

NORFOLK. A meeting of the Eau Brink Commissionen was held Ely, on Taesday last, pursuant to adjournment from the quarterly meeting at Lyon. The meeting was fully and most respectably at. tended, and Sir W. B. Folkes was called to be chair. A long discussion took place on the pra. priety of reading to the meeting the opinion of counsel relative to the return to be made to the mandamus obtained by the Marshland Proprietors (several individuals connected with Marekland being present at the meeting) : whiclı terminated in the appointment of a select committee to consider the question and report thereon to the meeting. The committee retired with the solki. tor, and recommended the opinion to be silbheki. A resolution was then moved by the Rer. W, Gale Townicy, that a committee be appointed 10 consider the leads of a bill for widening the cut, for repealing the clauses for the drainage of Marslıland, and for placing the engineers under the control of the commissioners; but the cominissioners from Marshland, present at the meeting, refusing to bind themselves to agree to the bill, the motion was negatived. It was tben mored, that a committee be appointed to reprosent llie several parties interested in the widening of the cut, and the draining of Marshland, for the purpose of considering whether any plads could be devised for reconciling the existing differ. ences between the Marshland proprietors and the Commissioners at large. A long and animated discussion took place on this resolution, which was at length carried by a considerable majority, and the meeting broke up.

Married.) At Norwich, the Ree. T. Mcthold to Miss S. M. Forster--Mr. S. Carrington to Miss Cushung-Mr. W.Stannard to Miss E. Tooley-Mr. G. Weimar to Miss E. Frost-Capt. R. Rising lo Miss C.C. Dawson-Mr. C. Steward to Miss M. M. Daws01--Mr. T. M. Keith to Miss M. Biake Mr. J. Grimes to Miss Jervis-Mr. J. Copeau L Miss H. Cole-Mr. J. G. Carter to Miss N. A. Howlett-At Ditchingham, the Rev. J. liopper to Miss L. C. Bedingfield--At Yarmouth, Capt. Moss to Mrs. Gooda-Mr. J. Brownfield to Miss S. bese wick, of Trowse Newton.

bied.) At Norwich, Mr. R. Priest-Mr. H. Arnold Mrs. Johnson -- Miss R. Basker-Mr. Nobbs-Al Burnham Westgate, Miss F. Blyth-At Yarniouth, Mrs. E. Woolsey-Mr. E. DurrantMrs. R. Cotton-Mrs. I.. Brown-Mrs. M Bwat Mrs. Artis-Mr. J. Millet-Mrs. Smith-r. I. Downing- Mr. W. Brady-At Stanford, Nie, Tay. lor, of Costessy Lodge-At Gicat Dunham, Niss E. Chamberlayne-At Moulton, Miss N. Bush.

LINCOLNSHIRE. There is a renewed expectation that the great measure of a canal from Stamford to Market Harborough will shortly be proposed, freed of the party opposition which interrupted the project fourteen years ago. At Harborough (twenty miles from Stamford) communication will be obtained with the Grand Union Canal; and thus the Eastern, Western, and Southern sides of the king. dom will be connected by direct inland navigation.

Married.) At Boston, Mr. J. Howard to Miss R. M. Fowler-T. Pustlethwaite, esq. to Miss S. II. Norton-At Stainfield, Mr. Sutton to Mrs. Paddison the Res. C. Day, of Falkingham, to Mrs. Sinith At Greatford, Mr. C. Greeu to Miss M. E. Parkiv. son-At Wainfleet, St. Mary's, Mr. N. Porter to Miss M. Asnip.

Died.) AL' Heckington, Mr. G. Presgrove-S. Allenby, esq. of Maidenwell--At Lincolo, W. Hall, esq.-At Canwick, Mr. G. Goulding--At Burgh Mrs. Clarke-Mr. E. Iloward, of Nocton.

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. Married.) At Spratlon, Mr. R. Fellows to Miss A. Goodman-At Daventry, E. S. Burton, es4. 10 Miss A. M. Waikins-At Watford, Mr. T. Abbot to Miss E. Moore.

Died.At Old, Mrs. Roe-At Potton, Mrs. Rugeley – Lady Dryden, of Canons Ashbs-At Byfield, Mrs. Lake--At Broughton, the fiev, A. S. Matthew, 91-At Pitsford Lodge, Mrs. Britton -At West Haddoo, Mr. T. Whitwell-At Yelver toft, Mr. T. Clar ridge-At Brackley, J. Yates, esq. At Creaton, Nr. L. Atchison.

NORTHUMBERLAND. A meeting of the Northern Railway and Canal Committee was lately held at Newcastle, and

STAFFORDSHIRÉ. Married.] Mr. J. Lea to Miss A. M. Simcox, of Harborne.

