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The following argument is a sequel to two that have preceded it. I. “How is the World to be Converted ? or, Christians Christ's Representatives and Agents for the Conversion of the World.” II. “Faith the Principle of Missions,"

Like them, it was prepared by the author as Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Missions; read in substance before the Synod of South Carolina; and by it ordered for publication. And as the first was commended to the Board of Publication, and the second was also published by it, this also is issued through it, that the voice of this southern Synod may be heard and find an

echo in the hearts of dear brethren and sisters in the Lord throughout the length and breadth of the land, and all the tribes of Israel come up together “to the help of the Lord, to the help of the Lord against the mighty.”

Exert thy power, thy rights maintain,
Insulted-everlasting King!
The influence of thy crown increase,
And strangers to thy footstool bring.

We long to see that happy time,
That dear, expected, blessed day!
When countless myriads of our race
The second Adam shall obey.

The prophecies must be fulfilled,
Though earth and hell should dare oppose;
The Stone cut from the mountain's side,
Though unobserved, to empire grows.

Soon shall the blended Image fall —
Brass, silver, iron, gold, and clay;
And superstition's gloomy reign
To light and liberty give way.

In one sweet symphony of praise,
Gentile and Jew shall then unite;
And Infidelity, ashamed,
Sink in the abyss of endless night.

Soon Afric's long benighted sons
Shall join with Europe's polished race,
To celebrate, in different tongues,
The glories of redeeming grace.

From east to west, from north to south,
Emmanuel's kingdom shall extend;
And every man, in every face,
Shall meet a brother and a friend.

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