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tongue, and nation, and hast made us unto our God kings and priests.”

“Coelo quos eadem gloria consecrat.”
Ye that are now in heavenly glory one,

May we together join, with earthly voice,
Hymning your everlasting victories, won

By arduous labours, and the better choice.
Now love and unveiled truth doth feed for aye,

And ye drink full of joy's o'erflowing wells,
Where slakes the soul her thirst that cannot die;

And by the sacred fountain ever dwells.

From inmost shrines from whence the Godhead

streams, The King, himself, with his own countenance, Shines o'er you, and, unsparing of his beams,

Fills the soul's dwelling with his radiance.

From out the golden altar, 'neath the throne,

Blood of the Innocent for mercy pleads;
Shed in the cause of Him who sits thereon,

For ever sues anew, and ever bleeds.

Mid lightnings numberless, thro' the dim vast

Of light, the adoring elders bow them down,
To Him, whose kingdom shall for ever last;

And each before him casts his golden crown.
Nations and languages of countless tongue,
With jubilant palm, and robes washed white in


For ever sing the inexpressive song,

Him the thrice holy, and the only Good. Glory on earth, and glory be above,

To Father, Son, and Spirit, ever blest. Who with o’erflowing, boundless love,

Saints to their fulness fill with perfect rest. *

I love thy kingdom, Lord,

The house of thine abode;
The church our blest Redeemer saved

With his own precious blood.
I love thy church, O God!

Her walls before thee stand,
Dear as the apple of thine eye,

And graven on thy hand.
If e'er to bless thy sons

My voice or hands deny,
These hands let useful skill forsake,

This voice in silence die.

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Beyond my highest joy

I prize her heavenly ways;
Her sweet communion, solemn vows,

Her hymns of love and praise. .
Jesus, thou Friend divine,

Our Saviour, and our King,
Thy hand from every snare and foe

Shall great deliverance bring.

Sure as thy truth shall last,

To Zion shall be given
The brightest glories earth can yiell,

And brighter bliss of heaven.



High on his everlasting throne,

The King of saints his work surveys; Marks the dear souls he calls his own,

And smiles on that peculiar race. He rests well pleased their toil to see,

Beneath his easy yoke they move, With all their heart and strength agree,

In the sweet labour of his love.

His eye the world at once looks through

A vast, uncultivated field; Mountains and vales in ghastly show,

Abarren, uncouth prospect yield.

Cleared of the thorns by civil care,

A few less hideous wastes are seen; Yet still they all continue bare,

And not one spot of earth is green.
See where the servants of their God,

A busy multitude appear!
For Jesus day and night employed,

His husbandry they toil to clear.
The love of Christ their hearts constrains,

And strengthens their unwearied hands; They spend their blood, and sweat, and pains,

To cultivate Emmanuel's lands.

Alarmed at their successful toil,

Satan and his wild spirits rage,
They labour to tear up and spoil,

And blast the rising heritage.
In every wilderness they sow
· The seed of death, the carnal mind;
They would not let one virtue grow,

Nor leave one seed of good behind.
Yet still the servants of the Lord,

Look up and calmly persevere; Supported by the Master's word,

The adverse powers they scorn to fear. Gladly their happy work pursue ;

The labour of their hands is seen, Their hands the face of earth renew;

Some spots at least are lively green.

To dig the ground they thus bestow

Their lives, from every softened clod They gather out the stones, and sow

The immortal seed, the word of God. They water it with tears and prayers,

Then long for the returning word; Happy, if all their pains and cares,

Can bring forth fruit to please the Lord. Jesus their work delighted sees,

Their industry vouchsafes to crown; He kindly gives the wished increase,

And sends the promised blessing down. The sap of life, the Spirit's powers,

He rains incessant from above; He all his gracious fulness showers,

To perfect their great work of love.

O multiply thy sower's seed,

And fruit we every hour shall bear; Throughout the world thy gospel spread,

Thy everlasting grace declare; We all in perfect love renewed,

Shall know the greatness of thy power, Stand in the temple of our God,

As pillars, and go out no more.

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