Died.) At Lichfield, Mrs. Huchinson-AtShen. stone, near Lichfield, II. Case, esq.

was numerously attended. Mr. Chapman presented to the meeting a detailed report both as to the cost of a railway and the cost of a canal, and also as to the probable revenue from each ; and the committee ordered this report to be printed and circulated previously to their next meeting. Mr. Chapman estimates the expense of a railway at 252,0001., or about 40001. per mile, and that of a canad at 888,0001., or about 14,0001. per mile.

Married.) Al Newcastle on-Tyne, Mr. R. Usher to Miss Jackson--Mr. M. Carr to Miss M. A. James, of Hebron-Mr. R. Storer to Mrs, Wilson.

Died.) At Easingwold, Mrs. Millar--At New. castle, Mrs. Ludlow-Mrs. Brown-Mrs. KiddE. Craster, esņ.-Mrs. S. Walker-Miss Richmond.


SUFFOLK. A meeting lately took place of the Life Boat Committee of Suffolk, when it was unanimously resolved that some relief should be immediately extended to them out of the present funds; and it having been represented that the Languard Fort Boat, which is properly termed the Ipswich Boat, required some repairs, which were timated at about 351. it was agreed that such sum should be voted out of the general fund-or rather the capital and not the annual fund for that purpose, and that a further sum of 201. be granted to each of the establishments, to be called into action and made available in cases of emergency.

Married.) At Diss, Mr. Gosling to Miss 11. Preston, of Sowmarket-Mr. J. Freeman to Miss C. Baker, of Thornham Parva-At Beccles, Mr. Johnson to Miss E. Woolner.

Died.) At Ipswich, Mr. R. HarrisMrs. Whitney-Mr. R. Porter-Capt. T. Tranter-Mrs. A. Pitt-Mrs. M. Abbott-Mrs. Torell.

NOTTINGHAMSHIRB. Married.) At Nottingham, Mr. F. Ward to Miss H. Shaw Mr. W. Guun to Miss M. SalmonMr. 1). Mason to Miss M. Marsball-Mr. J. Clayton to Miss M, A. Markham--Mr. T. Srimshaw to Mrs. M. Allen-Mr.J. Crowder to Miss A. Alcock.

Died.) At Nolingham, Mr. J. Walker W. Hothwaite-Mr. G. Rogers---Mr. G. Hazard-Miss E. Catler-Hr. R. SummersMr. J. Ashling-Mr. T. Moss-Mrs. Bradley-Al Spitalgate tlouse, Grane tham, W. King, esq.

OXFORDSHIRE. Married. At Bicester, Mr. W. Phillips to Miss S. Foster--The Rev. T. Parry, late of Baliol Col. lege, lo Miss L. Iutton.

Died.) At Oxford, Mr. J. Curtis - Mrs. K. Drewitt-At Burston, Mrs. M. Jennings.

RUTLANDSHIRE. Marrier.) At Lyddington, Mr. T. Bevon to Miss C. Peach-Ai Ayston, Sir P. Musgrove to Miss E. Fludyer, of Ayston Hall.

Died.) At Glaston, near Uppingham, Mrs. Farmer-At Belton, Mrs. Neal.

SHROPSHIRE. Married.) At Shiffnall, M. Jellett, esq. to Miss S. Harding-A Kington, Mr. M. S. Moythan to Miss H. Turner-At Ellesmere, Mr. Wilkinson to Miss Marsh-At Shrewsbury, Mr. Shaw to Mrs. Barnett-Mr. H. Watkins to Miss J. Legh.

Died.) At Grinshill, Mr. P. Kilvert - Mrs. Valm ley, of Edstaton Park-Mr. J. Overton, of Stars Coppice-Mrs. Anderson, of Ludlow-Mrs. A. Phillips, of Whitchurch.

SOMERSETSHIRE. The trustees of the Bridgwater turnpike-roads have resolved on constructing a new line of road (on the Bristol branch) from Bridgwater to Paw. lett, whereby one mile and a half will be saved, and the steep hill at Puriton avoided. This, to. gether with other improvements now carrying into effect by the Bristol and Bridgwater trusts, will reduce the distance between Bristol and Taunton nearly four miles, besides important advantages in avoiding and levelling hills.

Married.) At Wilton, near Taunton, Capt. L. Owen-J.T. Addams, esq. of Taunton, to Miss E. Holland-At Taunton, Mr. R. Day to Miss S. Coles -- At Shepton Mallett, Mr. P. Batly-At Bridgwater, Mr. R. Hulman to Mrs. PerkinsCapt. w. Dingley to Miss U. Mallic-At Frome, H. Bird, esq. to Miss M. Baker-At Bath, Capt. Day to Miss E. Hartsidck.

