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letter; and God is made a liar-a deceiver -an unjust or arbitrary sovereign, whose will ought to be disobeyed.

Let this truth then be imbedded in the very foundation of our heart's creed. Let it become a first principle, as indeed it is, of the oracles of God. Let it become a first principle in our mental and spiritual habits -an axiomatic, intuitive belief. Let it imbue our minds, and energize our wills, and give sovereignty to our conscience, and impart tone and temper to our whole lives.

Gird on thy sword, victorious Prince,

Ride with majestic sway;
Thy terror shall strike through thy foes,

And make the world obey.
Thy throne, O God, for ever stands.

Thy word of grace shall prove
A peaceful sceptre in thy hands,

To rule the world by love.


A thousand difficulties will arise to interfere with and prevent a willing obedience to the heavenly calling; but this is God's will, that the heathen should be given to Christ, and the uttermost parts of the earth as his possession. A thousand questions and controversies may be originated about the heathen-their responsibility, character, and doom--but this is God's will. A thousand claims of home, and family, and church, and country, will demand your time, your purse, your interest, and zeal, and sacrifice; but none of these claims, nor all combined, can interfere with the will and decree of God, that the heathen shall be given to Christ for his inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for his possession, nor with the divine requirement, that this decree shall be carried into effect by Christ's believing and obedient people.

There can therefore be no truth, no faith, no obedience, no safety, no hope, no prosperity, no full and final recompense, where the will of self, or family, or friends, or church, or country, is allowed to interfere with and set aside the will and command of God, to preach the gospel to every creature, until the heathen shall be given to Christ, and the uttermost parts of the earth for his possession.

And as a man may even be finally saved, and yet “suffer loss," and behold his many selfish hopes and schemes burnt up and destroyed, and he himself. only saved so as by fire, to become one of the least in the kingdom of God, and reap sparingly, and shine faintly in the firmament of heaven; therefore, let every minister, elder, and church-member lay it to heart, that his faith, if genuine, must be the spirit of missions; that his obedience, if sincere, must be the life of missions; and that in all he does, for self, or home, or church, or country, he must aim supremely at what is the supreme will and decree of God, that the heathen may be given to Christ for his inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for his possession.

Christ's everlasting messengers,

Still from the opening skies,
Traverse the earth like showers of light,

And sow heaven's mysteries.

The things discerned by seers of old,

Behind the shadowy screen,
In the full day are now beheld,

With not a veil between.

The things which God as man hath done,

Which man as God hath done,”
Speak ye, as God commands, to all

Who see the circling sun.

Though far in space and clime apart,

One Spirit sways you all;
Through whom in heaven's blest characters,

Men hear the living call.
Glory to God, the Three in One,

All glory be to thee,
Who from their darkness callest men,

Thy glorious light to see.*


God's decree is the law of this spiritual kingdom. It combines his will and his power. It is his expressed will, and his exerted power. It is, therefore, to this spiritual kingdom what the laws of gravitation, attraction, and repulsion are to his physical

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kingdom. It is universal, invariable, fundamental. It is necessary. It excludes all ideas of contingency, irregularity, and caprice. It is independent, and far above all human interference, or Satanic hinderance. God has willed that it shall be so, and God's power secures that it will be so. It is the fixed and unchangeable law of the kingdom; and the history of the kingdom, and the innumerable multitude already redeemed by it from among men, and the millions now passing through it to the kingdom of heaven, evince the presence of God's unalterable will, and irresistible power.

This kingdom then must universally extend just as certainly as the sun must continue to rise and set, and in its course irradiate with its light, and enliven with its heat, all the nations of the earth. The one is the type, and emblem, and pledge of the other.

Arm of the Lord, awake, awake!

Put on thy strength—the nations shake!
And let the world, adoring, see

Triumphs of mercy wrought by thee.

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