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Faith's meanest deed more favour bears,

Where hearts and wills are weighed,
Than brightest transports, choicest prayers,

Which bloom their hour and fade.

Was it not for this end God sent Christ into the world—that the world through him might be saved? Was it not for this end Christ came into the world, and laid down his life—that whosoever believeth in him might not perish, but have everlasting life? Was it not for this cause the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, was given unto the world that the world through him might be convinced, converted, and saved ? Love to God, love to men, and the desire by every sacrifice and service which God could render, to deliver men from the awful consequences of sin, and to expel it from the kingdom of God, these unquestionably are the moral elements which enter into the gospel, and the whole scheme of salvation. Reunion with God through faith in Christ, and sanctification of the Spirit, will, therefore, assuredly implant these principles in the believing heart. The love of God in giving

Christ, the love of Christ in giving himself, and the love of the Spirit in enkindling love to both, cannot fail to awaken love to our fellow-men; love to the whole race of men; love to that world which God loved; for which Christ became a propitiation, and for which the Spirit works; and love to men in their highest character and greatest need that is, to men as immortal, and as exposed to everlasting misery.

This is the will of God, and this must be the will of all who love God. This was the spirit of Christ, and this must be the spirit of all his followers. This is the love of the Spirit, and this love must witness with our spirits that we are, indeed, the children of God. God's will to save the world led him to give his only begotten Son, and to work for its redemption hitherto in all the works of creation, providence, and grace. Christ's will led him to give bimself a ransom and a redeemer, and ever to live, and reign, and work for the furtherance of his glorious gospel. And the will of the Holy Spirit led him to work in the hearts of all who believe to will and to do according to God's merciful designs. Union, therefore, to Christ implies and requires union with him in his Spirit, in his love to God, in his abhorrence of sin, in his sacrifice, in all his designs and desires for the perfect consummation of God's decree, and for the complete fulfilment of his glorious inheritance, when the heathen and the uttermost parts of the earth shall be given to him for his possession, and when “all the ends of the world shall remember and turn unto the Lord; when all the kindreds of the earth shall worship before him, and when the kingdom shall become the Lord's, and he shall be the governor among the nations.” Ps. xxii.

Behold, he comes! Christ nearer draws,

And to his glorious mission cause
Welcomes his own with words of grace and might:

“Peace be to you!”—their peace, who stand

In sentry with God's sword in hand, The peace of Christ's loved champions warring in his


“Peace be to you!”—their peace, who feel

E'en as the Son the Father's seal,
So they the Son's; each in his several sphere

Gliding, on fearless angel wing,

One heart in all, one hope, one King,
Each an apostle true, a crowned and robed seer.

Sent as the Father sent the Son,

'T is not for you to swerve nor shun Or power or peril; ye must go before

If caught in the fierce bloody shower,

Think on your Lord's o’erwhelming hour; Are ye not priests to Him who the world's forfeit bore?

The will of God, revealed as the ground of faith, and the law and measure of obedience, is not, then, it will be seen, revealed merely for the salvation of Christian nations, but also for the salvation of the heathen to the uttermost parts of the earth. This is the will and the work of God, on which he has set his heart, and to secure which he invokes the coöperation of all who love and obey him.

This is the end and aim of the Church, and of the gospel, and of every Christian. They are as light, as leaven, as servants, as co-workers with God, as an holy priesthood that whatever position they providentially occupy, they may employ their means, their prayers, their influence, and their ex

ertions, to the extent of self-denying sacrifice, in order to impart the knowledge of salvation to the heathen, and to the uttermost parts of the earth.

O Lord! when sin's close-marshalled line

Urges thy witness on his way,
How should he raise thy glorious sign,

And how thy will display!
Thus holy Paul, with soul of flame,

Rose on Mars' Hill, a soldier lone;
And thus preach we the atoning name,

Though but with hearts of stone.


WILL OF GOD, IS SIN. We have seen, then, what is God's will. Man is God's creature. Life is God's gift. Faculties of body and mind, opportunities for employing them, influence and means of doing good, all are God's talents! And what man ought to be, what a man ought to believe, and what a man ought to do, is clearly determined by God's will as revealed for his guidance.

But sin has originated an opposite will. Satan rules in the hearts and minds of unre

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