Died.) At Bath, Mrs. Pinkney-Mrs. E. Prowse -Mrs. Mainwaring, Lieut. col. Steele-Mr. Small. combe-Mrs. Pistor-Mrs. Ormond-Mr. T. Ed. wards---Mr. O. Milsom--Mrs. Dudding---Mr. Jessop -Mr. C. Palmer-Mrs. Withers---Miss S. Pye-Mi. Boyce-Miss M. Mullett-the Rer. E. D. StaleAt Shepton Mallet, Mr. J. Padfield-Near Taunton, Mary Larway, 107-Mrs. Woodford -- Mr. R. Shaw.

SUSSEX The workmen employed in forming the tunnel under the road at Kemp Town, near Brighton, discovered numerous teeth and bones, which were at first supposed to be part of human skeletons, but, upon being examined by a gentleman conversant with sucha subjects, were ascertained to be. long to the horse and the elephant. Similar organic remains are commonly found in diluvial beds, like that on which Brighton is situated, and are evidently antediluvian remains.

The towa is built upon an accumulation of water-worn materials which all up a valley of the chalk. A short time since, the rib of a very large animal, supposed to be that of an elephant, was discovered in the bank on the west side of Shorcham har. bour. Mr. Mantell has discovered in the iron. sandstone of this county, the teeth of an berbivorous reptile of a gigantic magnitude. This animal approaches nearer to the Iguana of Barbadoes, than to any other recent lizard; and it is proposed to distinguish it by the name of Iguano-saurus. Detached parts of the skeleton, as vertebræ, thigh bones, &c. have also been found, of which a particular account will be laid before the scientific public. Mr. Mantell has part of a thigh-bone in his possession, which there is every reason to conclude is referable to this animal ; its size is so great, that, upon a moderate computation, the individual to which it belonged must have equalled the elephant in height, and been upwards of sizty feet long.

Married.] At West Grinstead Park, G. Shaw, esq. to the Hon. F. Erskine-At Brighton, the Rev. J. P. Voules to Miss A. M. Daniel.

Died.] At Brighton, Mr. Rice-At Hastings, Sir W. Young--The Rev. H. Bishop, of Chiddingly.

WARWICKSHIRE. Married.) At Coventry, Mr. S. Bushell to Miss H. Newsome-At Rugby, the Rev. D. Winstanley to Miss J. F. Birch,

Died. At Baxterley, Miss M. K. Boultbee-At Fillongley, Mr. J. Stone'.


Picton, has been transmitted to Lord Dyrever, Married.) At Warcup, near Appleby, Mr. G. for the approval of the Committee, and is from a Frankland to Miss A. Bland.

design of Mr. Nash. The subscription exceeds Died.) At Ainbleside, Mrs. M. Hayse, 77. 18001., and the building will shortly be can WILTSHIRE.


Married.) At Conway, Mr. R. Davies to Miss The fifth annual meeting of the Salisbury and

Jones-- AtGlandastry. Mr. P. Bate to Miss C. Lewis Wiltshire Library and Reading Society, was held At Llanasa, Mr. E. Williams to Miss C. Foulkes on the 7th ult, at the society's rooms in the Mar, At Penmark, T. W. Booker, esq. to Miss J. A. ket-place, when a very favourable report was

Coghlan-At Llanbeblig, Mr. R. W. Jones, of

Carnarvon, to Miss J. Roberts. presented of the state of its funds, and of the

Died. At Marsgwyn, Denbigh, Mrs. Lloyd-At progress which has been made, under the ans. Holywell, Miss Broad At Glanrafon, Mr. E. W. pices of its president, and through the exertions Williams- At Gwernevey, Mr. J. Brown. of its other officers and committee, in the fulfilment of the objects of its foundation, the pro

SCOTLAND. motion of social and literary intercourse, and the formation of a permanent library, for reference

A remarkably fine specimen of lunar rajo. as well as amusement. More than 700 select

bow was witnessed at Middleton, Linlithgor

shire, iwelve miles west of Edinburgh, on Friday volumes in various branches of literature have

the 1st ult. about ten o'clock in the evening. been collected, amongst which are numerous pre:

