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FOR Both, I Pray, that you may live to be mutual Comforts to each other. That the Absence of one Blesfing, may not take away your Relish for remaining ones, but rather encrease it. May the God of all Confolation shed abroad his Love in your Hearts : fill you with great joy in believing, and in looking for the Appearance of our Lord Jesus Christ, when the Dead shall be raised ; and the Saints in Heaven and Earth, all be joyn’d to make up one Family. God grant that you may not go down into the Grave to your Son, Mourning; but may be Comforted after his Death : So prays your

Truly Sympathizing,
tho' Unknown Friend,

and Servant,


D Age 27. Line 6. for triflie read trifle.

P. 31. 1. 4. f. Conversation r. Conversion. P. 36. 1. 25. blot out so. P. 62. 1. 4. blot out the. P. 75. 1. 15. f. Praises r. Praise. P. 83. 1. 19. f. into r. in.


PRE A CH'd at

Crossby - Square,


Psalm xxxvii. Verse 37. Mark the Perfect Man, and behold the Visa right; for the End of that Man is Peace."

A FTER the Reading of these | Words, it is very proper I should

mention the Occasion of my discoursing on them at this time: And that is, the Death of a serious and hopeful young Man, known to several in this Flace,


whose Desire it was that I should improve his Dying to the Benefit of the Living, in Preaching upon this Text : A Text He was so bright an Instance of the Truth of, that I know not how any Scripture could have kept our Eyes more upon the Occasion, or better have made way for what I have to say concerning our deceas'd Friend.

THE Flourishing, and Prosperous State of some of the vilelt of Sinners in this World, has, from the time of David untill now, been made use of by the Athe. istical and Prophane, as a standing Argument against Religion ; and too often has prevaild in the Minds of good Men themfelves, so as to prove a staggering Obje¿tion against a Divine Providence. When we fee those that forget God, yea blafpheme his Name,' and despise his Sovereignty, grow Rich, and Grear, and have more than Heart could wish ; while the Good Man seems to suffer molt in the ways of Holineis; or at lealt to meet with no better Treatment in this Life than the Wicked: Some are ready to say, What Profit is there in waiting upon God? Or what Advantage in keeping


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