This beautiful meteor, when first obserred, was sentations. An highly interesting cabinet of mineralogical specimens is also in the charge of fully formed, and the segment which it described the institution; and the whole is admirably cal

on a rather dull cloudy sky, every where distinctly culated to gratify the lover of science, from the

and even strongly marked. The rainbow began enlarged facilities which it affords for keeping in the space of about three minutes had totally

to fade a minute or two after being first seen, and pace with the current information of the day. Married.) At Tilshead, Mr. W. H. Pearce to

vanished. The observer did not recollect haring Miss M. A. Norris-At Winterborne Earls, Mr. G. witnessed any solar rainbow, the forma:ion of Whitclock to Miss E. Shergofd-At Calpe, Mr. J. which was more uniform and regular; but, as Bailey to Miss M. Fuller. Died) At Bradford, R. IIooper. esq.-At Salis.

was naturally to be expected, the lunar had not bury, Capt. K. Mackenzie, R. N.-Mrs. Wapsherr.

that largely expanded arch which distinguishes

the solar one, and being of a dull white, displayed WORCESTERSHIRE.

none of its variety and brilliancy of colours. It Married.] Ac Worcester, Mr. Knight to Mrs. may be observed, however, that owing to the sur. Joyce,

rounding darkness, the lunar rainbow, though Died.) J. Smith, esq. of Blakeshill-At Worces by no means so striking an object as that proter, Mrs. Read.

duced by the sun, is a far more singular and YORKSHIRE.

imposing sight. The Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society

Married.) At Alburn, Mr.J. N'Nanght to Miss opened its sittings last month. W. Hey, Esq. Vice

M: Langmuir-At Glasgow, Mr. P. M'Keezie to

Miss A. Wilson-A. Warrand, esq. to Bliss E. V. President, occupied the chair, and congratulated D. Duff, of Muirtowi, Inverness At Ratcleagh. the Society on the encouraging aspect of its affairs, Berwickshire, W. Macintosh, esq. to Miss A). especially in reference to the increase of the

Stewart - At Edinburgh, T. Henderson, esq. to

Miss A. Miller. Museum, which had received several valuable

Died 1 At Glasgow, Mrs. Blair-Mr. Ewingpresents since the termination of the last session. At Edinburgh, Mr. N. Mills-Vr. J. Veitch-Ms. He also noticed the improved arrangement of its

R. Wellwood-Mrs. M. Jeffray-J. Pitcairu, eso specimens, for which it had been thought neces

Mrs. A. D. C. Douglas-Miss M. Pringle-Ur.l.

W. Campbell-Miss J. Thompson, sary to close the Hall (now open to visitors) for about a fortnight. After the usual preli

TRBLAND. minary business, a paper by Dr. Williamson was read, entitled 'A retrospect of Philo phical So. A quarry of most beautiful green marble has cieties, and some considerations on the advantages been within the last six months discovered ob connected with them.'

the estate of John d'Arcy, Esq. of Clifdea Castle, A meeting was lately held at Leeds, to consider in the county of Galway. Some of the most and determine on the propriety of applying to Par scientific men in England, to whom 'specimens liament during the next session, for making a turn have been shewn with merely the 'Galway polisa pike road from Leeds to Bramley. It is intended upon them, designate the marble as “ precious to commence from the Kirkstall road, between serpentine," more beautiful in shade and colour Spring Gardens and Burley-Lane, to pass over the than the much admired. Verde Antique." The river Aire near Armey mills, where, of course, a only quarry of green marble ever found in Great bridge will be erected, and terminate at the top Britain was discovered in Wales, but it was con. of Cockshott-lane, near Bramley.

vertible to no purpose. Egypt or Ireland is, Married.) At Bramley, Mr. B. Ross to Miss S. therefore, our only resource for this valuable Driver--At Bradford, Mr. J. Barret to Miss J. stone. Lambert-Al Headingley, Mr. J. Hutchinson to Miss F. Waite- Mr. J. Forrest to Miss S. Roc.

Married. At Dublin, Major Logan to Miss FurDied.) At Leeds, the Rev. T. Langdon-Mr. J.

long-P. H. Caulfield, esq. to Miss Hoey-Mr. A. Rothery-Mr. T. Moon-At Woodhouse, Mr. W.

Marks to Miss F. Blakeney_W. Traill, esq. to Spence-At Clitheroe, Miss S. Bawdwen.

Miss L. Lloyd-M. O'Meara, esat. to Miss M. A.

L. Russel. Vance, esq. to Miss J. Thornhill. WALES.

Died.) At Dublin, E. H. Hall, esq-Mrs. Eades The plan for the erection of a Monument to

---the Earl of Anuesley, 80 --Mr. R. Burke-air. J. commeinorate the public services of Sir Thomas

Congan-Miss E. Kelly--Mrs. Mason-Mrs. Hale the Rev. C. R. Maturin.

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